The boy with the black balloon

By Anastasia Matziridu All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Children

The birth

The boy with the black balloon

This is the story of a small child who was born from nowhere and lives away from the life.

A child who does not exist .

Once upon a time, somewhere, was born a boy different from the rest.

This boy from the moment he wasborn hada black balloon fastened to the wrist of his right hand.That is what made him different from all other kids. A balloon which only he could see with his innocent completely dark Puppy eyes.

The boy grewup in loneliness . His parents did not care, and the rest of the children did not speak to him. Anyone would think that was he was invisible in the eyes of the world. The only company he had was this black balloon. The boy was spending hours just lookingat the balloon and wandering what was the cause of its existence . Why was applied in his hand ? How is it that nobody else can seeit.

The life of the boy wassoempty. Black as the balloon which was applied to the hand, maybe that’s why it was for , to remind him his emptiness … the boy sees the life around him just to to simply observe the people and developing links, without any emotion. Without anyone around it. It was alone, but at the sametime didn’t t feelloneliness because he was unaware of the existence of love.

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