Time Mandela

By Suzzannee Chappell All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Scifi


...She had known it. She had not been sure of how exactly...but her months of hard work and effort – following the clues in the universe...to this exact place and time...there she was staring at it...like some long lost friend staring out from the universe right into your eyes...there was no mistaking it…, the curve of the “L”, the shape of the numbers...she knew them well...they were the way she drew them herself...it was uncanny. The letters carved into the sandstone at the Temple Gigantia on Gozo Malta, were written in 1846...by a “ La Chappelle” and yet appeared as though no time had passed – as though she herself had written them...but that was absurd…her family name represented here told her she was on the right track. The oil poured down onto the rock as she chanted...this was holy rose oil- of a quality that was very high and added her own roses she grew herself...she was taking no chances- it HAD to be right… The ancients song came easily, her spirit soared….and there in the spirit world she saw the ancient giants with formations of strange tattoos on their cheeks, body and foreheads and they jumped out of rock and she poured the holy oil of Sophia and prayed...

What Came From Beyond

Time Mandela

What Came From Beyond

as told by Nanna Orinne, who was granddaughter of the First Seamus…but that is another story...

” OK “ Nanna Orinne chuckled” So you never heard of spirits in the rock and stone and sand and water and air and wind might have any ...sway in the material world...but watch and learn and you may...you just may.

It is not a nice story...but even so such stores must be told so I shall tell it anyway...I shall tell it anyway...”

And young Nena sat on Nannas’ lap listening so closely...

At the Time of The Reckoning’ Tyreanneah tried to act bored.She tried to do that because all her six sisters were up in arms about it and were on the verge of sounding-well, nervous...it irritated her… by the Goleem(!)they were acting like little sprites in the wind...but they were Atlantean Princesses, and had to appear graceful and in control of them selves! She flouted her long copper hair and stuck her pretty nose in the air , her green eyes flashing, her sixteen year old temper flaring. Not me , she thought!

Tyreanneah decided to forgo the formalities and go the crystal dome Throne room where the knowledge crystals “Ka” , “Ba” and “ La” were housed. They had been running all power sources since endless time , since the Forefathers and Grandmothers had come and installed the pyramid transfer stations and gotten subsequent races to copy their works.Ah yes, my dears, when the pyramids were in true operation – there was global power- all one need to do was live close enough – OR carry a rod which had wire circuits which transmitted the power to a place or ship-a simple yet complex technology which had worked for centuries. Not quite what we have now yes?”

Nanna Orrine went on as Nena wiggled in her lap settled in...

The entire world was operating on a solar-frequency which activated the pyramids with the energy in flowing water-yet superlative on the ground. Her people had enjoyed this unlimited energy source since her Great Grandfathers ’ time.

Tyreanneah’ father, Trithon, was not one of the ones who was essentially killed in the massacre known as ‘ Death Tide’, however my mother Orrine was...

And as with with all betrayals it begins with a jealousy…

Tyr didn’t want to marry Lord Grokham...she just didn’t. The man was Atlantean...barely...if you counted the hybrid type he was! He was of the strain of Atlanteans that had branched into the military warrior class that had settled on Marduk in the past century. All reports about him said he was entwined with those new younger hot headed Dragons who thought they knew everything- oh puke and spit- how she hated them! There was no damn way under the earth, not while breath still emanated from her mouth….BUT Daddy had promised

There was no way he could have known how badly that promise would manifest. You see, she was in love with Dean- Na , son of the High Lord of Sytsween, the Tribal Lords who occupied the land base of Atlantea and had been loyal servants and caretakers of their family for generations. She had been to every tournament, every formal engagement of martial and artistic arts, both public and royal and she knew – there was only one who could best her- and that was Dean-Na. She both loved and hated him for it. It irked her. How she has been so sure that she would win the prestigious “Best Athlete” prize in the Gantha Games last month! She had practiced and practiced for many months to prepare and at the end she had won second prize! SECOND!? And the look on his beaming smug face had infuriated her, even though she still liked him. Curiosity of his technique won out one night, when she saw him heading to the Palace gardens from her window which overlooked the gardens and she slipped from her covers into the night She had found him in among her favourite flower garden and had hid behind the hedge which surrounded that part. He was doing some kind of very slow moving dance. It was mesmerizing! His long dark hair was tied back, his eyes also dark with copper skin- which glowed with health- seemed to shimmer with the light of the full moon that night. His movements were so fluid, his hands giving off tiny sparks, his strong back straight, the lithe muscles controlled yet flowing.The dance went on and became quite martial with kicks and punches and jumps. But one of the moves made her cry out in shock. He bent down as though he was going to jump up and then flung his arms up in the air and began to rise up off the ground . He rose and then higher...and higher as though swimming in the air. He was many leaps off the ground when she had gasped- which he heard- which broke his concentration. Then he tumbled to the ground with a mighty thud. She ran to him asking if he was alright and was hardly embarrassed when he, rubbing his behind, asked her what she was doing out there in the night. She looked so aghast he began to laugh and she soon joined in. Then, she- shy for once,swallowing her pride- told him she had wanted to find out what he was doing that made him so strong and that was amazing- would he teach her how do do it? Their eyes found each other in sincerity and neither spoke for a moment . Then she simply could not help herself and she leaned forward and whispered ” The truth is... I.. I love you Dean- Na”. Then he had taken her hand and kissed it and held it to his cheek saying” I have loved you all my life”. The night Moon and stars were all the witness they needed and that night of true love felt like a protective covering filled with wonder and light. She carried it still.

So they had had their’ Soul Matching’ in the sight of the Nature spirits and the ancient Knowledge Crystals so there would be no telling it otherwise or going back from that. When in the morning they had told her parents- her father had flown into a rage throwing Dean- Na out of the room and threatened to expel him from the Palace, her mother in tears.

” But”, She had cried” I love Dean- Na” . Her father tore at his hair - it was just days before THE RECKONING in which Trithon was to formally give her away in marriage in front of dignitaries and most of her family that would be arriving from all sorts of places in the galaxy and the public! He was NOT going to allow her to spoil her life to marry a Tribal when she was betrothed to a high ranking General of Royal Atlantean blood! His face was red with fury and her mother Orrine pleaded with her to be sensible.

In the end, she made him promise not to expel Dean- Na or his family if she agreed to go through with the marriage which was grudgingly agreed to. She had stomped to her room and thrown herself on her pillows which were soon wet with tears. Yet, she held on to the idea that she would find a way to be with Dean- Na- no matter what. Her sixteen year old mind raced.

Lord Grokham was a master of military intelligence- he knew the functionality of every known starship and interstellar flight capacity vessel in the known universe. It STILL did not impress his bride to be-the junior Princess of the Ancient Atlantean Rhea- Triton line, her lineage impeccable and beyond reproach. THAT had to be part of the bargain. Oh yes, her father had negotiated that should she be unhappy with the marriage and seek divorce that it should be granted with full pension. Grokham worried about her high strung nature, but that was bleakly of no consequence to him. Was he not a descendant of the Great Ankil Himself? He had many honourary military tokens ,which had impressed Trithon AND was of Royal Blood. He would soon win her over, after all she was only a girl and Grokham always got what he wanted. His rugged good looks- ruddy complexion with piercing blue eyes and thick stocky barrel chested shape made women an easy conquest... so that was his intention and approach to the young Princess was to sweep her over with his prowess and skills but he really knew nothing important about her and this proved to be his undoing.”


There I was-on a trip of a lifetime- on my way to Merry Ol’ England! The flight was packed and the sky pink as we flew over the Arctic from Canada. I was on a fact finding mission. I had been doing family genealogy and discovered that on both sides of the family we had both Royalty through the Spencers, same as Diana, Princess of Wales and Linklaters who were strongly connected to the Sinclairs of Scotland . What was even more Templar -old Templar connections, Huge- De Payne the founder of the Templars was in our family line, our ancestor being his wife Elizabeth De Chapp and all. I was fascinated with the whole thing and wanted to go to the places where they might have been to research for a book I planned to write. We have Native Indian blood along with European and I wanted to find out more about the European side.

Dear Uncle John picked me up at the airport- a jolly chap! It was soon established that I was in good hands and we went on the way to his home and lovely yard outside of London. He gave me the run of the place and my own room, plugs for my computer and an open invitation to the liquor cabinet. I was in heaven!

The first night we stayed up drinking wine and vodka talking about the family tree and him showing me old pictures of my great deceased aunt and uncle and family. It felt like home. He took me to Hever castle where we went through the grounds and castle and hosted me whist I visited Buckingham Palace- for the changing of the guards, Windsor Castle and the Tower Of London among other wonderful sights. He helped facilitate a short trip to Scotland and Bath as well where I visited Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury- Tor, Glasgow, Edinburough and Rosslyn Chapel. It was veritable and great and I shall always hold John dear in my heart for his hospitality ! It was truly an ’awakening trip I will never forget.

I saw and did many things which I later had the time think about in depth. Taking it all in, I did find out some curious facts. For instance, the entrance to London proper is guarded by a great black dragon statue of St. George and the Dragon- the dragon being the most prominent part and I saw that the man was actually lying beneath the dragon.(!) This is where all the courts and business is taken care of in London and I found it curious that most of the statues were black not gold as they had been in many other parts of London... And the Queen Herself has to ask permission to go into that part- because she does not own it! Yes it was given away by one of the Kings of England to pay for a debt in the past and is still owned by them. This is where the London Templar Church is- the Temple Church being round which I thought was an excellent design for a church, build in the 1200′s.

