Kingdom Tales: Balance

By Michael Robinson III All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Action

Chapter 14

Winston rises just before the sun. It is six days after receiving the news of Argon’s betrayal and Vincent and Ryanah setting out to Morage. Winston has spent the last few days meeting with the church, his mother, and preparing his forces to protect the kingdom.

Thankfully after receiving the news of what is happening the church immediately announced its support for Winston and his family. Winston also had his mother go out and secure the support of their family. Between his father’s family and his mother’s, Winston’s family includes two lords and majority of the kingdom’s nobles. Which made their support just as important.

Winston gets cleaned up and ready quickly, for today is the day of Kaba’s trial. The reason for the long wait was the wait for Sir Rollrick. Winston thought it necessary for his council to be present as well as some knights for the trial though he would have to deal with his mother’s absence.

When the time for the trial arrives later on that morning Winston meets with Lillian and head to the throne room. Sir Jamonson and Malinda join them.

“What are you going to do about a jury?”, Lillian asks Winston.

“I thought about that.”, Winston admits. “Usually the lords would serve as the jury, but I decided the council will have to take their place.”

“That should work.”, Lillian replies. Winston nods his head. Before they enter the throne room he stops them.

“I also had a representative from the church take my mother’s place and a noble added as well.”, Winston tells them.

“That should suffice, Prince Winston. Well played.”, Sir Jamonson comments.

“Thank you. You go on into the room, Sir Jamonson.”, Winston replies. With a respectful nod Sir Jamonson goes in.

“We should get going too.”, Lillian says to Malinda.


“Wait.”, Winston says stopping them. “Lillian, Kaba is all set on the plane, yes?”

“He is. Everything should go smoothly.”, she answers.

“Perfect.”, with that Lillian and Malinda enter the room. It is sometime later after being announced that Winston enters the crowded room with his guards. Kaba is standing chained in the middle of the room with knights on either side of him. Lillian, Sir Rollrick and the others are grouped together to Winston’s left once he reaches the throne. The rest of the room is filled with civilians eager to see what sentencing will be given.

Taking his seat Winston begins the trial.

“Former bandit leader Kaba! You stand accused of committing a variety of bandit related crimes including, but not limited to robbery, murder and the planning there of throughout different regions of the kingdom. It this including your heading of an organized group of criminals that land you here before the crown.”, he begins.

“However, as announced that is not all that has gotten you here. You also stand for leading your network in the occupying of the entire northeastern portion of the Agion kingdom. This would also include the town of Gordowe and all the crimes committed by those under you. Thanks to recent information gathered the murder of the Lackburd family; namely Grifford Lackburd and Justin Lackburd is also held against you.”

Winston pauses as the room erupts into a series of shouts, gasp and cries of outrage demanding death. Winston allows it to go on looking to Lillian. She looks anxious and her eyes are wide as people turn to her and point.

Winston raises his hand for silence. When everyone complies he goes on to Kaba.

“How do you plea?”, he asks.

Come on Kaba don’t fail us now. You need this just as much as we do. he thinks silently.

As if reading his mind Kaba looks Winston in the eyes.

“I am guilty of all accusations of banditry and the occupation of a portion of the kingdom. However, I am not the one who directed those actions alone. The occupation was done at the whim of another who paid me and my gang.”, the room fills with surprised mutters. Some were those of doubt. Winston ignores them and continues. This is the most important part of the trial.

“If what you say is true. Whom is it that hired you?”, Winston goes on raising his voice to be heard. The room falls silent.

“The same man who orchestrated the murder of the Lackburd father and son and guided me and my group through the events of occupation.”, shouts for Kaba to reveal who are thrown around until he speaks. “That man is Lord Argon Harkboth!”

A fake shocked expression comes on Winston’s face while everyone who didn’t already know reactions are genuine. He glances to Lillian and Sir Rollrick out of the corner of his eye before speaking.

“That is a serious accusation. Your proof?”, Winston says finally.

“You should find one last payment that was never picked up in the village of Morage. In a back room at the local tavern.”, Kaba answers.

“If this is true. It will certainly fit all the evidence.”, Sir Rollrick is the one to make the comment. Winston turns to see the leader of the knights standing at his place by Lillian.

“Are we really going to trust the word of a criminal?”, says the representative from the church. Winston remembers he is the only one that doesn’t have prior knowledge of this since the noble was his cousin his mother first visited and told about the former lord.

Some people in the crowd raise their voices in agreement.

“It is worth looking into and would explain the former lord’s present actions.”, his cousin, Sir Alexander, speaks. The room falls silent at the mention of the recent news that is spreading throughout the kingdom.

Winston rises to his feet, but before he starts speaking a bad feeling comes over him.

“We will look into what you have shared with us Kaba. Until then-”

At that moment bells from outside the city ring in alarm. Everyone recognizes the sound and begins to panic. Winston faces Lillian and the others.

“What’s going on?!”, he asks. The doors to the room swing open as a messenger runs into the room causing people to part out the way quickly.

“The capital is under attack! Forces have gathered beyond the city’s walls!” he informs everyone present. Winston’s eyes widen in true shock and horror.

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