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Fantasy / Romance


I never knew this would happen.. Jimin is a new student in my class...] I've always loved him... Just when I had given up... He was back in my life.. He is an idol.. He would never date someone like me.. Would he?

Chapter 1-Surprise!!

I am just a 18 year old girl.

I’m at college studing music and dance.

I have been learning from to dance from the bts dance practises.

I suffer from ptsd and depression.

I am just a normal person.

nothing special

something bad always happens to me.

but one day, my life was all about to change.

I was at college.

sitting at my desk listening to Bts-Tomorrow.

my laptop on the desk with my songwriting loaded up.

I was about to put my headphones on and get working.

But something unexpected happened....Jimin Park.

He walked into my class, just like a normal boy.

but he wasn’t normal.

He was an idol.

My bias.

The teacher recognised Jimin.

He announced Jimin as a new student to the college.

He was here to learn more about music and dance too.

I couldn’t believe that i would be in the same class as Jimin Park.

I know bts extremely well.

I’ve always wanted to go to their concert or fan signings.

But i can’t afford to get there.

I live in England.

I wished and wished for years for them to come to England.

Yet... he was Jimin.

In my class...

The only empty seat was right next to me.

I had to hold in my excitement so much.

I fell in love with Jimin when they made their first song.

I thought i would never see him, so i started to give up.

But now he is here.

Right in front of me.

I didn’t realise i was wearing my bts Jimin top at the time.

As he walked over to sit next to me.

Jimin: “Nice top.”

You: “Thank you, Jimin. I’m Emily.”

Jimin: “Nice to meet you Emily. So what classes are you studing?”

You: “Dance and songwriting. You?”

Jimin: “Same. i have miss stone for dance.”

You: “Me too.”

Jimin: “Really? i have no idea where her class is?”

You: “well i will walk with you to class. if you like?”

Jimin: “Yes. thank you.”

You: “Your welcome.”

Jimin noticed your song lyrics.

Jimin: “What are you writing about?”

You: “My life.”

Jimin: “What’s it called?”

You: “What’s the point?”

Jimin: “Can i hear it?”

You: “Sure”

Jimin listened to your song.

Jimin: “Why is it so negative?”

You: “That’s my life. it is full of negativity.”

Jimin: “You seem like a bright girl.”

You: “That’s only on the outside.”

Jimin: “So what are you like on the inside?”

You: “I’m falling apart inside. I’m broken. I can no longer be fixed.”

Jimin realised you were going to start crying so he stopped talking about it.

Just as you and Jimin were about to leave from dance class.

The teacher stopped you.

Teacher: “Emily. Can you come here a minute?”

Emily: “Yes sir.”

Teacher: “You and Jimin seem to be getting along. I want you to write a song with him over the weekend.”

Emily: “Why me?”

Teacher: “He has trust issues. but he seems to trust you.”

Emily: “Okay sir. i will write a song with him.”

Teacher: “Maybe he can make you smile.”

Emily: “Maybe...”

Jimin: “What did he want?”

Emily: “He wants us to write a song together this weekend.”

Jimin: “Okay... could i come over after dance class to start with the tune.”

Emily: “Sure...”

Jimin: “Will your parents be in?”

Emily: (sobbing) “ermmm...no. no they won’t.”

Jimin: “Emily. I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

Emily: “It’s okay. well let’s go. miss stone will shoot us if we are late.”

Jimin: “Are you joking?”

Emily: “No. let’s go.”

Once you both arrived.

Miss stone put you both teacher to work on a dance routine together.

Then Jimin came up with a great idea.

Jimin: “Hey. this could be the dance routine to our song.”

Emily: “Yeah.”

Teacher: “Right everyone. I want you to pick your favouritive love song and dance to it with your partner.”

Emily: (thinking) “Oh shit!”

Jimin: “So Emily. what is your favouritive love song?”

Emily: (thinking) “Oh shit!shit!shit!shit! i can’t tell him that it is his song.”

Jimin: “Okay. you dont want to tell me. I’ll pick one with a funky beat.”

Emily: “Great idea.”

Jimin chose cold water by Justin Bieber.

Emily: “Great song.”

Jimin: “We need a good beat because who knows what our song will be about.”

Emily: “True.”

You became top of the class with Jimin.

Your dance routine was better than ever.

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