Trafalgar square with magnificent. The four lions in bronze and the many angelic and cherub type statues abundant in the grounds and the surrounding area. It was spectacular! It was of great importance to me to see Windsor Castle and I was truly in awe of the magnificent paintings, tapestries, the exquisite wood carving in St. Georges’ Chapel. And I saw the coronation chair which people were not supposed to see but a curator allowed me in to see it.

I made sure to do ceremony at each sacred place I could. This ceremony consisted of singing four songs – one for each direction, smoking prayer pipe to the ancestors and saying prayers for the place and people who lived there, pouring sacred and holy water and sacred rose oil onto the earth and burning some kind of incense, which also had been blessed. More importantly, I called the spirits which my elders had taught me how to do but I was not prepared for what came. What happened shocked me.

I went to Bath, where I stayed with some wonderful friends – she I had known for some years from a native gathering back home- we were kindred spirits for sure and I felt greatly welcomed by them as they treated me with the highest guest status and took me’ round to the sacred sites which inspired me so! It was in Bath, England when I saw the “Key” structure of the architecture and her husband , being a bit of a local expert gave a short dissertation on the Templar masonry and architecture , not just how the buildings were formed them selves but also where they were placed on the land– that it was meant to bring out the natural geomagnetic power of the Earth. I was reminded of the ancient Celts and the stone observatories I had read about from some 25,000 years ago. The very earth itself here was steeped in antiquity -the spirits strong, the voices of the stones loud and powerful, their personalities coming out as I came near to them…

It happened first at Stonehenge. I garbed myself in rainbow colours and sang as though my song would carry on the winds to distant dimensions. When I poured the sacred water onto the ground, I felt a stir, when I called the spirits- they began to speak to me from the rocks- I felt their consciousness- they greeted me! When, after the ceremony was completed, I took the walkabout around the circumference of Stonehenge with my sacred rattle , the most miraculous thing happened. I could “see” the little people running and walking and dancing and laughing on the ground right beside me!! The sheer joy of it! I was in awe. I knew they were happy and they were welcoming me back. Then there they were again at Avebury, Glastonbury Tor, Edinburough Castle, then Rosslyn Chapel.. the same connection, the little earth spirits and the giant wind spirits, at Stirling and I every other place I went, the elemental spirits showed themselves to me as I had never “seen” them before!

Then I knew they had known me before- they recognized my spirit- they knew who I was! I really was in shock- elated wonder and the very wind and sky and cloud and rocks seemed to shimmer and glow around me...and I felt something stir inside that had not stirred for a very long time...


The sky was pale orange as the sun grazed the horizon of the Levant. Tyr made her way across the sand waiting for Dean-Na , they were to meet shortly, just before she had to go to THE RECKONING. It was their last chance to see each other before...she did not want to think about it. Yet the proximity of the time forced her to. It was not that Lord Grokham- his close associates called him Grok- meaning to understand or have knowledge of something, was unattractive or mean...it was just that she simply did not love him. Nor was that likely to change anytime soon. Her feelings toward Dean-Na had completely thrown off any deep feeling toward Grok. Her body shivered as she recalled Dean-Nas’ tender kisses, the way he held her, that incredible spasm when he had entered her, the sheer safety of the feeling when they had been together as though nothing in the world could come between them. The material things and titles she was to acquire when she wed Grok could not compare to how deeply she felt for Dean- Na. Not for the first time she contemplated running away him -how she wanted to! But she could not do that to her parents who held such stock in the match- after all they said- it was their way- for one of the Star royals to marry a military Atlantean every seventh generation, even if they were not from the same planet. It was how they kept different genetic differences through the Five Dyhani families who ruled the star systems of the Ancients. Grok had been raised on the planet Mars ( Marduk) by a military War Lord who fathered him, but he did not understand the subtle differences of the higher consciousnesses she had been trained in. He clearly thought his way superior and now at THE RECKONING when the anniversary of the comets was a hand, some said a military approach was their only hope, THEY wanted to blow the comets out of the sky...but she thought that was dangerous- stupid even. Her people had survived through seven such RECKONINGS without serious damage and they would do so again. The pyramids would conjunct earth source power and bounce away the dangerous comets as they had done so in the past. She did not fear that- it was the encroaching Draconian fleet that had been spotted within the solar system that bothered her- and she still thought it was a bad idea to marry her off for military alliance! ...She sighed as she waited...”

When I saw the waters of the Tyrhennian Sea , within the Mediterranean off the coast of Italy I was flabbergasted and in holy awe. I was on the last leg of my journey at Gozo, Malta. Here is where the water spirits sang and I was listening with both ears as well as I could. The sheer enormity of the water! The undeniable deepness of the blue! I staggered, blown away. It was so beautiful and I knew I was home- somewhere, somewhen, this had been my home- and my body and my spirit knew it.

I stayed in a lovely little hostel, with a charming lady manager. I liked her right away. She gave me sound advice on how to take care of being in the sun too much and showed me around. The place was made of carved sandstone and I had a room to myself with a stone patio surrounded by high stone walls- with plants and benches. It was enchanting.

But the next day,I had a headache – could have been the heat. I made my way to the water...As I stepped into the water that carried that amazing blue colour I allowed myself to float...then...I heard the sound of dolphins communicating- they knew who I was! My headache was gone instantly- the water healing me as I listened to their strange and wonderful song. They were welcoming me, thanking me for coming! I allowed myself a slight smile and sent the thought out to thank them- I too, was happy to be here in Malta, islands of antiquity. I left offerings and gathered stones for my mandala back home for the spirits and did several small ceremonies there to honour the lovely people, the lands and waters and dolphins also to release the trapped spirits in the rock and waters.

Recent research had uncovered that the islands in the Mediterranean Sea had once been mountain tops and speculation exists that suggested the Maltese Islands had been one of the few places that had escaped the ancient floods which has wiped out the Atlantean culture- which Homer had talked about. There are over 50 stone temples on the three Maltese islands of Malta, Gozo and Cominco , many of which had different layers of rock indicating the temples had been restored several times over the past centuries.

I went to one such Temple there on Gozo- The Temple Gigantia with a guide who took a group of us. There was something familiar about this man which I could not shake and I felt very uncomfortable in his presence. But he was an authour of books on the old Atlantean temple ...and to many this is one of the largest and most interesting. It was there I found it -writing on the sandstone which really excited me- the name “ La Chappelle- 1846” ! I knew my ancestor had been there! And then the ceremony began an entirely new journey. After the pouring of the holy oil onto the rock and singing the awakening songs, I saw a gigantic spirit man get up out of the rock! He had longish hair and carried a spear and some strange tattoos on his face. He turned toward me and walked into my spirit!

I felt very dazed and confused afterward-I kept getting lost- no less than 3 times in 3 days - it was like I was having a hard time understanding the english language as though not familiar with it. I really did not understand what had happened- I was not unwell , just unable to focus.

It became clear that the spirits were working through me when I opened a post while on teh computer and there was a link to the Enochian language and then the whole series of events began to unfold. In my minds eye, as a hologram portraying a story- a story which I knew was my own past…


Nanna carried on with the story to her rapt audience.

She looked up and saw him coming. He looked downcast and carried something in his hand. She ran, happy to see him, but she stopped short when she saw the pain in his eyes. He looked up and held out the object in his hands.

I came to give you this” he said.

It was a round holoscreen. He waved his hand over the screen and a scene from the other day came up- one of them playing like happy children with Echo- her pet dolphin- diving in and out of the sea as they played ‘fetch” with Echo- how they had been delighted with Echos’ antics for attention. She saw the scene and could not help herself as the tears began to form. She held his hand as they fell silently.

I’m sorry” , He said sadly, “ I wanted to give you something to remember me by…. I know you have to marry him, I cannot be the one. My parents nearly fainted when I told them what Trithon said. None of the other families will accept us being together, me being a Lemurian Tribal and you our Kings daughter. I just...want to not forget , please don’t forget me.”

Of Course!”, She cried,“ I shall never forget you- how could I ?”

The time may come when you will not remember me or any of this- our elders have seen this. They….told me I must leave you to your destiny, that I must not interfere. You will do something in the future which can only happen when you go through your lessons. I do not fully understand , but I must obey- as you must.”

He turned away painfully.

No!” She tried to pull him closer but he wrenched away.

We cannot change our destiny Tyreanneah- we must wait for it to unfold. I will always be near- remember that.”

And with that he walked into the glowing sunset as her heart faded along with the sun.”


It seemed like only a few minutes had gone by , but now the sun was setting over the beautiful island and I suddenly realized I had not eaten. It was strange how the hologram which appeared before me had stopped just as I was needing to refill. I was seeing letters and sigils before my eyes- it must be the spirits are trying to communicate with me, I thought. I walked on not knowing what they meant, but sure that it would be shown to me. I went to the local pub feeling incredibly lonely, for a bite and some wine. Yes, that should help.

