Harmony Act I: Wrath

By Aayjay Meraki All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Thriller

Prologue: Magic

Magic exists. I shall make that clear for you.

Most people would perhaps consider the term ‘magic’ to be of total uselessness and would hardly consider using it as a topic of conversation to break an awkward silence with. The reason for this can be traced back to the previous generations of unnecessary tricks and schemes that would so often be blamed on that dreadful word. Magic.

Such like the time when the world happened to turn the opposite way around - but do not worry, it was soon put right shortly after - or perhaps the world-known spell about the feline features that every occupant on planet Earth was so famous for. Everyone knows about that trick since it never seemed to be put right. Oh? Have you never heard of this?

Well, in short terms, a very foolish man of Magic decided to cast the spell of sin and cursed every human being on Earth with ears and tails resembling that of a feline.

I am sure you are wondering just why someone would consider even thinking up this kind of idea, yes? I must agree that passing someone on the street with large, pointy ears upon their heads is indeed a little useless, but this foolish man of Magic had a good mind when casting this world-wide curse. You see, this was a way to decipher who had laid to their lust and who had not. For instance, if you saw a woman with a tail and ears, then you were to assume she had yet to be taken to bed. However, if you saw a man who had neither of these animal features, then you are to assume he has already succumbed to his natural urges.

Clever and intrusive, indeed.

But that is old news. The most recent and interesting mystery that many people blamed on Magic occurred one night in 1947 - around the middle of the year - when babies were being born with unusual coloured hair and eyes.

Some countries assumed ridiculous theories and had begun to suspect ill omens or the wrath of God. Scientists and Doctors from all over the world were on the case rather quickly but it was eventually brushed off and labelled as some 'newfound evolution' taking place and the sloth of most people would reduce the will-power to find a worthy answer asides that of nature’s call.

So, seeing someone walk around with say...red eyes, green hair and a pair of ears and a tail to match their hair tone, well; it would not be uncommon.

Alas, people still grew envious of this and would continue to dye their hair and feline features a different colour to that of their biological natural - that is life, it seems. Human life, at least.

No-one is happy with what they are given and humankind’s greed can never be satisfied. This is something that most of us have known for a good long time now, and yet there are still those who try and meet the expectance of human’s everlasting gluttony while others would much rather use the flaws in humanity to quench their own thirst.

This seems to be an everlasting spiral of ridiculous events that constantly remind us just how simple the human race is.

Funny how most of us seem to be proud of it.

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