The Missing Piece of History - Book 1 of Tremendous Ten Chronicles

By Niranjana and Archana All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Mystery


Cathy Wilde, a 15-year old girl, leading a normal life suddenly experiences some weird happenings in a day. She is more terrified when two strangers appear in her house out of nowhere. She follows them to a world known as Illusia. She learns that she has powers. In Illusia she gets training to control her powers in the Elite Academy. She tries her best to adapt there. She gets to know that someone had been sponsoring her the whole time at that Academy. Soon enough her secret sponsor is revealed that shocks her to the core. In the mean time, something strange is happening in that Academy, something that relates to the recent past which leaves that Academy in grave danger. She and nine of her friends discover the hidden truths behind the history. Tremendous Ten are up to something for which they are not completely trained yet. Will the ten of them be able to stop it or will the devastation take place? Does that danger relate only to that Academy or the whole of Illusia?


The CORTEX was brightly lit and filled with a crew of Techies
preparing for a mission. That mission was not new to them; they do that once in every six months. The crew consisted of a leader and three others. They wore the suits suitable for the job and packed the necessary tools in their backpacks. While the crew was busy getting ready for their mission, no one noticed a small palm sized Electronic Bug enter the doorway. It moved similar to that of a normal bug and quickly hid itself behind the set of monitors.

Once the crew was ready, the leader – Darren, closed the door. He pressed a few keys in one of the monitors and a red beam swept through the room. The Bug was on its way to do its job. Once it neared the power-cable of the monitor that Darren was operating, it merged with it and passed as a signal to that monitor. Darren looked patiently at the monitor which took a lot of time to process than usual but finally displayed a blurred number 9 which quickly turned to 4.

He thought for a moment. What happened could have been a
minor defect. But he was to make sure that nothing goes wrong in that mission. So he repeated the whole process and the red beam scanned the entire room again. This time the monitor took no time delay and displayed the number 4 boldly.

Though that was the result that Darren had expected, he was not satisfied somehow. He knew in his heart that something was wrong. He looked at his crew and then at the blue Nexus-Vim that he had in his hand. Then he made up his mind and started his mission. But he was totally unaware that the Bug had done its job and knew nothing about the troubles that were about to follow.

The creator of the Bug shared a silent smile with his own crew, for their mission had started successfully.
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