I went in trying hard not to show how deeply moved I was and I would probably have escaped without showing it had not the bartender not put on the screen music videos… I found myself unable to move out of the feeling centre and I sang along with the video, my heart on my sleeve and an intense loneliness that can only be answered by something real came out of me .My reverie was broken by the bartender who was telling me to stop singing- he said he had to listen to this shit music all day and it was not karaoke. I sighed and said I’d stop but I saw in his eyes that he saw what was in my heart and I had to stop myself from crying right there. Dammit- I could never manage to stifle those feelings well...but I made an effort and felt my way outside to the balcony.

There he was. A handsome dark haired well built Maltese man with beautiful brown eyes. I asked if I could sit down and he was ever so nice. He invited me to sit. Then a couple drinks later asked me to sit closer. Then he put his arm around me and I nearly swooned. I felt like a schoolgirl. The stars were bright, the music fading into the background and that Mediterranean night filled me with a happiness I had not known for a good long time.

I could not believe my luck- this was rare for me. Damn was he good looking and such a dear! We...coalesced. I knew I wanted him right away , and to my elation he invited me home. I accepted. We went and made love, the kind that was both tender and ecstatic, four times he gave me pleasure of orgasmic peaks that were filled with emotion and a knowing clarity of the like that sent me to another place and time…


The Super Mothership had arrived , along with dozens of other ships carrying dignitaries, kings, queens and their retinues from several galaxies and systems. The sky was full of hyper-fireworks which proclaimed the marriage of the Princess Tyreanneah and Lord Grokham. It was spectacular yet foreboding. No one mentioned the astounding deaths of several marine mammals and fish as the ceremony started for there was no precedent but Tyr did not miss the fact.

She tried not to cry. The ceremony enacted the rites of ancient longevity, but she did not care. Nothing was right. Nothing was ok. She wanted to run away and she would have if not her fathers’ stern look that said- ‘ I NEED you to do this’...so for him she allowed them to garb her, place sacred jewels upon her forehead, put special gems upon her fingers , toes and body, and endured the wedding ceremony which tied her to one of the ancient Dyhani families – a sacred tradition of her people. But inwardly she wept. Her thoughts ranged from finding an escape to killing herself… but THAT was unheard of and she sent the thoughts away.

She would find a way somehow, one day.

Grokham was in his prime and his glory. Now he was married to the ancient ruling Star Royal class- no longer just a soldier- he and he alone would now rule the Five Dyhani Families and all their planets under their rule- until the time of the next RECKONING- not for another 12,600 years. He would have his way and all the races and species present would know THAT soon enough...but he had forgotten that his rule depended upon the rites of ‘ First Night’ which meant he would have to consummate their marriage and frankly Tyr had other plans…”


The trip had gone well. I had gone to England , Scotland and Malta, then back to Canada. I had gone to awaken parts of myself and memories, research family lines and visit places I thought I may have been in other lives. It always seemed very weird to me since childhood that I felt foreign in my own body- something like at nine years old I thought ’ What am I doing in this body? I knew it wasn’t mine. I carried that feeling my whole life, and now as mature woman in my fourties it still felt alien. Sometimes in my dreams I can fly with such ease, but I know that I was an Atlantean at one time...or maybe I still am and am living in a different body. Whatever the case, I needed some answers and the visions were pulling me in and giving me those answers.


Tyr made her way through the back corridor, down the stair to the undercave and through the moon pool. Just a short swim to the magnolia grove where they would often meet. She had seen him at the ceremony full of pomp and suffering. She had looked divine as her father had said and her mother cried tears- although Tyr wasn’t sure if they were tears of happiness or pain. She knew her mother loved her dearly, but felt it was a matter of state and security for her future.

As she waited, thoughts of the many times they had been here on the bluff above the surf, came to mind. In particular, the first time they had met sprawled open her vision memory- they had been but youngsters, five or six, playing on the sand within the cove, her family picnicking and playing in the waters and sand, enjoying the day with music , laughter and the sea.

She had been given a special pearl necklace from her Nanna, who adored the little princess with a passion. Nanna showered her with love and gifts often. But this pearl was a purple pearl found in the deepest parts of the sea, and it was enormous to the little girl who had it strung about her neck as she played happily.

Dean- Na’s family and a few others had been there that day as well. His family were caretakers of the homestead land on the Island of Meru, where the seat of Atlantean power had ceded and taken root. For generations his family had been caretakers of the lands ‘embraced’ as they say, by the holy countenance of the Living Spirit Tribe or Royal Priestly Lineage of the Five Dhyani Families who ruled most of the galaxies habitable planets. The Living Spirit Tribe , the Sytsween , were the ground dwellers, while Atlanteans held true to both water and land, being able to adjust their breathing apparatus at will ( after a certain age) to accommodate both land and underwater breathing, hence the Kingdoms of Atlantis were of both realms. Yet it was Dean-Na’s tribe who maintained and grew the food for which sustained the land dwellers, and they were well loved by all the family for their devoted and reverent dedication to their charge.

She had run up the bluff toward the Magnolia grove in chase of an enormous butterfly -it was yellow and purple- colours she loved and she had quite forgotten her promise to stay within sight. Quite then, she saw in the sky a swooping eagle who cried out in warning as she slipped and almost fell over the craggy edge, loosing her balance and ...Dean-Na stepped out of nowhere from behind one of the gloriously flowering trees, as she began to fall forward. He grabbed her dress – which ripped and her necklace fell off her head as she was bent over the rocky slope.

He managed to get hold of her arm and pulled her back from the edge.

Oh my Princess Tyreanneah- are you alright?!” He blustered out, all but six years old.

She was fine but absolutely horrified that she had lost her Nannas’ pearl that she had given her and she began to wail. Her guardians saw her from the beach and several family members made a sweeping exodus to retrieve the little distraught princess, her father in the lead.

But by the time they got there she was sitting cooing at her pearl necklace that Dean- Na had transcribed was the cause of her horrified manifestation, when she had pointed down onto a rocky ledge some feet below where her necklace lay- far out of reach for her. Well the little boy, brave as a monkey, had just laid himself down over the ledge and slowly crept along the rocky edge until he could lower himself to jump to the outcropping where the precious ornament lay. He lay down along the rock and reached his hand out , just barely able to reach the string of hempen weave. But reach it he did, and within another three minutes he was back on the bluff and Tyr was holding her necklace back in her hands cooing with delight…And when her parents and guardians arrived she looked up and saw only him- her hero...it was something she never forgot. And she trusted him with all her heart. “


Then the death in the families occurred when I got home. Two in a row and three last year! It was heartbreaking. My father, ex-husband, then my grandfather and mothers cousin- all men- all men of power and means. It was as though my entire world was falling apart and I was not sure how to respond.

I began to compile the images and details of my trip. There were many aspects I needed to analyze and assimilate what each piece was telling me. Each stone , paper, flower, ticket had some meaning for me and wanted to understand deeply what they were. So I sat up one night and separated all the nicknacks into categories. Paper items in one place , stones and flowers in another. I was preparing to make a mandala of my trip and I began to do the art which would represent each place, person or teaching I had taken to heart.

It was one of the real purposes for my journey- for who can go forward in real evolution without creating the foundation of that new reality- and that was my Time Mandela- and each place I prayed for would be represented… the visions came easily as I sat staring at the items, one by one.


She wanted with all her heart to ask him to run away with her. If she went back to the castle , she would have to mate with Grok and she felt she would rather die than do that. She resolved to tell him that when he came.

The sound of water and someone swimming broke her reverie. She turned and saw him coming and a comet came across the sky majestic and ominous. It was Dean-Na.The scowl he had worn at the ceremony had not quite left his features which were bronze and fair – handsome and lithe he had grown- athletic but not overly muscular-yet strong as an ox. His hair brown and long he looked sleek as he emerged from the water. He carried something in his hand.He looked up at her mournful and somber.

Tyr,” He began,.” I know what you are going to say. You are going to say that we should just leave and make our own way out there.” He pointed to the ocean., “ BUT...” He said sternly, “ This is not the way to win.”

No” She cried.

No wait , Listen to me!” He caught her hands and kissed them. “ No , my love. I have found out something very dangerous- which you need to know- and you must tell the King.”

He squatted down and opened the package her was carrying, she squatted too.

In it was a wired crystal with a rocky mixture attached to it and a heampen weave thread coming from it.

This, “ he explained, “ is a device that makes an explosion happen. I found it within a crevice of the Ba crystal in the Temple Throne room. There were many attached to the knowledge crystals- I went there to pray for us and found them there… My love – someone plans to blow up the throne room, and with the comets and the wedding, I fear the worst.”

As if in answer a bright comet lit up the sky as it tore across the moonlit night. They both looked but said nothing as it fell over the horizon. She nodded.

“ I think Grok wishes to overthrow your father and bring us all into slavery under his rule- after all- why blow up the very knowledge that keeps our society running? No Tyr, please we need to warn your father.” His eyes pleaded with her.

She knew at once that he was right- their love would have to wait. The kingdom needed saving and she had to help. She accepted that with the grave conscious knowledge that happens when a person grows up- and when they know that they must put others before themselves...all within 30 seconds.

Yes, of course, you are right, my darling.” She said bowing her head to him. He always knew the right thing to do. That was one of the reasons she loved him so. “ But if I go back ,the guards will take me to my marriage bedroom and that cannot happen!”

