Kingdom Tales: Balance

By Michael Robinson III All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Action

Chapter 18

Lillian stands in the throne room by the king and queen’s thrones. She looks out to everyone gathered with Malinda and Sir Jamonson on either side of her. The number of citizens steadily increased as word spread of the attack and the threat of the enemy penetrating the city. Kaba even needed to be moved closer to the front so there would be more room.

Now they all await anxiously for news of the battle whether good or bad. The wait has made Lillian anxious, for she doesn’t know whether Prince Winston is alright or not. In the worst case scenario she would have to lead the people under her care through the secret tunnels in the castle. Even though she only knew of a few. Only Prince Winston knew of them all now that King Erben is dead. She looks to Sir Jamonson and Malinda and see the same worry in their eyes.

There is also the case of Vincent and his mission to Morage. They still don’t know if he is okay. Lillian bites her lip and thinks. If Argon made it here then he would’ve encountered Vincent possibly. Her mind begins to wonder what could’ve happened. Surely Vincent couldn’t be dead.

Over the worried mutters of the people the double doors swing open as a messenger runs in the room. It brings Lillian out of her deep thoughts and she looks to the entrance. She, Malinda, and Sir Jamonson meet him at the bottom of the steps.

“Well...?”, Lillian asks as everyone waits in silence.

“The battle was won. Prince Winston is leading the troops back into Lumorra with the former lord Argon captured.”, he announces.

The room erupts into cheers and shouts of triumph and joy. Lillian places her hands over her smile. Suddenly the weight on her heart lightens a little. Sir Jamonson and Malinda embrace before sharing a kiss behind her.

“You say they are coming through the city?”, Lillian asks the messenger.

“Yes, they are bringing Argon here.”, he informs her. Sir Jamonson and Malinda bring their attention back to the messenger.

“He must going to stand immediate trial or sentencing I should say.”, Sir Jamonson assumes.

“The field will be being cleared in the meantime.”, the messenger adds.

“We should go welcome the prince and others at the castle gates.”, Malinda suggest.

“Yes of course.”, Lillian agrees. She is happy to hear the news of the battle and that Prince Winston is okay, but there is still the question of Vincent and his friend, Ryanah. By the time they reach the castle gates they can make out the cheers and welcomes of the people. It becomes louder as the gates open to welcome Prince Winston and the troops behind him.

Not long after catching sight of the prince Lillian catches another that makes her take a sigh of relief. She spots Vincent riding behind Prince Winston and behind him is Argon in chains. Another general, ironically a relative of Argon, is beside him. His name is Matthew and quickly made it known that he would support Prince Winston rather than his cousin when the prince confronted him.

However, the looks on Prince Winston and Vincent’s faces results in Lillian’s excitement to fade. They stop right inside the gates in front of Lillian who approaches them.

“What’s wrong?”, she asks them.

“Argon ordered an attack on Crotella tower to take place the same time as he attacked here.”, Prince Winston tells her. He lowers his head in worry and looks back to her. Sir Jamonson and Malinda come up to stand beside Lillian. Sir Rollrick also approaches with the other knights. They had joined the battle after completing Prince Winston orders. “Vincent figured it out on his way back and divided a company near Gordowe. Half was sent to there while he lead the other half here.”, Prince Winston continues.

A shocked expression comes upon Lillian’s face.

“Have you heard anything?”, Sir Rollrick asks. Vincent turns to him.

“Not yet. I assume both attacks were to occur around the same time in hopes of dividing the army’s attention. It’s a tactic he got from studying his grandfather, General Anthony Harkboth.”, he replies referring to Argon.

Lillian knew of Argon’s grandfather, but she knew him as Lord Anthony not general. Her thoughts are interrupted by Alexander who comes up to Prince Winston.

“If you would allow me, I recommend we carry on this conversation inside. We already have an interrupted trial.”, he says. Prince Winston nods.

“You’re right, but I think it’s only right that this trial changes a little. I already sent a company to Crotella.”, Prince Winston responds before turning to General Matthew. “Bring him to the throne room.”

Lillian renters the throne room with Prince Winston and the others. Even more people are present resulting in the doors to the room remaining open. She takes her seat among the others. Sir Rollrick decided to stay for the trials. Prince Winston takes his place on his throne while Vincent stands at the bottom of the steps.

“If I remember correctly before the...interruption we were discussing the bandit Kaba’s claims that the former lord Argon hired and directed the bandits in their occupation of a portion of the kingdom and in the murder of Grifford Lackburd and his son.”, Prince Winston begins. He looks directly to Argon. “You now also face treason to the point that no one can deny.”, the prince then turns to the jury.

Lillian’s body trembles. She remembers there were times she doubted this would ever happen. Now Argon would pay for what he done even if not directly. Because of there being absence of evidence of his involvement with the bandits. It doesn’t matter though, for Lillian has her own plans for revenge. She just needed him to be stripped of his power and status. Alexander rises once again.

“In the case of the bandit Kaba we still find him guilt of his past acts of banditry, however, we find him innocent of occupation which falls under rebellion. Instead we pass those charges onto the former lord, Argon as well as find him guilty of treason.”, he speaks. The room erupts in sounds of agreement and for death.

Lillian notices Argon looks to Kaba beside him with a look of anger and betrayal. Kaba returns it with a sly grin and look that seemed to say ‘see you in hell.’. Prince Winston raises his hand for silence. The room grows quiet as a result and he faces the two men before him.

“Kaba, for your crimes you are sentenced to death by beheading. That is the best I can do for you for your assistance.”, Prince Winston says calmingly to the bandit. Understanding the quick death he bows his head in acceptance. The prince’s attention shifts to Argon and his demeanor changes. “As for you, Argon, you will face death, but not before facing the ferno torture sequence all in a day’s time starting tomorrow. You will then face the iron maiden.”

Lillian’s eyes widen in shock. She thought she would have the opportunity to torture Argon as she had did Kaba, but the ferno torture sequence was more than she could ever do. Whoever faces that sentence faces near drowning, boiling water being poured on thebody, nails pounded into their joints, hot metal placed on their flesh and all while under the pain of various torture devices.

It is rare for the few subjected to it to survive and is often the only sentence given. Lillian can’t stop the smile from creeping on her face. Finally, she feels that justice will be served and her thirst for revenge satisfied.

Her eyes travel to Vincent who meets her gaze. She silently thanks him, for he is the one who convinced her to trust him and Prince Winston to give Argon what he deserved. As she thinks about it though she decides on something else. Something that will make Argon’s suffering hers.

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