The Thanatos Prophecy

By Nathalia All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure


In the magical world of Nervonia, Anubis Rahaim is a mysterious enigma; a commoner, capable of wielding true magic rather than typical artificial Arts. For the hero of Aegea, there's just one problem surrounding his mystic powers... They seem to be cursed. Every time he uses them, catastrophes occur. And now his mother's gotten caught in the curse crossfire. No one understands the circumstances of the disease and it's up to Anubis to cure her. Now he must race against time with new friends to learn about his unusual power and try to discover just why exactly everyone seems to want it so much. A great evil lurks in the background, manipulating his journey as he soon becomes the central key to a cultic syndicate's plot of extermination. Something wicked this way comes... Available on Wattpad.

Night I

Night I
The Moronic Three

Aegea Villa,
Rakasha Province,
The Continent of Sunaisei.

The chilly breeze blew through the quiet town, gently brushing the sandy-coloured walls of the buildings intercepting them. It seemed the night would be a peaceful one. One of the last few before the annual Maharajan festivities began. This aura was calm; soothing.

A loud crash echoed within one of the small but homely houses below, alerting whoever was currently awake to the presence. A few people peered at the rarely quiet dwelling, wondering vaguely what mischief had the inhabitants cooked up this time.

"Perhaps, a few plates were accidentally spilled?” someone guessed.

These were the newbies; the ones from other lands where such a racket was unlawful.

Nah, more like they’ve been kidnapped again, thought another townsperson as someone launched into a tale of misadventures of the lively duo.

One had to admit, they brought life to the small town. An exciting topic for daily discussion and gambling warfare.

Poor Iliana’s going to get a heart attack if this keeps up... a concerned person thought sympathetically, hoping the young mother wouldn’t be too stressed this time.

“...Say...” a brunette female began, thinking out loud, “Has Honoka returned from the Jaialyn Kingdom yet?”

Murmurs arose among the gathering, watching the series of unfortunate events take place again.


“I don’t think so...”

“Why?” the others asked, not getting her point.

“Then how in Niflheim is Anubis gonna handle it?” she demanded worriedly.

Their eyes grew huge at the realization.

“Oh no,” a dark-skinned female started, “I ain’t witnessing this train wreck.”

Sashaying, she stormed wisely back into her own home.

The rest of the town’s women agreed, if not as blunt about it.

“Oi, Hazm!” a male villager yelled out to the man, “Bet you fifty gems, Anubis teaches them a lesson!”

“You’re on!” Hazm yelled, shaking hands with his friend on it.

To be honest, the boy had been sleeping when the trouble arrived.

Waking up to the sudden slam, Anubis Rahaim fell off of his bed, landing unceremoniously onto the wooden floor. Reaching around the tangled sheets, he mentally assessed the time before engaging in warfare against his smooth, silky prison.

Soon enough, he was free, throwing off the blanket and placing it haphazardly onto the bed. Then he glanced out the door.

“Ugh...” he groaned tiredly, “Guess I’ve gotta deal with that...”

Sleep... His mind put up a convincing argument.

Well, time to get this over with.

Blinking the exhaustion away, he made his way downstairs cautiously, dodging all of the bad spots as he went. He knew the route like the back of his hand, having constantly been running down there to help out Honoka anyway. But the S-class spellcaster wasn’t here now, only he and his mother remained.

He froze on the wooden step.

Oh gods, he repeated mentally, only me and my mom are left...

His palm hit his face full force at the realization.

He’d handle it somehow, he shrugged, advancing the rest of the way down the steps.

Carefully, he plastered himself to the wall next to the living room, wary not to make them aware of his presence.

The goons laughed.

“So whaddya think we’ll find this time, Jimmy?” Goon Number One asked.

“Heh, I dunno, Bob,” Jimmy shrugged, glancing around the room appraisingly. “but by the look of it, these guys are Perfidian rich!”

Bandits, by the look of it. It seemed they hadn’t had a hard time pilfering all others whom they had come across. They didn’t seem to be from around there with dumb names like those either.

Well, Anubis smirked, they’d certainly made the wrong move coming in here.

He’d show them...

...or at least he’d like to if he could only use his magic that well. These guys seemed experienced, sufficiently trained in whatever mana techniques they wielded. A clueless novice at The Arts would pale in comparison to what they’d probably learned on the run.

Clenching his fist, he listened in once more.

“...Keh, this is garbage,” Goon Number Three smashed his mother’s precious vase on the floor.

He watched, horrified as it shattered in pieces, barely stopping himself from charging right in there. Trembling in rage, he gripped his left arm tightly, holding himself back.

“You know what I’d like?” The Vase Bane started, looking at his entourage for continuation.

“What is it, Boss?” they wondered.

“I’d like to find the lady of the house,” he grinned lustfully, sending a cold shiver down Anubis’ spine.

“Then we can really get this party started,” his thoughts could be easily seen on his face as Anubis stepped out from his hiding place; enraged. His bangs shaded his expression as he clenched his fists tightly until they turned pale.

Suddenly, they didn’t seem so harmless anymore.

He took a deep breath, burying his hatred and began the ruse.

“Oh really?” the trio whirled around in shock, “I’d say the party doesn’t start till I walk in,” a fourth voice spoke up lazily, smirking.

So much for that plan... Anubis berated himself internally, his midnight black hair falling leisurely in his face.

“Oh?” The Lord of the Douchebags sneered, noticing him.

The first to acknowledge his presence after the other two.

“And what are you gonna do about it, boy?”