Yes, I know...But I will take care of them and you must make your way through the corridors to your parents chamber and show them this device...then we will see.” He countered.

Then the sky opened up like a meteor shower gracing the sky with booming sound and forceful blasting sparks and she knew no more.”


As I stared at the items before me, I recalled going to Buckingham Palace to see the ‘ Changing of The Guards’. It was something. All that pomp and ceremony to relieve the soldiers, as though each soldier took it to be his sacred duty to protect the Monarchy. I really loved it. The golden statue across the cul-de- sac looked angelic to me and I took it all in from the granite circular steps . Then headed across the road to Hyde Park , through the enormous portal gates – to find a quiet spot to do my Metis ceremony. I had my smudge, rattle and white arctic fox medicine hat that I had made. I was ready, I sprinkled sacred water and burned the holy smudge calling forth the ancestors to come aid me, to bring harmony to our peoples and heal the past. I sang the four songs to the directions and made an offering of tobacco to the earth. It felt good to do that there and no one bothered me at all, in fact a bloke came up and took my picture for me.It gave me strength for the rest of the day. Then, let’s see, I thought, I went to the National Museum and saw the Da Vinci ‘ Madonna On The Rocks’ - both paintings mind-and the second one is showing that John the Baptist carries the holy scepter. Of all the paintings I saw there- those two made the deepest impression on me and I wondered why he would have done that. There is a brotherhood that worships John the Baptist as the Saviour I had heard who call themselves Johannites- was Da Vinci saying he believed this ? And the darkness of the other painting as though saying Marys’ future is dark? I wasn’t sure- just speculating. When I went to the Tower of London, walking by ,my throat started to choke and I could not breathe! I knew that Jane Boylen had been beheaded there and as soon as I thought of it the choking hammered my head as well! I could not force myself to go in and I felt dark and alone for several hours. Later when the feeling subsided I knew that had been something to address and when I went to Hever Castle with Uncle John, where she had grown up, several things came to light. As we drove up to the castle grounds there wast a small windmill and I saw two little girls playing( in my minds eye) - I knew that had been my sister and I – I recalled hiding from my nurse up there and we were scolded badly for that. When we walked into the outer courtyard of about 30 feet across I saw myself being swung around happily by my father as a young girl – I had thought my father the greatest man on earth for us being there and I loved it. Then also musicians and candlelight – dancing with Henry the 8th the King- to whom I was being wooed.How, then delighted I was then that he had taken an interest in me and I paid close attention to his hand creeping down my back as we danced. Then up the stairs to her room- but I knew right away this was not where she slept and when we were in the right room I knew again which was the correct room- that’s when I saw the vision of being drugged. I recall drinking wine after dinner that he gave me. He was to stay in another part of the castle but he crept into my room and had his way’ with me while I was unable to protest. I recalled being quite a young woman only just out of puberty. Then in the upper staircase, our attention was drawn to a painting of Henrys’ 5th wife which had strange hands which pointed the other way, like someone was behind her, it coincided with another painting that appeared to have a dragon in the background. Then in the back hall on the way down I felt a song rise in my throat and poured forth- it was where she used to go to sing when she was sad. I read the letter she had written to him before she had been beheaded saying how shocked and how he knew she had never betrayed him. I concluded I had to have been her and throughout every place that Henry the 8th came up the rest of my trip, I felt a sadness that breathed betrayal…


And so the Princess Tyreanneah went into a long sleep and dreamed her future that she was to live through, and as the story goes, all the lives she lived through came flooding back when she remembered them again later…and this is one of them...”
Nanna went on with the story to her captivated audience.

The paper felt coarse to my shaking hand, as the red ink ( for urgent message- our little signal) soaked into it. I had been crying and wailing most of the day. Word had come through her uncle that Henry had been livid when she had heard of her encounter while riding with Tomlin, the neighboring family’s son who had tended the horses. I had been enamored of him since I was 12, well for several years. They had encountered each other when I went to find St . Johns Wort and went farther afield than usual- and alone...ever since being expelled from the palace I had wanted to see him.

I went to the meadow and found him there, training a young colt, black and beautiful with a white star on the forehead. I watched him with fascination, how natural and beautiful he was, how he talked with intimacy with that horse, and how that horse wanted to do what he wanted- for some time before getting off my horse , Nanna and calling out. He was startled and happy to see me .He walked the colt over and we had hugged.

He knew when looked into my eyes that things were very wrong and I tried to hide it from him...for at least a few minutes, but ending up crying into his shoulder as he stroked my hair. After a while I stopped and we walked over to the trees to sit and talk. I wondered why I had not told my family I wanted to marry him ...but again they would not have it...how simple my life would have been , the beautiful children we would have had…

Just then I felt a coldness and something swooped with very large wings, I felt the wind of the wings but could not see what made them. I was then very afraid and wanted to go home… although I had wanted to stay with him. I was suddenly afraid for us both.

My uncle had shown up at dawn with word that I was to be arrested- for treason! It was utterly untrue and they all knew it- the charges of fornicating with my brother and uncle and others a farce which I knew there was no way out of. Henry wanted me dead- he could never stand to share anything.

So I penned the letter with all the sincerity I could muster, knowing full well that I had not breached any real bond – I had not shared my body with anyone but him , but he wanted my heart and soul too- and that is what he could not have. I tried to appeal to his better self, but it was to no avail. When I looked up with my just dead eyes , after the fateful axe fell upon my neck, tears fell from them and I saw the gleam in his- he had won again.”


I then took up my tea cup and ate some biscuits. My eyes were wet, but I was no longer shaking. My throat felt ok and I took some deep breaths. I knew what had happened and I felt he no longer had control of me. I did what my ancestors taught- I spoke out loud-” I release you Henry- You no longer have control over me…..’ I got up holding my arms out-” I forgive you Henry– you no longer can control me! You have to learn how to forgive yourself now! You no longer have control over me!!” I shouted to the room.

I smudged and washed my face in a basin of sacred water with sacred herbs and salts.

Then I picked up the next item on the table-- the brochure of Abbey Glastonbury Tor- where Joseph of Arimeth broke ground with a hazelnut tree and the first church of Jesus and another of Mary was built. The Tor was put up later, but this ground was where the very island of Avalon had been, where the ancient Celts had lived and where sacred ceremony had been done for many generations.

It was a warm day but I did not feel overly uncomfortable. My friend Kira who had brought me there knew quite a bit about the place and the history about it. She had told me that the ancient Celts and Priestesses of Avalon had done works there and then a Holy church to Mary herself had been built there. In the time of Henry the 8th he had destroyed many temples and churches but even the workmen themselves had refused to destroy the church of Mary Magdalene. I just shook my head as we walked through the courtyard and grounds I had the heavy feeling of oppressed energy- like a heavy clouds which prevailed over the whole area.

We arrived at the church of Mary and I went immediately to the alter. I poured the holy oil and water upon it. I said the words to release the trapped spirits and create balance among our peoples and something wonderful happened.It was as though now the veil of darkness lifted from that place, like a veil and it opened wherever we walked, the clincher of truth spoke when I told her -

I have to bury something here...” I said discretely

She looked around and there was a small dog digging in the ground to open a hole where I could do it we both laughed out loud when she pointed it out and I was able to make my offering without anyone noticing. It seemed very clear to me that the clergy had been holding on to the holy energy for sometime and I had lifted that dark veil for those who have eyes to see. We lunched with her old friends in the Excalibur cafe and I was renewed after spending time in the wonderful town of Glastonbury, where I felt completely at home. The Monk Knights visited me at the Celestial Garden at Kiras’ that night-I somehow knew they would. The hare , falcon and dragon had visited me in various ways to commemorate my visit- all of them giving me insights and gifts of awareness- I sat at the Abbey- their house had once been a part of an Abbey which had stood there, where I stayed at Bath, England , giving thanks to sleep on the Micheal- Rose Line and in Templar ancient England country- which I had wished and the dreams had come easily.

I tried to remember anyone else who sparked the same feelings with in me...ah yes- the man I met in Scotland. I picked up the ticket I had gotten along my journey there. I had been staying with friends in Glasgow when I met a man one day while exploring the great square in Glasgow proper- there had been a Teachers Union rally that day- and many people were out of doors. I picked up some papers regarding the rally in support and had gone to find a place to eat some food. I needed to plug in my phone. It was important.I did not wish to miss my appointment to connect with my friends who were coming in to pick me up.

I found a place where I could sit and charge the battery but a man was sitting there. I asked him if he minded if I sat down and he was fine with it. We chatted along nicely. He was in his forties and a well mannered Scotsman with a great attitude. I liked him. I told him I was doing research for my book and going to sacred sites when he told me about a place where there were standing stones – a ways off the beaten path mind, it was a special place he said. A place where you could camp nearby. I immediately wanted to go- with him. I asked him if he would escort me there. I saw in his eyes he was checking to see if I had what it took to go there and he saw I did. Omar was intrigued but wary.

The next few days was a flurry of museums and cathedrals, an Angel museum in Glasgow which I loved and local monuments. Edinburough Castle is a sight for the eyes that see. I saw the little people there awaiting me as I came by- they waved. I inwardly giggled- it was so amazing! Roslyn Chapel was beyond anything I have ever seen- the stonework and woodwork of the utmost care and affection- symbols of the sacred feminine everywhere. Sadly all of the photos I took there never came out. I sang inside and did ceremony outside to the delight of the spirits there and the “ Ancient Spirits” who came in full force that afternoon shouting their happiness to be released!

