Kingdom Tales: Balance

By Michael Robinson III All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Action

Chapter 12

Prince Winston stares outside a window to the city around the castle. Ever since Sir Jamonson and Malinda left he has been waiting anxiously for word or sight of them. Recently an unsettling feelng in his stomach has caused deep concern to fill his mind. The weather doesn't make it any better. Clouds have choked the sky continuously; releasing a burden on the land then lighting up again. He can’t shake the feeling a storm unlike any other is about to break.

“Sire.”, the voice of a servant causes Winston to turn around. “Knight Vincent and his party has returned. They are waiting for you and Lady Lillian in the throne room. They say it is urgent.”, the servant informs him. Winston’s eyes widen and thanks the servant.

Winston makes his way swiftly to the throne room. When he arrives Vincent, Lillian, Sir Jamonson, Malinda, Ryanah and Sir John are all present. They bow in greeting to their king. Ignoring it Winston approaches Vincent and greets him with a quick embrace.

“I’m glad you are all back safe.”, he says backing up.

“Me too. We don’t have much time though to celebrate, I think.”, Vincent tells him. Winston’s face becomes serious.

“You’re right. What happened?”, he says.

Vincent begins to report on the events of their mission. He includes Malinda’s interaction with Hugo, which Lillian’s reaction says it all about what she thinks about it, and meeting Ryanah. He finishes with their assumptions of the village Morage and Ryanah’s advice to come here.

“One of you could’ve just came back with the message. Why did you want to return here.”, Winston says addressing Ryanah. Everyone turns to her, but before she can speak the main doors to the throne room open revealing a messenger rushing in with a shocked expression on his face.

“Prince Winston! There is urgent news from the lords.”, at the messenger’s words a tension falls in the room. Winston stiffens before speaking. His eyes go to Ryanah.

“Read it.”, he says to the messager.

The messenger informs everyone in the room that the lords have agreed that the crown is threatening the Order of the Lords and is seeking to control them. As a result they threaten to overthrow the monarchy if Winston doesn’t relent.

“That is clearly Lord Argon’s doing. He is forcing his will on the others.”, Lillian is the first to speak. Winston bits his lip in frustration. Lillian is right this is Lord Argon’s answer for what they attempted. Vincent notices his friend’s reaction and lays a hand on his shoulder. Winston looks up and notices everyone is waiting for him to say something.

He clears his throat and calms down. He gives a nod of thanks to Vincent.

“Alright.”, Winston starts off authoritively. “It’s clear Lord Argon has thrown down the gauntlet I should say. Lady Lillian is right. Lord Argon has control of the Order of the Lords now. Whether they agree or not we can not say and it doesn’t matter. We are still not without a plan nor options though.”, he says addressing everyone.

“Prince Winston, if I may.”, Vincent speaks up. Winston gives permission for his friend to speak. “You are more right than you think. I think we can stick with our original plan. Continue on with Kaba’s trial and him exposing Lord Argon. That will be our answer and will make the people not so quick to join him. Simply put, in this case-”

“Making the people confused is our best option. It will slow possibly even stop the growth of his following.”, Winston finishes Vincent’s sentence. Vincent nods.

“That’s brilliant. If the people are against him especially the nobles he won’t have much of an uprising.”, Lillian comments.

“Exactly.”, Vincent replies.

“If that is the case someone still needs to go to the village Morage. Ryanah. Can you tell us if we will find something there? Your power is great please help us.”, Winston says facing the wiccan.

“Of course. My loyalty is to you, my king. I can not see the future clearly, but it will indeed be beneficial to go to Morage.”, Ryanah replies confidently.

“In that case can you come with me, Ryanah?”, Vincent says volunteering himself to go to Morage.

“I’ll be happy to.”, Ryanah answers.

“Should I go too?”, Malinda asks.

“No!”, Sir Jamonson answers quickly grabbing Malinda’s hand. “You’ve done enough. Stay here and help me look after Prince Winston and Lady Lillian.”, he goes on gazing deep into Malinda’s eyes not caring that everyone is looking. Winston, Vincent, and Lillian in particular look on with surprised eyes.

Oookaay...”, Winston soon speaks. “Sir John I want you to go and make Sir Rollrick aware of the situation. I trust I have the Order of the Kinghts on my side.”

“I told you once and I’m telling you again. You can trust the knights to always protect the crown.”, Vincent in forms him with fake exasperation. Winston chuckles involuntarily.

“Now is not the time to make me laugh, Vincent.”, he responds. Vincent smiles mischievously.

“It will be wise to ensure your relation with the church, Prince Winston. With the church and knights on your side the people will certainly not leave you.”, Ryanah suggest. Winston nods in agreement.

“You’re right. In fact I want a meeting with someone from the church as soon as possible. Sir Jamonson, make that happen would you. Tell them either someone comes here or I go there.”, Winston says address his former mentor. Sir Jamonson’s attention snaps to Winston as he speaks.

“Yes, sire.”

“How long will it take for you to get to Morage and back?”, Winston asks turning back to Vincent and Ryanah.

“Six days. Three to get there and three to return assuming we find what we are looking for the day we arrive.”, Ryanah answers.

Winston turns to Lillian. “Send word that the trial for the former bandit leader Kaba is to to take place six days from now. I’m going to have to find people who can make up a jury.”, he tells her.

“I won’t fail.”, she says confidently.

“Alright then. Everyone knows what to do. Remember, this is not for me but for our kingdom.”, Winston says addressing everyone in the room. “Now go!”

As everyone begins to depart quickly Vincent turns back around to Winston.

“What are you going to do?”, Vincent asks.

“I’m going to keep the kingdom together. Argon may try to separate the lands the lords control. I won’t let that happen.”, Winston replies.

“That will call for military power on both sides.”

“I know, but hopefully it won’t come to that power being used against each other.”, Vincent nods in understanding.

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