Kingdom Tales: Balance

By Michael Robinson III All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Action


“Alright, now both of you try to make the snow around you rise. Maintain it in a ring around you as best you can.”, Ryanah instructs Vincent and Hugo. The three of them stand in a clearing in the woods between Lumorra and Crotella. It is the middle of winter and half the kingdom is covered in light snow. A rare occurrence that some celebrate while others curse.

Vincent personally loved when snow would go further than the Zana mountain range. He guesses it was because he was born in this kind of weather that he is able to appreciate its beauty.

For six years now Ryanah has been mentoring them both in magic. She taught them how one form of energy is created naturally in the human body and how another is drawn from the earth itself. Having learned how to harness, control, and understand both the two are now learning to apply and use them.

Vincent closes his eyes and concentrates on his inner energy and the energy he collects from the earth; mixing the two inside him. Raising his hands palms up he focuses on his objective. As he does so he opens his eyes to see a mass of snow swirling around him. The mass is arms length away from him. Vincent is awestruck by the feet.

“Great job, Vincent.”, Ryanah tells him as he continues to hold the swirling mass. “You’ve really caught on to magic quickly.”, she continues thoughtfully. Vincent smiles and turns his hands over dropping the snow.

Ryanah turns to Hugo who is having a tougher time despite following the same process as Vincent. His mass isn’t as stable or thick as Vincent’s was. In the end his quick consumption of energy causes him to let it go. The snow plops on the ground messily and leaves Hugo painting.

Ryanah looks pityingly to her husband and walks to him. She places her hand on his shoulder.

“It alright, Hugo, you’ll get it. To be honest your progress is more normal for someone who has never had any exposure.”, she tells him. Hugo straightens up and faces Ryanah with a thankful look.

“I suppose I’ll need to do some more meditation.”, he says to her humorously. Vincent watches as the couple laughs.

“Really though. Vincent, you are actually catching on as quick as someone who was born naturally with magic.”, Ryanah says seriously turning to him. Vincent turns to her fully.

“I wouldn’t know. My parents died when I was one years old and Mother Margaret couldn’t tell me much about them.”, Vincent tells her.


“My mother apparently didn’t always live in Gordowe. She came from a village further east. As for my father she doesn’t know.”, Vincent tells her. It is at that moment he realizes how little he knew of his linage, but inherited some interesting abilities from it. The very reason he is as successful as he is is because of them. Hugo and Ryanah must have guessed what he is thinking, for Hugo attempts to change the topic.

“Anyway why are there not more magic users if anyone can learn?”, he asks. Ryanah’s mood visibly changes to a foreboding one and her expression saddens. Vincent becomes interested and approaches her worriedly. Hugo also becomes concerned. “What is it?”

“Sorry.”, she sighs. “It’s just the world used to be filled with magic and magical beings, but it was all driven away and human perception of magic was turned negative. It is now feared and seen as wrong; not to be trusted. Those who are found to be practitioners of magic are seen as unholy and killed. It is seen as heresy now.”, Ryanah tells them.

“Like your mother and father.”, Vincent speaks gently. Ryanah nods her head in agreement.

“Who would do that and why?”, Hugo asks.

“I don’t know why, but who orchestrated it and continues it even today is the church.”, Ryanah reveals. Vincent’s eyes widen with realization.

“The inquisition.”, he breaths simply.

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