Kingdom Tales: Balance

By Michael Robinson III All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Action

Chapter 10

After some rest and lunch Lillian spends the rest of the day among the people. With Vincent as her guide she meets with the local church leaders and even sees the orphanage where Vincent spent his first years. As the day goes on Lillian feels more and more foolish for her ill will towards Vincent and finally gets to know him for who he truly is. That night after dinner with the leaders of Gordowe and its church they meet in Lillian’s room to talk.

“Now to deal with this situation?”, Malinda asks once they are all gathered.

“I think we should wait until we get back to the capital. So we can discuss it with Prince Winston.”, Lillian suggest. Vincent shakes his head.

“We don’t have to. I sent a letter in advance to him. I thought about sending one to Sir Rollrick, but I’ll tell him when I get back to the tower.”, Vincent says.

“Alright then... So what do we have?”, Lillian asks half to herself.

“Well we know Lord Argon did it. First from when he told you. Then the fact that Kaba admitted to having been paid and virtually took orders from him.”, Vincent answers analytically.

There is no doubt in Lillian’s mind that the wheels in his head are turning. Her interest peaks when she realizes this is the first time she will see Vincent and Prince Winston’s minds working separately. Would he really think of a plan equal to that of a plan made by them together. With a shared look with Malinda they both decide to keep quite and let him work.

“Now it’s been about seven years since your family’s murder. As a result you won’t be able to bring it back up as a regular case. However, you can bring it up as an add on if you can get him accused of another crime. Which means all we have to do is get him connected with what happened in Gordowe and add on the charge of the Lackburd’s murder to Kaba’s crimes.”, Vincent goes on. what do we do?”, Malinda questions. Vincent faces them both steadily.

“First get Prince Winston to move up the trial for Kaba and at the same time add on the Lackburd’s murder, specifically the one of your brother and father. While on trial tell Kaba to expose Lord Argon. In exchange tell him will get the Lackburd murder charge only on Lord Argon. He will still face the death penalty, but at least it will be quicker and less tortuous. Before then I’ll find any evidence of the money transaction that had to take place between them.”, Vincent tells them.

Lillian’s eyes widen in surprise. The plan sounds pretty good to her.

“Alright then. Sounds like that will be our best chance.”, Lillian says.

“When are you leaving?”, Vincent asks.

“Tomorrow.”, Lillian responds.

“Perfect. You’ll arrive right after the letter I sent. Meanwhile I’ll start investigating by going to Lord Argon’s mansion. Any questions?”

Lillian looks to Malinda without a word. They both look back to Vincent and shake their head.

“Hmph.”, Vincent nods and turns to exit the door.

“Actually, what are you going to do?”, Malinda asks. Vincent stops and turns to her.

“Prince Winston had me either place or recruit people to keep an eye on the lords. I’ll start there and see what I can find out.”, he answers before leaving.

Lillian awakes the next morning and her and Malinda prepare to leave. The sky is still cloudy. Malinda guesses that a storm is on the way. They will have to move quickly before stopping. She share parting words with the clerks, and archbishop of the church. Vincent arrives soon after with everyone from the orphanage.

“They wanted to see you off.”, he tells her and they weren’t the only ones. As Vincent leads them out the city the citizens shout words of farewell and good will to Lillian and her entourage. Lillian smiles with joy in her heart. It has been so long since she felt like everything in the world was right.

Upon leaving Gordowe Vincent turns over control back to the head of Lillian’s guard and wishes them farewell.

“You’re heading back to Lord Argon’s residents already?”, Lillian questions him. Vincent sighs lightly.

“I’m going to stop by Crotella tower first. I still have some records I have to file.”

“You must be so tired.”, Lillian says sympathetically.

“I’ll be fine don’t worry. My stay at Gordowe really replenished my energy.”, he says with a bright smile. Lillian laughs slightly.

“Okay then.”, Lillian says her face becoming serious. She feels the urge to warn Vincent. As good as he is Lillian knows Lord Argon. He won't take Vincent’s snooping if he finds out. “Be careful though. Lord Argon is dangerous and he’ll do anything for power.” Vincent turns his eyes to something in the distance only he could see.

“Hmm, I know those kind well.”, he says before turning back to Lillian. “I’ll be careful.”, he promises. Lillian nods her head and enters the carriage while Vincent closes the door behind her. Leaning out the window she watches as he mounts his horse and goes on his way. Malinda leans to look too.

“He’ll be fine, my lady. Don’t worry.”, she says. Lillian doesn’t say anything. She merely watches as the person she once seen as a rival goes off as her newest friend.

By the time they arrive back at the castle Prince Winston is aware of the situation and is waiting for Lillian. The moment she exits the carriage and her return is announced the prince is in front of her.

“I knew it! I knew it! We both assumed it.” he says quickly. Lillian shakes her head with a half smile at Prince Winston’s excited demeanor of being right.

“Did you really?”, she says.

“Well... Vincent and I did suspect the group of bandits from Gordowe were somehow connected to what happened.”, he says regaining his usual demeanor. He then gestures for Lillian to come inside. She bows her head and is followed by the prince inside. “I can’t say I am surprised nor that I didn’t suspect Lord Argon of having a hand in what has been happening.”, Prince Winston goes on. Though a little more quietly.

“Vincent has already come up with a plan for what to do next.”, Lillian informs him as they head to the throne room.

“Really? That’s good, so what did he come up with?”, Prince Winston asks unsurprised.

“He wants you to move up the trial of Kaba, the bandit leader, first of all.”

“Oh yeah, I read in the letter you got the confirmation from him.”, he says in a hushed voice. Lillian chuckles nervously as they enter the throne room.

“He told you that, did he?”

“Perhaps, I have to admit that was interesting to find out. Impressive.”

Lillian smiles before going on. “Before the trial, however, he needs time to find a link between Lord Argon and the bandits. That way Kaba can expose him during the trial and we can go from there.”, Prince Winston nods his head as they ascend the steps to the throne.

“Sounds good. That is definitely the best thing we can do to get him now. How long those he need?”

“I don’t know. He didn’t say. I do know he stopped by Crotella tower first, but I don’t know when he will leave.”

“He has to let us know when he leaves and when he gets their. I want to keep constant contact with him. Especially after what happened to you and your mother.”, Prince Winston says concerned. He turns his head to the sound of someone coming in the room. It’s Sir Jamonson and Malinda.

“If need be you can send us as well, Prince Winston.”, Sir Jamonson announces. Lillian looks to them as well.

“What do mean?”, she asks.

“We can follow Vincent as his secret back up and if should things go wrong one of us could help while the other brings word back.”, Malinda explains.

“Are you sure? That could work.”, Prince Winston replies.

“We are sure.”, Sir Jamonson answers.

“Alright, in that case we will let Vincent know immediately before he leaves.”, Lillian watches as Prince Winston sits on his throne. “Let’s bring an end to this tyrant.”

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