Kingdom Tales: Balance

By Michael Robinson III All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Action

Chapter 19

The room clears of citizens and both Kaba and Argon are carried off. One to the prison and the other to the dungeon underneath the castle. Soon the only ones left are Winston, Vincent, Lillian, Sir Jamonson and Malinda along with a few guards. Sir Rollrick goes to see if there is any news from Crotella while Alexander departed with the citizens.

They all gather around Winston’s throne. Lillian and Vincent stand on either side of him while Sir Jamonson and Malinda stand on the last step before reaching him. Winston takes a breath and releases it heavily. He feels as if a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders.

“That’s well deserved.”, Lillian comments with a smile. Winston returns it with his own.

“So Vincent, what of Ryanah?”, Sir Jamonson asks him.

“I sent her and Hugo off with the other half of the company to Crotella. She is also caring the evidence we found in Morage.”, he answers.

“What was that?”, Winston asks.

“There actually was a last payment that was meant to get picked up by one of Kaba’s followers or by Kaba himself.”, Vincent answers.

“I’m sorry, Vincent, but did you say Hugo?”, Lillian questions with an expression of disbelief. Vincent turns to her.

“Yes, believe or not he actually turned around and helped us.”, he sighs “We wouldn’t have even gotten into the room without him. He helped us get out of Morage when it was attacked. He helped Ryanah when I was injured. He even told me about Argon’s grandfather which is how I came up with the idea of the attack on Crotella tower. We wouldn’t even be here probably without him.”, Vincent informs them.

“But he betrayed us before.”, Winston speaks even though he agreed with Vincent’s words.

“Yes, but that is because he is a very loyal man who wanted to believe in his lord.”, Vincent responds turning to Winston. “The only reason he betrayed him was because he couldn’t agree with Argon’s methods.”

“A man with great loyalty to give, but also a greater sense of moral. If only there were more of those kind in the world.”, Sir Jamonson says nodding his head arms crossed. Winston looks to everyone around him and they all seem to agree.

“What is there to do now?”, Lillian asks bringing everyone back. The doors to the throne room swings open as Sir Rollrick and Alexander enters.

“Forgive us, but we have news from Crotella.”, Sir Rollrick announces. Everyone faces him as he continues. “Thanks to Sir knight Vincent’s quick thinking Sir John was able to ready the tower for attack and call the nearest company to help.”, Sir Rollrick’s words cause all eyes to turn to Vincent.

“I did send the message ahead. The usage of messenger pigeons is definitely something worth pursuing and expanding.”, Vincent says turning to Winston. He nods in agreement since the two have used it themselves.

“Well it’s because of that the knights are safe.”, Sir Rollrick says and bows to Vincent. Vincent returns his bow with a face glowing with pride.

“I guess Ryanah and the other company can return as well.”, Sir Jamonson speaks.

“It’s going to take them longer to come back to Lumorra now than if they were still near Gordowe.”, Malinda says with pity in her voice.

“It takes a long time to move around the kingdom in general. Not a very good aspect when you think about it.”, says Alexander from beside Sir Rollrick. “Even dear Queen Grace will have a long journey ahead once she hears the news.”

“He’s right. The kingdom needs a better, more efficient road system. The Astran empire of old had a very effective system.”, Vincent agrees nodding.

“Well I guess that could be one of the next projects I plan with the church, but before then we still have other things to attend to.”, Winston speaks getting to his feet.

“I recommend the coronation takes place as soon as possible.”, speaks Alexander. “You don’t have to worry about the lords being present now. Though we should find them too.”

Winston eyes his cousin. It isn’t that he doesn’t agree. He is just taken back by how comfortable he is coming here giving him advice. Then again with the lords in disarray and probably not trusted by many Winston can see he will have to make some political changes. He will also need help and everyone present now are willing to help. He brushes aside any ill feelings and focuses on healing his kingdom.

“You’re right. The preparations for the coronation are completed. It will commence tomorrow at noon. Argon will still be being tortured and Kaba’s beheading is today at sunset. It will be good for the people to have something positive to celebrate.”, Winston announces. Everyone nods in agreement silently.

“I think Hugo would know of the other lords' locations.”, Vincent offers.

“That is definitely a good place to start.”, Winston raises his gaze to Sir Rollrick. “Sir Rollrick I need you to go to Argon’s mansion and gather everything on the property. All the workers are to be freed and all assets are to be claimed for the crown.”, he tells him. Sir Rollrick places his fist on his chest in a salute and bows.

“Sir Jamonson send word to my mother to inform her of everything and that the wedding will be taking place when she returns.”, Sir Jamonson nods.

“Yes, sire. I’ll take care of it immediately.”, he replies, but Winston stops him before he goes.

“One more thing. I have an idea of what I am going to do about the Order of the Lords. Which if we’re honest with ourselves is all but finished, yet if I am to do this I must first make adjustments to my council.”, Winston’s eyes drift over to Alexander. “I want you to join my council and the council shall be a permanent aspect of the crown.”

Alexander doesn’t reply right away. He looks to Winston. They both knew of the ruff relationship between their grandfathers, but they also decided long ago that they wouldn’t let that affect them.

“I accept. I hope you won’t be casting off our other family members.”, Alexander finally replies.

“I know and I won’t.”, Winston responds. A deep, concerning feeling feels Winston inside. He looks to Alexander again and this time a look is in his eyes that fits how Winston feels. “I’m worried about them too, and if anything has happened to them…”, Winston speaks referring to his two cousins that are lords.

“Prince Winston...”, Lillian’s voice and hand on his shoulder causes him to turn his head to her. Vincent comes beside him too.

“I’m sure they are alright.”, Vincent speaks simply.

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