One thing happened that was strange and unnerving. I was at Glasgow bus station waiting for a bus to Stirling when this odd man comes up to me staring me right in the face. He put his hand on my arm and I felt a nasty energy from him and pushed his hand away- he reminded me strongly of the guide who had taken us to the Temple at Gozo- yes, I realized their energy was one and the same- then he had gotten aggressive toward me saying I can’t do that! He got on the same bus as I on the way to Stirling On the way he sang in a strange language and at one point said in clear English -DIE!

The William Wallace monument was special and moving. I walked the entire way up , doing ceremony on the way. The tower stairs made me dizzy, but I ascended nevertheless unharmed. William Wallace’s’ Sword stood taller than myself, and I got a fleeting image of a gigantic warrior in bronze and leathers holding his word high! Sterling is a beautiful place and William Wallace’s Pub has all the atmosphere of a medieval inn you’d want. I drifted off to sleep thinking about it.

I woke up on the couch in the living room.I knew I should continue, but broke to shower,eat and make some tea...then I picked up the last ticket- an airfare ticket to Vancouver. I had finally made it to the nude beach which I had dreaded- and loved. I hated being naked as I had gained so much weight over the last few years I was embarrassed about my body- plus the Grandmothers had told me to wear appropriate clothing there-whatever THAT meant! We were starving when Tanya and I got there and went to find food- the Arab- such a lovely man made us sandwiches of immense proportion and much love- I enjoyed it thoroughly. Then I saw him. Naked and half his body smeared with clay- I was instantly interested. He was walking the beach with such assurance and calm that I took him for a guardian protector- which turned out to be the case- he and a few other well built men who look out for creeps and the like on the beach- Tanya, my friend who was with me told me- she had been going there for some years and knew the crowd. I settled in and then went to explore I took some time to practice my staff routine. I was not that good but getting some real internal power being employed… I had studied sword and tai chi , so know some moves, but have not had a teacher for staff.

I had to get close to him and did so...trying not to be noticeable- it was the same energy as Dean-Na that I sensed from the lovely man in Gozo and I felt him watching me. Finally I took courage and wrapped myself in my rainbow blanket ( Grandmother insisted!) and took up my rainbow staff and went over to his enclosure. I sat down and introduced myself. He smiled at me and looked with ‘Eyes That See’- meaning I knew he saw who I really was and accepted me for who I was. He had me right there. Then he bent down on both knees before me and looked directly into my heart. I nodded. He, of the brotherhood and calling, was doing me honour. It was so. He then took out his staff and showed me this incredible staff routine which blew my mind. We spoke and I felt at home in his presence. It was not so late when Tanya wanted to go and I vowed to return. I needed to see him again and my whole body trembled when I thought of him secretly.

It took me a while but I went again and made contact asking him to teach me some staff work.

It was not insincere...I have studied martial arts for 15 years and only just begun the staff...I wanted to learn. And this beautiful gorgeous man was quite talented at it.He called himself “ He Who Dances” or Solar Sky..and I was in love from the get go. I spent the afternoon doing mushrooms and chilling with his friends and him. I sang in the sand sacred song as the holy Goddess came through me. I gave offering. I asked him for tobacco as a woman should of a warrior who can protect her and he gave it- I offered some in thanks to the Mother Earth and do honour him. I told him thus with my staff and my rainbow rattle in my hand- I stepped forward with gladness and assurance that I was doing the right thing in offering my blessing to this man I had only met three days ago, but felt like I had known him for as thousand years. I had no doubt that we would be together someday...then all hell broke loose as the sun set and ninjas, three of them on the horizon and he went into combat mode and told me to pack up. I waited at the top for 30 minutes, but he did not come. I left worried about his welfare.


Grok had been playing the diplomat and left his bride to her ladies to prepare for the wedding night activities. He had other things to do. For one, he had to make sure the charges were all set in the right places. It would not do to have them discovered. He went to his rooms which was an entire wing of the palace where he and his men and Mardul realtives were being housed. He took only Abrath with him – his most loyal warrior. The two of them made way as silently as possible through the castle and grounds. When they met the centrys, he told them he only wanted to pray for the happiness of the princess Tyreanneah in the throne room where the Knowledge Crystals were housed. They had no further challenges.

They entered and went to the inlaid giant Knowledge crystals. Massive and brilliant blue, but from which shined a light of soft white which cascaded rainbows upon variances in the crystals. They hummed in unison and a collective ambiance gathered around them that was palpable and tangible. Groks’ hairs stood on end...for one brief moment he hesitated. What if the crystals had some kind of fail safe? What if they knew what he was about to do? Could he ever be punished?

He shoved the thoughts back into the recesses of his mind and went toward the largest crystal inlaid on the paua shell flooring lined with gold. He pulled out several of the small charge devices he had wrapped in his cloak and laid them carefully on the floor.

The charges were made of minerals and salts, with small pieces of knowledge crystals with a fuse, wrapped in copper. He knew that the crystals emanated a force field but when supercharged will explode. He was counting on the blast collectively exploding all the crystals enabling his forces that lay in wait very close outside the planets’ atmosphere, cloaked and ready to attack to come at a moments notice. Their allies also in wait further away ready to move in at the sign that he had taken the capital.

A pulse beam would come from his ship – The Motherlode which would spark the slammer charges in the Throne room and set off a chain reaction in the other larger charges they had set in the past week.

Oh yes, the planning and work would be worth it when he claimed the capital in the state of emergency and imposed dictator rules upon the whole lands. No one would try to stop them. And the princess would hail him hero, once he saved her parents...he wanted it all and he would have it.

The old Atlantean regime had gone soft. With Draconian ships carousing the galaxies taking slaves at every stop, they had done nothing but send a few ships. Had not he and the military arm which served the high ranking Royals not been the ones to stop them from entering the solar system? He and HIS men did that! They deserved to rule! And all he need to do was consummate the marriage and destroy their knowledge and power base- take them down a few notches- and he would be King – Fisherking! His eyes gleamed with the thought of it.

He came to himself as he noticed Abrath waiting for him to make a command.

Set the charges inside the crevices in the crystals, hide them as well as you can.”

They set about their work which did not take long. They were not expecting anyone. That done Grok sent his general back to quarters to await the sign to act...all the plans were now laid and ready for commencement.

Now he left to attend his bride who should be waiting for him. He rubbed his hands together in anticipation.

Trithon looked out upon the terrace as his wife and queen made ready for bed. He suddenly had a very bad feeling in his gut. He would have said something to his wife , the Queen whom he loved very much, but she seemed to need her rest this night and he left her to it. The moonlight so bright upon the water he decided to end the day of giving his last daughter away to a substantial and decorated military commander of his people by going down to the beach where they had first conceived her with Orinne his wife.

The ceremony had gone off with no problems or difficulty. He only now had to contemplate the way forward. After he lived a while longer he would hand over the direct ruling to them. He just hoped that Grok would allow Tyr to maintain a level of direction- she was often wise beyond her years when situations demanded.

He walked slowly to the enclosed beachfront below the castle which overlooked the expanse of blue sea …a bright comet came across the sky lighting up its’ immense beauty.

For a few moments he felt serene and accomplished.

Then he noticed a searing laser emanating behind him- toward the castle. He was running toward it when the crystals exploded and he was flown into the rock at the far edge of the enclosure and was unconscious.

Dean -Na had seen the bright beam coming from the sky but had not known what it was. He cried out too late to see the temple explode and by the Creator the crystals themselves! It was some while before he came to consciousness. The pre-dawn light revealing the horrifying sight

Everywhere there were dead thingsbeings, fish, marine creatures and even the odd mer- person...it was hard to tell if they had been female or male. He vaguely wondered where Echo was.

He carried Tyr back to the castle which was in ruins. Every so often he saw red laser beams coming from the sky and explosions happening on the ground. Then a comet burst through the clouded thick sky on the way farther north and he knew it over. He would probably not make it back. But then there was a trumping of horns and a bellowing of chorus and he saw seven golden dragons come flying down to his position...her guardians… her protectors from the dragon race which protected the Ruling Dyhani Families from magical and physical harm. They reached the two of them pulling them up off the ground with seconds to spare as the comet hit the beachfront and decimating the home they had always known. He lost consciousness as they lifted him and he knew it was a spell...they were so good at that…”


I awoke the next day to the rain, back home now....the fires which had been so close had been put out by the rain and gave thanks for it. I had two more days to be alone in the house before relatives came and meant to use it to my advantage. But you couldn’t just expect visions to come by themselves- what did the ancients do?

Oh yes- they drank spirits!

So I went to the liquor store and acquired some wine which I then drank...it did not take much time before they spirits entered me again and I saw into my crystal ball...


When Dean-Na awoke it was a very grave scene. Devastation abounded. The entire castle had been blown up and all along the coastline as far as he could see. Ruins of precious and priceless ornamentary lay upon the ragged ground. The Golden Protector Dragons were there but obviously in tatters. He sat up and was attended immediately with a Blue- her wings shimmering as she stepped forward, shape shifted to human form and helped him to his feet. He looked around for Tyr but he did not see her.

