Unknown [Book 2 of sacrifice Series]

By Alison All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Thriller


"I was a reaper and he was a seeker, He was meant to kill me and I to him, Then how can in our poisonous and mad game, love thread?"


I was a destructor.

Wherever I go destruction follows. It always does. So I wasn’t surprised to see everything burning down in front of my own eyes. I saw people trying to control the uncontrollable fire. Foolish people. What did they think? They can mess with me and live to tell the tale?

All of you wanted to see an evil, I’ll show you what it means to be truly evil.

“Detective, did you find something?” Asked the police who was searching the area, kicking the broken glasses from his way. Some people were taking photos of the room, some were taking the blood sample from the floor.

“Nope, still nothing.” The young detective huffed in annoyance. His hazel eyes were zoned on the half-burned room, trying to find something that will help him understand what happened there.

“How is this even possible? It’s like a cold-hearted murder with a perfect plan. There’s no clue other than the blood which is most likely the victims’. Whoever did this, must want to see this asylum burned to ashes.” Commented the other police.

“Well I don’t know about you guys, but this looks like one girl escaped.” The detective’s assistant stated looking at the bathroom mirror behind him and shook his head slowly as if making sure he was seeing clearly.

“How did you...?” The detective got confused as what could’ve been there?

“See this... for yourself. Or I’m helping you out.” He cowered away behind the detective. His body shook with fear as he looked at the mirror.

“Is this even a human?” The other police asked himself looking at the bloodied mess in the mirror.

“We’ll see. Let’s read. All of you wanted to see an evil, I’ll show you what it means to be truly evil.” Detective finished looking in the mirror with amused yet surprised eyes. The writings were written messily in the blood which means finding a possible fingerprint was close to none.

“That’s not it. Look at the other sides of the bathroom.” The police pointed at the wall behind him where there were more writings.

“Whoever will come in my way can say their life goodbye.” The detective read out and once again his assistant made a whimper.

“L-Looking like empty threats.” The assistant Aaron tried but failed to hide his fear...His lips were trembling, his amber eyes looking forth the detective and the writings. They were going to lose hope when a worker ran towards them with a timid smile.

“Sir looks like we found something. It was half burned but still can work.” Said a worker who was clearing the massive area.

“A diary. Fascinating for a mental patient to keep writing.” Detective Harrison chirped like it was a new beginning of an adventure. The diary in his hand looked torn and old, the brown texture almost fading away.

“Just look inside it.”

Nodding at the cops near the detective, he opened the first page only to get a shock of his life.

“Dear diary,

I’m Amelia Gill and this is my story of how I became a Reaper.”
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