“What indeed?” his electric green eyes sparkled with mischief at his three soon-to-be broken toys.

But seriously, what indeed? The brunette had been warned various times not to use his unreliable magic. Too bad, that was the very thing he needed to dispose of his foes.

Then again, the drawback couldn’t be that bad right?

He resumed his baiting, “Sorry guys, but I think you’ve got the wrong house; no burglars here,” he suggested, “That is unless you missed the u-turn on the last continent?”

“Why you! We’re bandits, not burglars!” the leader raged, cutting his hand on the glass in his grip, “Ow! he winced, soothing his pain.

“My bad didn’t mean to hurt your ego there,” he apologized sarcastically, “Gotta really hate being called burglars all the time. Does it happen a lot?”

The boss made a gurgling sound in his throat, hands raised to strangle him.

Good, the fifteen-year-old realized, they didn’t seem to be that smart either.

His second lackey walked forwards, hands raised amicably.

“Relax boss, he’s just a kid!” Bob laughed, ruffling the single messy braid in Anubis’ hair.

“All he wants is attenti- ouch!”

Anubis swiped at his hand swiftly with his black handled sword; a memento, given to him by Honoka as a birthday present.

It hadn’t cut it off completely, but at least it still made its mark. The man’s reflexes were too fast for that.

He writhed in agony from the medium-sized slice.

“What was that for?” he hissed angrily, tears in his eyes.

“I’m not your pet dog,” the brunette spat slowly, “You can look at your friends for that,” he pointed his thumb towards the two.

“That’s it!” Jimmy yelled, running after him with his own sword, swiping at his head and then his body as he hopped up on a ledge above.

“Stay still, you half pint!”

Anubis landed on the ground, irritated.

“Say, how about we make a deal?” he offered, holding back the urge to slice the poor bandit to shreds.

5′3" isn’t short, right? I just haven’t hit puberty yet. That’s it.

He tilted his head, “I stay still- for one whole minute- while you three aim your best attacks at me. Limited time offer, you know? Get it while you can,” was his snide remark.

He could have sworn he was supposed to drop sarcasm as a habit weeks ago when Honoka reprimanded him about it.

Ah, well, desperate times call for desperate measures, he guessed.

That or he just couldn’t do without it.

The boss’ eye twitched, “One whole minute?”

Clearly he was in awe of the gracious gesture... Or he wanted him dead and to chop up the body. Go figure.

" One... Whole... Minute,” he emphasized, “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Guts and all,” he patronized him.

“Grrrrr,” the burly man stilled himself, eager at the prospect.

“Deal,” he extended his arm, “Let’s shake on it.”

Anubis raised his sword hand.

“Ah, nevermind.”

“Boss which one should we use?” John asked inquisitively.

He’d forgotten his unforgettable name.

“That one.”

“That one?”

“That one.”

“I’m in awe of that one,” a voice piped up sarcastically.

“Just help me kill him!” the head finally snapped, “Gods, he just won’t stop!”

“I kinda have that effect on people,” Anubis inputted, standing still in the corner.

“I want him dead!”

“There, there.”

The three nodded at each other in unison as they stood in a triangle, chanting various magical phrases in sync. A blue light slowly rose from the ground as it engulfed them, encompassing them within their depths. The trio seemed to all be magicians, the application of their spell being done through the use of indicative chants.

The most advanced type of magic, and also, the most versatile.

Anubis hesitated. Is this right? What if something goes wrong? He had done well until now but if it backfired...

He’d have to think about that later, he decided. The words he needed, or at least he hoped, were slowly surfacing, occupying his head.

Quickly he thought to himself, feeling the mana around him condense and flow into his magical pores of keifh. A series of natural openings bestowed by the Ragnarok Pantheon, allowing the Nervonian populous to wield several magics, the most developed of all being magic itself.

Anubis had a guess where his mysterious powers truly originated from, refusing to acknowledge it himself.

They were finished, a sudden catastrophic blast of blue firing towards him as it sped quickly, too fast to dodge; too destructive to move.

He too was finished as he recited the instantaneous incantation that had appeared in his mind, eyes closed, envisioning its power.

"Dea Tacita!”

A group of unusual white runes floated in a circle, swiftly deflecting the devastating attack right back at them. Nervously, he twitched, waiting for the telltale impact signaling his death.

Opening his eyes minutes later, a pile of ashes rained down before him, the trio completely incinerated by his attack. Dread settled in his stomach.

He cursed violently in Aeiytian. Sweeping the remains cautiously outside, he whistled, flinching as he tried to forget the fact that he was now a murderer; thrice over.

“You owe me, fifty gems!” the voice of Samir, his neighbor rang out in the distance, seemingly directed towards someone else.

“Oh come on!” Hazm screamed unsatisfactorily.

Those two... Anubis blinked in surprise, they haven’t been...

“Don’t just gamble over my slip-ups!” he protested in mild irritation.

“Then don’t mess up!” they yelled.

They had a point.

Entering the house once more, he glanced in the room down the hall, hoping it remained undisturbed. The pale peach door was slightly ajar, barely swinging in the small breeze.

Anubis sighed in relief. The last thing he wanted was for his mom to hear. Honoka would slaughter him, he shuddered.

Well, I’ll deal with the consequences in the morning, he supposed.

The townsfolk knew what he had done, it was only a matter of time before the news reached his mother and from there, the “Dictator of Jaialyn” herself; Honoka Thanatos. He could only hope he’d live to tell the tale.

Trotting up the stairs, he took a last look at the swaying door, completely unaware of the unfortunate series of events that would soon come to follow.

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