Tyr? Where is the Princess? What happened? “ He called out.

A large Golden came forward, shapesghifted , and answered in haggard tones,

She is with her father and mother, come , I will take you. As they walked the Gold explained." It was very late when we felt the call.We did not sense it earlier as there was a Draconian Psyche seer spell upon us and we did not realize until too late. Trithon had been on the beach when the Throne room exploded and we blinked in to retrieve him, then to retrieve Queen Orrine and whomever else was still alive."

" My parents?" Dean- Na asked.

" Your mother was the only one of your family who survived. I'm sorry"

Dean was disheveled, sore, battered and bruised and his face showed the devastation in his heart.

The Gold gestured with his hands and Dean-Na followed him around a large mound of debris that looked like shattered crystal to see Tyr attended to by the royals’ Physician , her father and he saw her mother lying in a puddle of blood. He went to her, holding her hand. Trithon moved his gaze to the youth and continued trying to revive her, his hands shaking and tears streaming. Just then Orrine stirred and grabbed Trithons hand, she said

Keep her alive- her mind cannot die...we can save her,” She looked at the Golden dragon who knelt down at her side, “ build the Memory Pool.” she barely whispered ,then turning to Trithon she summoned all her strength,’ I shall always love you Trithon- I shall see you among the stars.”

And with that her body died.

Howling anguish escaped Trithons’ lips and the earth shook as another explosion was felt down the beachfront. The Golds formed , what few were left and flew off toward the fighting .Dean- Na covered Tyr with his body and called out to Trithon to get us out of here. Trithon looked up and called the Arms and several Blues, Greens and Reds came over to envelop them in magic to protect them and swiftly flew them out of range to the summer palace inland. Dean- Na watched their whole lives and the entire palace and grounds going up in smoke. He buried his face in her red curls and sobbed.”


… I came out of the trance with tears in my eyes. It was too much to bear. I did not question the reality of what I had seen. My own emotions could not have been more raw and conscious of the pain that was inside me. This had to be real..at one time. The spirits were showing me what happened so I could do something. But what? How could this information be of any use , except to acknowledge those who were dead? But I was exhausted and need sleep, so I stumbled upstairs to bed knowing I had to understand – somehow I would. My dreams continued the story...


Grok had been on his way back to the bridechamber when Dean- Na had gone into the Temple Throne room to pray and had found the devices. He arrived at the door of the chamber, dismissed the guards and let himself in. The lavish round bed surrounded by billowing blue sheer curtains was empty. He looked around the room for a few minutes before panic set in. How could she be gone? How could she leave without being noticed? He then noted a partial opening in part of the wall to the right of her bed and he saw that she had left by there. He thought to run after her, but decided against it. Now he would be sure she was unharmed and he could go ahead with the plans . They had left a few troops on guard so to let it seem that they too were victims- Tyreanneah would be convinced by that in her grief. He sped down the corridor toward her parents wing of the palace but happened to catch out of the corner of his eye Trithon walking down the stone steps to the beachfront through a well lit window. He almost laughed in delight- it was going better than planned! Now he did not have to make some excuse for getting Trithon out of the palace. One thing he knew was that the aging Fisherking had many supporters and there was no running a kingdom of the Mer-Folk without one of their own in some position of power. Once he Grok- the masterplanner, showed his prowess in dealing with the already paid off Draconians, Trithon would have no qualm proclaiming him King Protector of The Realm...and the rest would fall into place. He hated the Golden Protectors and had plans for them. The Draconian psych- seer power left the dragon races in servitude and that was exactly what he would do.


The next day was sunny and warm and I decided to take a walk in, needing groceries. I went into the same store I had been in for several years and...there was a new clerk. The new clerk gave me a look that startled and alarmed me. He clearly did not like me much, but I tried to ignore it. I was walking back when a car pulled over and a man got out, looking at the smoking mountain behind us, we began to chat about the weather and possible urgency of the situation. I felt calm and then noticed something...it was the eyes...did they seem familial? I felt at home and yet I’d never seen him before...was it him? I asked his name...it was Dean. It must be him! And the moment I thought it, his eyes twinkled...just like the spirits had in Scotland. He gave me a ride home and I felt now watched over and slept very soundly that night.


Grok found his way down the undercaves to his men without being seen- all fourty of his bravest and most ruthless warriors. He gave the command and the signal was sent to the waiting ships. The coup-de ta was engaged. He went into his command post and sent the secret signal to the Draconians- his men did not need to know, only Abrath could be trusted with THAT knowledge. He sat back now and allowed himself a sneering smile. He had made his move. Their turn.


The next day seemed to speed away. I puttered and cleaned and cooked and fed the cat, watered the plants and finally sank down onto the couch with a glass of wine. It was dusk, my favourite time of day, the last of Sols’ light drifting into the horizon makes me serene and I let that moment fill me. Gods how I wanted to share that moment with someone I loved! Dean- Nas’ face came floating before me and I went into the trance easily…


The Draconian Master Captain smiled an evil smile. The signal from that ‘boven’ ( cattle) had been received. How the Supreme Ones would shower him with accolades and honours- his pick of the women- how they would feast on Atlantean blood that night! He gave the command to enter atmosphere and commence attack. His white skin glowed with the thought of drinking immortal blood- it would keep him alive for centuries! And then he would feast also on Grok and his men- they who had betrayed their own kind deserved nothing more. His red eyes glowed as he watched the ruins of the palace Atlantean loom before them and they opened fire.

The Blues and Greens had taken the rest of the royals and their household who survived the blasts to a sacred mounatintop where the summer palace still stood. Centrys were on alert and Atlantean ships had taken to the sky as more comets blasted their way through the atmosphere burning the sky and a reddish hue took over the land. Tyreanneah was placed on a stone alter, beside her mother. A healer Blue came forward,

My lord, she is not dead but we cannot ensure she will live long. Queen Orrine gave command to build The Memory Pool. Her immortal blood may just heal her, but it needs time. Shall we commence?” She looked with compassion at the King she knew and had served for countless ages. She had never seen him so haggard.

Trithon sighed a deep long sigh.

As she wished. However this Memory Pool must be kept secret. No one outside this company must know of its’ existence. Weave the magic to cover this spot and protect it from all harm so when or if she wakes- she will awaken in this place with all of us. We are not leaving her side. Tyreanneah is the future of our race now, all of my other daughters are lost-she MUST recover, and we will wait until she does!” He pounded his fist onto the alter. The dragons, Greens , Blues, Reds , Oranges, Yellows, Purples, Goldens and a single White began preparations for the spell of all spells- to build a Memory Pool which would contain all of them- and keep them from prying eyes and seers. As the chorus of dragon song that sang the weave to make the spell of the Memory Pool that would keep the wounded and unconscious alive, Dean- Na prayed to the Ancients for his beloved.

They did not count on or know about the Draconians who were at that very moment reveling at the destruction of their home and palace, and slaughtering all the survivors- mostly Tribals, including Groks men whom they had descended upon with silent brutality to the shock and dismay of their “allies”.


The realization of the betrayal sent adrenaline shooting through my veins. I came to with a shock and jumped off the couch. I cried out in horror at the inner sight of the destruction and did not know whether to fight or flee. After a few minutes of trying not to go into panic mode, I sat down. A calming dread came over me. This was not just a old fashioned love story- this was a story of genocide of a culture- of my race – of my people by a sinister and powerful species that had no fucking soul! I began to fade ...what possibly was there to do? Now I knew why I had felt so lonely my whole life, how often I was completely alone in a crowd. The family of my people had been stored in some repository somewhere and I did not know where to find them! And how to fight the evil that had taken over the world in which I now lived and breathed? It was all too much. I sank to my knees sobbing the wail of a desperate calling of the spirit which rips through you like a storm and makes you cry out for the power to do your will, demanding righteousness!! I clenched my fists as I calmed myself once more allowing the tears to fall. Then I stood up. It was all or nothing now. I had to find them and awaken their beings – no matter what. And I was going to do it- or die trying.


Grandma Orrine sat back now and ate a piece of bran muffin. She adjusted the sleeping child on her lap and the sisters pulled the drape and lit some candles. They knew this was the best part of the story so they made themselves comfortable on the coverings . They then waited for the elder to continue...which she did after a long and thoughtful gaze into eternity...

"So it was that the Great Dragons, led by the Golds, sworn protectors of the Royal Atlantean line, with help of other species of whom this story is not about, the Great Lions of Antiquity, Keepers of Knowledge wove a spirit, earth, water, air and magick landscape and world -dream for the consciousness of the people of that company to live within. They came to live as well, their bodies appearing human while they waited for the Princess to wake up, to realize who she was, and to call the power to free them all, for only she and her truemate could break the magick weave and only when they awoke to their power could they do that."


I began to think about how it was that I knew I’d seen Dean-Na in various appearances. Did this mean he was a shapeshifter? I was going on intimacy feelings of which I had not had with many men in my life- very few people can get under my skin for real and I knew who they were right away. And ,of course, they knew me. But in order for him to look like different people could only mean he had been awake longer than me. He had more skills...There are always so many obstacles to accomplishing important things. If he had more skills, then I must learn as well. I did not think I could learn to shapeshift without help . So , it then occurred to me to use the enochian language as a means of communication to my “higher powers” or angels and this I thought was a good way to begin…

As I practiced, I began to receive some feedback from the Enochian Angels whose language I was learning.

