Sweet Dreams are made of this

By Ruth Major All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Children


She was always unusual compared to the others, when she met someone who was that way of his kind, they just clicked. This started a bridge between the two kinds.

Chapter One

There is a world, where people are different than us. They look like humanoid giraffes with six arms and dragon wings. They have tails like dragons too. They can make spider webs with a flick of the wrist, and they are talented in weaving. They weave dreams for everyone in the galaxy. This is a story of one named Gitsy, and how she changed things for the people of her world.

Gitsy sat in front of her loom, curious to see what she would create. You would think she would have an idea of what she was going to make, most of her kind had a plan but her she was unlike the others. She started up, and let her talent roam free on the loom. It was always a surprise for her to see what would come. Probably, the oddest dreams you ever did dream came from Gitsy. She never seemed to have a theme of her dreams, or anything in common with each other. They were just bizarre randomness. But, lately she been making dreams of a strange one of her kind. A male that was blue instead of the normal giraffe color. The more she made dreams about him, the more she wondered about him. He didn’t seem like her much at all. And the dreams were always horrible. Nobody had ever made a bad dream before, they were always good. Why did he always bring up such bad images she wondered? Was he a horrible person? She wanted to soothe those dreams, so she started getting more control over what she made when it came to him. But, no matter how hard she tried, it always went bad . She wished she could go into the dream, help him with these problems he seemed to keep on having. Maybe it was possible she thought, and she started trying to see if she could. She placed herself in the dream, on her loom and felt herself starting to slide to a different part of her world. This place, it was dark and gloomy. The nightmare beings of her race lived here, they were all blue and always seemed to leave a trail of destruction wherever they went. Most of them were not people you would want to meet. But the one she found was actually a nice guy, he was different than most of his kind and wanted to help people stop having nightmares, but no matter what he did he couldn’t stop himself from showing terrible things to people. His want to stop the bad dreams is what guided Gitsy to see him in the first place. She stared at him now he was in front of her, a little scared because she thought he was the bearer of bad things. “I couldn’t help but notice, you always seem to have bad things happen to you. I want to help you, I feel sad when I see you are having so many problems.”

The male looked over her, gasping at the way this woman looked. She was unlike anybody he had ever seen. He wasn’t sure how she figured bad things were happening to him though. “Uh, thanks for being concerned but I am fine really. The only thing bad about me is the dreams I make. Everyone here makes bad dreams, and I wonder why and I want to stop that from happening. Nothing I do seems to help. I try but those terrible things keep coming up in the looms I make.”

“Everyone here makes bad dreams? I never heard of anyone making dreams like that before. I am the first. Really, my dreams are always unlike everyone else’s. I tend to just make whatever comes to mind. I guess I am a bit strange.” Gitsy felt herself going warm as she looked at him, he was unique to her and very handsome.

He blinked. “People don’t make dreams that are bad where you are from? Sounds like that we are very different sorts. But, the way you make your dreams sounds very creative. The only thing I do different than anyone else is try to make it just a little bit good.”

Gitsy smiled a bit, he seemed very kind to try to make the dreams good. “Nobody ever said I was creative, they just think I am strange. My name is Gitsy by the way. This place looks very different from where I am from. It is very light and beautiful there. Here is is scary, dark, and glum. How can you live here?”

The male blinked at her way of seeing his home, he thought it was mysterious not scary. “It isn’t that way to me, I guess I see things differently than you do. My name is Spariff. It is nice to meet you Gitsy.” he smiled at her, and took one of her hands and kissed it. He wondered about his attraction to her, maybe it was because she was different and so was he?

“Well, I suppose you are used to it here, and I am not. I wonder what would happen if we weaved a dream together? Do you think it would still be bad or not?” the idea for that just had popped in her head, as a way to help him stop making bad dreams.

