Kingdom Tales: Balance

By Michael Robinson III All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Action

Chapter 1

In the capital of Lumorra the sky is cloudy and grey with cool temperatures. A deadly stillness hangs over the town that mingles with the autumn atmosphere. Today is the king’s funeral and the people of the kingdom are all in a state of lost and mourning. The residents of Lumorra, nearby towns and villages prepare for the funeral while those too far away mourn in their own way.

In the marble stoned castle located in the northwest of town a fourteen year old boy seats in a chair dressed in his funeral attire. His head hangs low and his eyes are glazed with pain. After his servants finished helping him dress he sent them away wanting to be alone. He shifts in his chair placing his head in his hands, for sadness is not the only emotion that consumes his mind. Now that his father has passed it will only be a few moments before he must step up and become king. As the thought simmers in his mind a knock is heard at the door.

“Come in.”, he says raising his head. Another boy enters the room. He too is of the age of fourteen and looks to his friend sitting in front of him as he enters.

“Prince Winston...”, he greets him. “Are you ready?”, he says gently with soft eyes. Prince Winston looks up to his friend who is also dressed in his funeral attire.

“As ready as I can be. I don’t think anyone can be ready for a funeral.”, Prince Winston answers sorrowfully. The prince’s friend gives him a sorrowful look. He leans in the doorway with crossed arms.

“This may not help, but the bible does say whoever have experienced lost should mourn, for they shall be comforted.”, he offers.

“You’re right... That didn’t help at all, Vincent.”, Prince Winston replies quickly in a matter of fact tone.

“To be honest nothing really helps in these situations until later on when you’re open to encouragement.”, Vincent concedes quickly and frankly. Vincent’s remark causes a smile to appear on Prince Winston’s face resulting in one to appear on Vincent’s.

“Sounds like you are on your way on getting him out of here on time.”, comes a voice behind Vincent. He turns to see a fourteen year old girl standing behind him. Vincent moves into Prince Winston’s room to let her by.

“Lady Lillian...”, he greets her with a bow as she enters.

“Hello Vincent.”, Lillian greets him in return. “It is time for us to go.”, she says addressing Winston.

“I know...”, Winston says rising out his chair. His spirit is higher just a bit. Enough to allow him to make it through the ceremony. “Will you be there as a knight or an attendant?”, Winston asks Vincent.

“I will be there as a knight, but I will be close by.”, Vincent responds. Winston nods his head in understanding. “You better be going then yourself.”, Winston says humorously.

“You’re right. I’ll see you afterwards.”, Vincent replies. Giving words of farewell to Lillian, Vincent makes his way out of the room leaving Winston and Lillian alone.

“You two are really close. Your mother was right to send him to check on you.”, Lillian says to Winston.

“He’s my best friend. What can I say?”, Winston replies. Lillian nods her head in understanding.

“Speaking from experience, it is good to have those who care about you around when experiencing lost... It helps to fill that hole.”, Lillian goes on. Winston remembers that Lillian lost her brother and father seven years ago and due to circumstances a funeral was not held for her father. He realizes she must feel the same hurt she felt then if not worst. He takes her into a warm embrace.

“I’m sorry.”, he says simply. A surprised expression flashes on Lillian’s face, yet she soon relaxes with understanding.

“We best be on our way as well.”, Lillian says resting a hand on Winston’s arm. Pulling away from each other the two make their way together out of the room.

Winston thinks to himself how lucky he is to finally have two people who he can call his friends. He and Lillian had become close when she had moved to the castle after he chose her to be his betrothed. While he and Vincent became friends after Vincent had saved him seven years ago during a horseback riding lesson. The thought of them both with him though seems to put his mind at ease.

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