“ Fam -Med -Mach, Noch, Gon – Ud” I practiced my name in Enochian. I had made some small attempts at speaking the language amid peals of laughter that came out of knowhere, obviously amused by my kindergarten attempts at their language. Some of them began to become familiar to me. One such, reminded of an ancient sage of the like of Mythriander, or the old Celts- I always saw him with a staff. One night when doing my standing mediation I felt a push from below- I almost tripped and fell forward , but my spirit body went higher and I broke through a membrane, and then I saw a clear blue water on which I stood and walked and a soft blue sky that was empty but for sun and water and light. Then the next time I went there I saw rainbows and land, then the next time I saw dolphins and fish and birds and animals then the next I saw ships and people the next was a small village and the building of a temple. I was not sure what this place was, but it seemed like I was "creating a new world"! I knew a break through was immanent and waited for the right time.I tried to make myself just that bit stronger for what was coming. I practiced my staff movements and tried to get in the outdoors. A few days later I felt ready. That evening I went into trance using my rattle as the Hopi Elder taught me...


It was the end of Groks’ men but not for him. The Dracos ( as they are called) pulled him out of the undercaves dirty mouthed and spitting angry. He dared not show weakness before the hideous evil creatures who ate human flesh for breakfast. He was Atlantean of a distant line who had shown aptitude for military prowess, his people had been raised on Marduk to complete military taring and maintain outposts. They had never left after that. With hundreds of years behind them on that planet – they were naught but distant cousins to the Royal line, but it was known that new military blood was important for the next long count- the Sphinxes had shared that knowledge. Hence when his proposal was administered and accepted, he had taken it as a sign of ensured success. But then a Draco who had been captured had opened up and told him that they were willing to make a bargain with him- should he help them gain control of the outer planets if they pretended to leave the inner ones alone- in exchange for their help securing his Kingship among the Royals. The Dracos’ Psy- seer power was making good its’ contact within the power hungry mind of the High General and Grok had succumbed to his vain glory and went along with the plan...With the comets coming , they would not be expecting an attack- in fact there was a truce throughout the solar system until the Time of Reckoning was over. It was exactly the right time to strike ,thought the Dracos. They only needed a distraction such as the wedding to cover their travels through the system- and with all those dignitaries and Royal guests it would be a smashing of regimes that would last for centuries. They had supplied the small explosives and told Grok what signal to use. Now he realized it was all a lie. And for the first time in a hundred years- he felt fear. But he dare not show it. So he puffed and spat and cursed until the Draco commander called for him and was taken to him in the prow of the Draconian ship...The Draco took his time. His orders were clear but he did not like them. His manner of speech reflected the disgust he felt toward this ‘ Boven’. Draktun strutted around him before fixating his red glowing eyes upon him. Grok faced forward, not moving a muscle. Draktun forced his mind into the mind of Grok with a willful vehemence. Grok gasped, but did not give in. He held his gaze fiercely. The mental tussle fell away when the Draco realized he could not break the will of this established warrior and he seated himself in the chair from which he gave orders. It was then he noticed that Grok had already upon his cloak – the mark of the Fisherkings! This enraged him- for there was nothing more his people hated, and he sprang from the chair roaring and grabbed him by the throat and hurled him to the other side of the room. “ Syeshan! Traitor” Hissed from his mouth. “ I give you the proclamation of the Supreme Ones- Boven- You are not good enough to die on the battlefield, nor are you worthy of leadership, but they have commanded you shall bring the surviving peoples of this land and waters together in a great cultivation of the land and its’ peoples- for us. From this point forward you shall lead the Atlantean, Lemurian, and all other species here. But you will do it for us, under OUR regime of the High Dracos and the boven-cattle shall be herded for us for our yearly feasts and a temple of our religion shall be built and we shall make this land great with our power and you will be known as its’ King- but ye shall KNEEL to US! “ And with that he kicked him hard several times in the ribs as he tried to protect himself.


“ Veh – Med- tal – Graph. Gsg-Oh. Tal Grapha.” ...Accent on the long “A” in tale- they were teaching me- the Enochian angels From time to time I would catch a flitted vision of one as it popped its’ head into this realm and back into its’ own...oh sorry he or she- it was sometimes hard to tell. I was learning to talk – but like a child I have much to learn. It really was entertaining!” How are you doing?” Ismeel would pop in with her big pink fluffy feathered wings, she was somewhat flamboyant and liked to make jokes – or make an angelic attempt” You cannot fly without the Tail – hee hee- you cannot fly with a tal- “A” as in tail dear!” and then Orkon- Master of Linguistics at Angel Collage Plaforma- or so I’m told- popped in and chided” Graph in the throat my dear, and it’s ’Gizzgd” not ‘gissgee’- Get it right or they won’t listen!”- He was ruffled feathers all blotchy with blues and whites- he had that of professor look with a nose like a beak and I loved them both already! I was starting to enjoy it when the night of the rain kept me inside . It was becoming clear as I examined the evidence that this Grok character seemed to have something to prove and the power to shapeshift into what ever form he chose,assuming that all those people whom I felt uncomfortable around were in fact the same being and I looked to the spirit world for answers…


The Dragons who had protected the royals had made a dream- like world for the consciousnesses of the company and some chose to stay within the dream world to act as centrys-to aid and secure the safe return of the King and Princess. Queen Orrine had died, even though the immortal gene lay within her, there were some injuries far too great- and they had not had the benefit of the use of the knowledge crystals, which would have most assuredly kept her alive until the healers could have ‘restructured her injuries’...but it was all too much and Trithon wished to be there when his daughter awoke...So they took pieces of the shattered knowledge crystals and wove them into the substrate of the matrix which constituted the memories of the great Fisherking and the company of his household, servants , warriors and friends and made of them a landscape of which they were all familiar and set about producing dream sequences with which to portray a reality in which Tyr and the others would want to wake up to. And that would have lasted thousands of years had not Grok found a way to infiltrate the dream and then copy it into another matrix form using Acai Spiders who were under his control and they made a new matrix dream spell- of his choosing... Some High Priest Dragons not completely under his control who were still loyal to the Atlantean Royal line chose to stay outside . From that point on the Draco, New Dragon /Serpent and Spider beings worked together to create a construct using a few of the ( now known as ) Matrix crystals, stretching it to become as a holographic matrix of form which carried parts of the original building material... And the dreamers barely felt the difference.”


I had dreams now and again, and one dream woke me with a terrible fright. This one was of being lowered in a basket down the side of an exploding mountain- no it was some kind of gunfire- There was another basket and my relative was coming down too! We were carrying something of value...we were racing in the night away from the battle way up on the hill. I looked back as a blast made light and saw soldiers from the Vatican rushing the high hilltop structure! A horse came into view as we struck through the forest and a knight with red cross upon a white shield- a Templar- came and scooped us up – each of us on the back of a knighted horse and we sped off, as I cried silently for my butchered family...but knowing we had saved the most important of the treasures...the documents…. And as I looked back I saw another soldier of the wrong kind speed his horse through the forest to find us...but we evaded him and got away...So I went to the library and looked up what I saw and found these references: The War of the Albigensians- also known as the Cathar Wars was a war perpetrated by Pope the ( not ) Innocent111 on the Cathars ( who came from over the Carpathian mountains who were said to have been descendants of Mary and Jesus...or The Royal Bloodline)! These people called themselves Gnostic Nazarenes and in a one final culling of the so called traitors on the day of the Feast of Mary Magdalene at Beziers, France: the official call was to Kill them all- God will know his own.”. “As a researcher, I have come across several references to propaganda as set forth by the Catholic church- their term “ Catalan” which was an extremely derogatory synonym for dwellers of Languedoc and Cathars- it is actually a real area where they had lived , meant traitor – I found this :

“Beginning in 1208, the Cathar wars began an epic and bloody battle ( and later with) with the reigning King of Aragon, Louis X111 , Raymond 1V of Touloose and thousands of the population of Languedoc and surrounding areas. Many who were not Cathars also lost their lives in this horrendous massacre!

The order came directly from Pope Innocent(not) 111 who wanted to engage a feudal system into the area- thus causing its; inhabitants to make oaths to the Catholic church and pay tithes.

This was unacceptable for three reasons;

The Cathars descended from the Albigensian Kings- the Merovingian Kings who came over the Carpathian Mountains and whom is believed to be direct descendants of the line of Mary and Jesus-so they were not about to officially give oath to a church which had usurped the line of the Saviour.

They had relics and lineage documents to prove this line and that they had descended from it-The very tenements they stood for, such as acknowledging women as teachers and equals stemming directly from the Nazarene’s-

The Catholic Church was then attempting to take from them not only their history, their rightful heritage, but the lands that they had occupied for generations and making them pay for the right to live there...with a very important twist- they condemn Mary and Jesus and their entire line! Mother of God...this was beginning to look like the writing was coming up on the wall… I looked for further clues in the spirit world.