Spariff looked thoughtful. “Nobody ever has tried to weave a dream together before. Even if it didn’t work to stop the bad dreams, it would sure be interesting to try it. Let’s do it!” he then made a motion with one of his arms. “My house is this way.”

They walked together, and Gitsy found one of her hands touching his. She slipped her hand in his to hold it gently. It just felt natural to do that for her. Spariff looked at her, and rubbed his head with one of his arms looking embarrassed. They reached a house, and they walked to where his loom was. “Here is where the magic happens, the dreams always start out good, so I will start it and you finish it, sound good to you?”

Gitsy nodded, and watched him weave the dream. She never watched anyone else do it before so it was quite interesting to see. When he reached the middle of the dream, he passed the loom to her. “Your turn, make this the best dream you ever made.” She looked at what he already had done, then finished the dream. The end product was magnificent, and nothing terrible about it at all. She smiled looking at what they have done together.

“We are quite a team, we should always do this together so you won’t make bad ones anymore. Maybe we should get my people to help yours in order to make all dreams good!” she smiled, she hated to think of anyone having the dreams she saw him make before.

“I don’t think most of them would want that, they are happy with what they make. They think I am strange to want to make my dreams good.” Spariff said with a sigh, and his face was really sad looking.

Gitsy looked shocked. “Why would anyone want to make things like that, the people here must not be very nice at all!”

He sighed and looked down. “No, they are not nice. I hate living here. Everyone else seems to be happy with how the others act, but not me. I wish people would just treat others well.”

Gisty patted him on the shoulder. “Well maybe you should go back with me, people are kind there. Though, I am not really sure how to get back. I might be stuck here! I don’t really want to be around such mean people!”

He frowns a bit. “Well I will make sure we can get back somehow, how did you get here in the first place?”

She laughed. “Oh I never thought of going back the way I came, I put myself in a dream of where you were. If I find my family in a dream, we can go to them. Thanks for reminding me of that!”

He smiled, and passed the loom to her and she began weaving a dream of her family, and put them into that area. They both appeared in front of her family. They looked at them in shock as they appeared. “Gitsy, how did you get here? And who is this strange blue man?” They had looks of fear as they stared, since they never seen someone of his color before.

Gitsy frowned at the fear they had, he was kind nothing to be scared of. “He is Spariff, the people where he lives is different than us. They are mean and like making people have terrible dreams, but not him he wants everyone to have happy dreams.”

Her mother looked at him with a frown. “How do you know it is not an act that he is different than them, he may just want to corrupt our dreams. Get him out of here Gitsy!”

She didn’t believe her mother was being like that. “I thought you were accepting and loving of people mother. He is not here to do something like that. He wants to work with me so his dreams turn out good. You should see the one we did together. You would see then that he is not bad.”

Her mother sighed. “Sorry, he is just strange to me. I do not know what to think of him, and the fact you two are working together on dreams. Nobody has ever done something like that before. Though, you were always odd. I guess it is not a big surprise you would do something like that.”

Gitsy was rather mad at what her mother said. “I am not odd, I am just creative! I don’t believe you would say something so mean about me!” She then takes Sparriff’s hand in hers. “Come on let’s get out of here.”

Her mother called after her as she was walking away. “I didn’t mean it as a bad thing, I am sorry dear.”

Gitsy looked back at her mother, she sighed and stopped walking for a moment. “Welcome him properly, and I will forgive you.”

Her mother than shakes his hand. “Welcome to Busueño” He shakes her hand back and smiled at her.

“Thank you, I just hope people don’t think badly of me here. I will try to be a good citizen of this place.” he looked nervous

The mother sighs. “I am sorry I judged you, just with what Gitsy said of your people I thought the worst of you.”

Gitsy looked embarrassed. “I guess when introducing him I shouldn’t say that about his people. It was my fault you thought the worst of him.”

Sparriff patted her shoulder. “You shouldn’t blame yourself, how should you know she would think that way?”

