VanGuardius Chronicles

By ZLM All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure


In a world detached from our own, above the clouds, beyond the stars, there lies a domain like no other. The air is toxic on the ground yet safe in the sky, and three islands float in perfect harmony. These islands are controlled by the prime species; the wolves, the bears, and the mountain lions. Almost 100 years ago, the mountain lions attacked the wolves, pushing them into a life of despair and fear. With their hope shattered, their home invaded, and the one they call the VanGuardius dead, life had taken a turn for the worse. But when one young orphaned wolf named Alari has her perentle mentor spripped away from her, while also bearing the title of VanGuardius upon her, she must travel to lands unknown and save the one she cares about the most. Alari, with the help of her friends, must go on a journey of tretrouse obstacles, self-discovery, and learning the true meaning of sacrifice to be able to save not only her mentor, but the entirety of the place she calls home.


Blood. That was all the eyes saw through the stream of shadows. Snarls and growls could be heard vibrating through the tall oak trees. Two species of animals clashed together like Titans. Wolves and Mountain Lions fought to the death.

In a den not too far from the corruption, a she-wolf huddled at the back of the small hole. She snuggled her pup closer to her dark brown fur in hopes that her time would not come. She could not leave her pup. She rubbed her long narrow face onto the top of her pup’s head. The pup whined in comfort in being close to its mother.

Suddenly, the she-wolf’s ears swiveled backwards when she heard paw steps approach the den. She looked towards the entrance only to see a large, black male looking back at her with piercing, dark green eyes. He gave her a nod with a serious look.

“It is time,” he said in a gruff tone.

The she-wolf sounded a saddened whimper and slowly got up from her position in the soft earth.

“Yes, I suppose it is.” She looked down and saw her pup lift up on wobbly legs to follow its mother. The she-wolf picked her pup up by its scruff and set it down at the back of the den; she kneeled down and nuzzled the pup.

“Oh, dearest Alari, you are destined for great things. You must promise me that whenever times get rough, you will never give up hope. Help all that you can and always know who you can trust. Alari, be safe, be strong. I will always be with you.” She gave the red-furred pup a lick over the head. She cracked a sad smile and walked away from her pup to the entrance where the dark wolf sat patiently. She smiled at him and gave him a small nuzzle on his shoulder. The dark wolf’s eyes held sorrow as the she-wolf ran into the battle. He knew she would never be seen again.

The pup whined as she saw her mother run into the moonlit forest. Why would she leave her? She always took her wherever she went. Why would she just leave like that? The strange, dark wolf trotted over to her and looked down at her with pity.

“I’m sorry, pup.” He picked her up by the scruff and swiftly moved into the forest.

He moved silently throughout the trees and bushes. He stayed away from the battle area. Once he was a good distance away from the destruction, he broke into a run. He had to make it to the Council in time. The wind whistled as he ran with speed through the night. He leaped over rocks and small streams that ran through the ground. The pup in his mouth squealed in protest at the sudden movements. She wanted to go home. She wanted her mother back.

Soon, the pair came to the Council’s territory. The dark wolf slowed to a trot and made his way through the pines to a small clearing in the middle of the territory. The clearing was lined with the pine trees. Every single wolf from the Council sat with his or her head held high and proud. The dark wolf made his way into the clearing. Every head turned to him and the pup in his mouth. The large wolf padded over to a large tree stump in the middle of the clearing. He set the pup onto it and backed away to the other wolves.

Just then, all of the wolves looked to the sky. The full, bright moon came out from behind the thin clouds like a phantom, shining brightly onto the clearing. The light became more intense as it reached the pup. The light swirled around her, lifting her up from the stump and into the air. The wolves looked on in awe. This was it. They finally found the One.

The One that would save them all.

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