The dream came swiftly like long drifting mists in a cold wind. The dream I had had so many times since childhood. I hear wolves howling and I am running through the forest a dusk in a white tattered shift. I am running away but I do not know what from. I lose a slipper and keep going, knowing the other sounds now are hunting dogs- they must be coming after me , and I know they will find the slipper. I try to hurry my pace but I do not know where I am going. The hounds get closer and I know the end is near. I break out onto a cliff where the bushes meet the edge of the rock and I have no choice but to fall. I fall and fall...I hit the bottom...and am unconscious...BUT the dream does not end! I am awakened by a stranger, speaking a language I do not know. I shake my head and he begins to speak English” Or you prefer English ma’am?” I said “ Yes” and he helped me up. He was very handsome and I immediately felt my undress. He took off his cloak and wrapped me round with it. I drank in his scent- it was comforting.” You’ve had a fall ma’am, come with me I’ll see you are tended to” his thick Scottish accent made it hard to understand him but I thought it was charming. He put me up on his horse, a grey Clydesdale , and climbed up after me and we rode, through the forest I did not know , but I knew I was safe with him.”


I woke from the dream fairly shocked. I had had that dream countless times as I child and I always woke up when I hit the bottom- but not that time! Thing were progressing! And I remembered the eclipse was soon! This had me running back and forth packing my apparatus for doing ceremony for it- I somehow knew it was going to be important. I had my script ready for calling the ‘Golem Enochian Angels and Spirits’ and was ready. I think Ismeel and Orkon were proud of me as they peered over my head writing on the page in their language. I had my white arctic fox medicine hat and white rabbit cuffs, my Metis sash, my rainbow wrapped rattle and my staff. Ah my staff made me happy! It was of strong pine and I had put on it a large eagle feather that had been wrapped with rainbow embroidery thread some years ago. Some say , ‘It is in the blood you know.’..but I don’t know- I think it is in the spirit.


Grok looked fine and regal in his flowing royal robes of golden cloth. He was older now but unchanged. His Rule had lasted several thousand years, then “The Sleepers” had been found and a new method had been devised by the Draco Alliance between several taken over species, namely the new Dragon races , the Dark Spider species, Insectarides and some Serpent species had now come under their Rulership. They called them selves “ The Masters Of The Universe”. They used their evil ceremonies in which children were often sacrificed and drank the blood of the innocent to gain power and feed upon their Psyche-ability. They had drank the blood of Atlanteans who carry the immortal gene once, but they were gone. A quarantine had been placed on Tyreanneahs' company because any being who tried to approach suddenly burst into flame and could not be put out – that idea was squashed quickly. Then he ordered the Arcane Priests of the Old Dragon Council to come and offered them a bargain: to create another extension of the cocoon of magick and spirit enwrapping the company and allowing them within- that they too would be allowed in to do their workings of magick and form-Or they could offer themselves at the next sacrificial ceremony...and the Council decided that it was better to go within to try to free their relatives and the King Trithons’ family than to perish at the hands of the evil overlords and some vowed to grasp power for themselves... And some of them vowed to help the Princess and the Fisherkings family. Though Grok had plans for a new religion which would serve the masses and keep them in service.

So they began making preparations on the technique and how to weave another dreamspell causing a layer of magick and form and spirit that would last for a hundred years at a time. After this, the years began to be counted as a written form of communication known as cuneiform which began to be used. And so this was the dawn of what we know as civilization.”


The Mandala ceremony was short but sweet, as they say. It was a surrender of my child-like will to enter a new form of living. It fell to me to try to bring my folk together and so with the passing of the eclipse my oath to my friends and family became a beacon for them and a shining path to their homeland….The angels were with me too...I sang to the ancestors and the spirits as the sun came up that day- sang to the darkness for it to be cleansed of the evil that had befallen it, and a great and overwhelming bursting of love for my loved ones! May the sun be always at your back and the wind upon your brow. Now I prayed to be reunited with my Soul Family again.


The High Priest of the Crystal Dome Throne , Namir, was the first to awaken. It had taken 5000 years, but eventually the weak weave of the younger generation of Dragons split and a part of his consciousness came to the foreground of his awareness. He came to with a start- a bolt of adrenaline shooting through him. He suddenly was greatly alarmed” Where was the Royal Family?“. Looking around him, he realized he was in some sort of Temple- there was a crowd and they were shouting! He went over the sandstone flooring to a courtyard wherein three men were kneeling in irons and an official in purple robes regaled over them. The crowd was angry and shouting, shaking their fist as the language came down to his consciousness- they were speaking Hebrew- but how did he know that? Still he understood now what they were saying’ Kill the sinner- Kill the sinner- We have no King but Caesar!” The official who looked angry and frustrated washed his hands and shouted vehemently- “ So be it!” And then the man who was in the center of the three turned around and looked directly at Namir and he recognized Dean- Na and as the crowd grew restless and shoved forward and the guards came forward to take them away, Nimir heard the voice of the Princess Tyreanneah calling out the name “ Hesuz” and her face came into view before she was swept away by the crowd...He ran after her but had no idea how to find her. He begged some food and waited for the next day when the market opened up where he asked about her. He was told where she could be found and he went to her. She and many others were in terrible grief and he did not have a chance to speak to her alone, but he stayed with the group of Nazarenes and the ‘caretakers’ or informants she was trapped in this construct and within weeks, their leader – who should have ruled by her side lay dead upon a cross of wood and their hopes dashed for an opportunity to end the enslavement and entrapment...but it was not time. So Nimir set about finding his priests and priestesses, the royal family and all the company so he would be able to help them awaken...and over the lifetimes- their spirit grew. As each lifetime came to an end, the energy and wisdom which they had learned became as barrier to the Draco- Dragon magic and the strength of their spirit began to return.”


Nanna Orrine stopped the story to put Nena into her bed quietly and smiled sadly as she sipped her tea...no one said anything- they just waited for her to continue…


The message was clear now. Astonished and feeling like my whole reality was just turned upside down I went to see Norma, the only friend I had that I could talk to about such things. She has a couple kids and a ranging personality that bordered on madness which I loved. She would research the shit out of things and come up with amazing stuff. This, I thought, might be too much even for her! When I told her at coffee ( she liked coffee ) and tea ( I like tea) what had happened and the details about it she sat there very quiet for a while. She then sniffed and poured herself another cup and nodded. “ Well, She said,” It may have something to do with this RECKONING thing ya? I mean we just had the end of the Mayan calendar – excuse me – Long Count in 2012 right? It maybe makes sense to you that all this information is coming to you now. I don’t fucking doubt it one bit...but...” she smiled slyly, “ How to get the right man in your bed is the real challenge eh what?” She laughed , pretending to be an English woman...That not being the point to me I shusshed her and then – wait a minute- maybe she was right! Maybe it WAS THE POINT after all! And right there and then I knew- I knew that there was only one way to blast through to the other side and that was to combine our energies- in as many ways as possible. But Dean- Na must know that. He must be either waiting for the right time- or he was compromised…. And what would I do if he didn’t show up? Her answer? “ Just do it – and don’t look back!”


The Sea, the Tyrhennian Sea, was choppy and gale force winds battered the rocky cliffs facing the sky. 60 years after the Christ had left the tomb and had made his way to the South of Gaul, Peter- Saul sailed a journey of his lifetime. The storm was forcing them inward toi the raging waves and sharpened rocks! The ship ,, battered by the throng of the force gave way, and the occupants and it;s cargo shipwrecked on the tiny island of what we know as Malta. This was an important journey for Peter of far reaching repercussions of the like he had not contemplated. As they found Arabs living on the lands who helped them once they found the shore. This journey, he carried something of dangerous consequence and if the crew knew what he carried they would have turned him overboard. But he had thrown the precious cargo into a woolen bag and carried it himself to safety, the relic still there when they reached the sandy shore in the winds that had nearly killed them all, 247 survived...Once the kind Arabs had found lodging for the shipwrecked men and explaining that he had been a disciple of the Christ Jesus, they left him alone with his prize. He took them out to hold them in his hands- word must be sent to Rome- He had the relic- the tibia’s of both arms and her skull. She had breathed her last and then the Nazarenes – he spat out the thoughts had buried her- which was witnessed by some of his spies- spies of Rome- and he now had the skull and cross bones of Mary Magdalene- the only woman whose presence could have contested Jesus as the “Son Of God”- by their disgusting offspring, Easu and Sarah. He vowed to wipe them from the earth. But here Abdul, the Arab, caught sight of this and the skull and bones were now known to be there. Abdul , a Sunni, went to his authourities to report what he had seen.

It was not long when the children of the Nazarenes came and told stories of her death and disappearance of her head and arm bones and who she was as a great teacher among the red veiled women teachers of the Nazarenes. Enquirers came forth with answers whispered in to the night and the word came that the sacred bones had been taken to the West .but had been there...and a quest was called upon by the young warriors to find her skull and cross bones and return them to Gaul...And in anger and the righteous honour of that quest a brotherhood was made- a company was formed and that company later became the Knights of the Poor Soldiers of the Temple- the Knights Templar- who became the military arm of the Priory Of Zion which we know as the Council of the Essences which descended from the Nazarenes- and we are all bloodline related...and this is our story…”

And with that Nanna said “ Now it is time for rest...we will continue in the morning...” And she got up slowly and sister Eve came over and helped her to her bed and we all went to our beds and domiciles...we would hear the rest when she was ready.

End of Part One

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