Gitsy shrugged a bit. “Well thanks for not blaming me. Um, well I guess you will need a place to stay? My family can help build a house for you.”

He smiled a bit. “I will help them with that the best I can, I am happy that I can live here. The people are way nicer than at my home, even with your mother judging me.”

She couldn’t help but wonder about these people they must be plain cruel. “It must be awful there, I am glad you are here so you can be happy. Well, we need to get the lumber and things we will need to make the house. Let’s go get it.” She then headed off for the lumber yard.

They gathered up the lumber, and then found a good spot to put the house and she, him, and her family started to get to work on the house. It took a while for it to finish, about a couple of weeks and while they were building, Sparriff stayed in the spare room of her mother’s house. As they worked together they got to know each other more. They got along well, and were liking each other quite a bit.

But, the more he stayed with them, the more bad things started to happen around where he was. People were blaming him for the bad things, since nothing like that ever happened before. Really, he thought it was his fault to. He felt horrible for the people that it affected. “Gitsy, I think I should leave here I am just bad news for people.”

Gitsy didn’t want that, she would feel horrible if he had to go back and be with those terrible people. “Well why don’t we just move you away from people, so the things going on will not affect them. Please stay Sparriff. I can’t think of you having to endure such bad treatment by people where you are from.”

He looked at her, he wanted to stay since it was better here, and well he was starting to get strong feeling for Gitsy. “I will stay only if moving makes the bad things stop happening to people in here.”

They then worked on his new house, which was far away from anyone else. It seemed to do the trick. Gitsy always came and visited him and they weaved dreams together. When they showed the results to people they always marveled at how wonderful they were. Gitsy and Sparriff seemed to grow closer day by day. But, her mother was concerned about her since bad things tended to happen around him. She didn’t think her daughter should be with him.

Her mother went to Gitsy and spoke to her. “I don’t like how you seem to be with that Sparriff guy. Sure, he seems like a nice guy, and he treats everyone well but he has a string of bad luck around him. Do you really want to live your life like that?”

Gitsy sighed a bit. “I really like him, he tries so hard to help people when those things happen. I am not going to stop being his friend because of that. There’s got to be a way for those things to stop happening!”

Her mother frowned. “I don’t think there is a way, that is just how his people are bad news. I want you to stop visiting him Gitsy.”

She frowned, she didn’t like her mother trying to boss her around. “I am not going to stop mother!I like being around him and helping him. You can’t tell me what to do, I am an adult!”

Her mother looked angry. “You are my daughter, you should listen to me. If you still go around him. You are not going to be a part of this family anymore!”

Gitsy was shocked, she didn’t believe her mother was saying that. “Mother, you can’t mean that!”

Her mother nodded, feeling like what she was doing was right. She couldn’t stand to see bad things happen to her daughter. “Yes, I mean it!”

Gitsy then glared at her, and began stomping off. “I am going to go to live with him then! If you don’t want me around!”

Her mother sighed, not believing her daughter chose him over her family. “Then go, see if I care!”

Gitsy was upset, and reached Sparriffs house, and began to cry telling him what happened. He tried to comfort her the best he could. “I don’t believe you chose me over your family, I could of lived here on my own..at least being in a place where people were nice would make me happy,”

Gitsy then looked at him in his eyes. “I couldn’t of done that because...well I think I am falling in love with you.” she then looked away, unsure if he felt the same way about her. He took her chin, and looked her in the eye kissing her. The kiss told her everything she needed to know. She smiled. “Oh if there was only some way to make my family accept you.”

Sparriff looked at her. “I will do all I can to make them like me, somehow...we will just have to pray these bad things stop happening...that my nature can change.”

Gitsy hugged him tight. “I wonder, if we can send ourselves to the Goddess then she can change you so that stops happening. You tried so hard to change yourself, you really deserve to have what you wish for. We make such beautiful dreams together, it may just work.”

Sparriff smiled thinking that was a good idea, and began to weave the dream. “Let’s try it, it may just work.”

They worked long and hard on the dream, it didn’t seem to work at first. They kept trying day after day, making the dream ever more beautiful as they went on. It took about a month until they finally figured that it wasn’t going to happen. “I really hoped that would work.” sighed Gitsy looking at the loom and the work they did.

Sparriff sighed a bit. “Maybe it is best just to give up on me. I can’t stand seeing those things happen to you. I know you love me, but it just isn’t worth it for you to have to have those things happen.”

She hugged him close. “Don’t stay things like that, I love you and will face anything that happens together!”

He kissed her and smiled. “You’re just too wonderful Gitsy. I..want you to marry me!” he then got on his knee and looked up at her as he held a ring to her.

She stared at the ring for a long time, then put it on her finger. “I accept your proposal!” They then kissed both of them feeling as happy as can be. But, someone was not happy. The bad things that were happening before began to get worse.

Gitsy was dismayed but this, but wouldn’t stop seeing him. He kept on saying that it was too dangerous to be around him but she wouldn’t listen. She knew they had to stop this somehow. “We should try weaving the dream to go to the Goddess one more time.”

They began a big project, with them working on the dream together, the best one they had ever made. It seemed to get the Goddess attention and an angel winged giraffe with six arms and golden fur appear red to them. “Why do you try so hard to see the goddess, I was sure you saw the signs this love of yours wasn’t meant to be!”

Gitsy’s mouth dropped, so those things happening meant they weren’t supposed to be together? “And why not? We love each other! We were meant to be can’t you see?”

The angel spoke. “You are of the dream world, he is of the nightmares. You two were never supposed to meet in the first place! We will never know how you managed to do what you did, but we are unhappy about it!

Gitsy took Sparriff’s hand. “Well I managed to meet him, and I love him...nothing you do will make us part!”

The angel just laughed. “Well, you will be sorry you decided to be with him soon enough.”

The angel vanished with a bright light. The bad things stopped happening so Gitsy tried not to worry about her being with him. It seemed to be over with. But, then she was wishing for a baby, and no matter how much they tried, they didn’t seem to have one. “Maybe the angel was right, we aren’t meant to be together.” she sighed thinking they were cursed to never have children

He looked at her. “It isn’t like you to give up, we will make a weaving to welcome our child to us. Maybe that will help.”

Together they made the weaving, trying to imagine what the child would look like. He had his ideas, she had her own...and they smiled seeing what they had made together. “It will be a wonderful child I am sure.”

They then tried for a child, and went to sleep hoping the weaving would help it find the way. Somehow, even with the goddess wanting to curse them with being barren, somehow life began. It made the goddess angry to see that. So, she made the child look as awful as she could imagine. Three heads, and a slash between the blue and yellow colors.

But, when the child was born they didn’t think she was ugly, they thought she was the most wonderful thing they ever seen. Since they been trying so long without any luck. They named them Tracy, Rachel, and Irene but they would go by Tri for short. Never did they know what fate this girl would have.

Growing up was difficult for Tri, with children teasing her. But, she had a way to make the kids stop, and like her even with how she looked. She just had a natural charisma to her. She always helped people when they needed help, and was a good friend and listener. Barely anyone disliked her. And, she had a natural talent for weaving. She made dreams better than anyone had ever seen.

The thing that got Tri the most, is that her mother and grandmother didn’t seem to get along. She wanted her family to be together. So, she went on a mission to make sure grandmother saw just how wonderful her father was. She went to her, with the weaving he made when he was trying to see the goddess, and the one that he made before she was born. “Grandma, look at these...mom misses you it isn’t fair I don’t get to see you because you feel badly of my father. He is a good man despite what you think.”

The grandmother looked at the weaving, they were something to behold. She could hardly believe that Sparriff was a part of making those. She sighed, the bad things had mostly stopped happening when Tri was born, she had no reason to not visit besides stubbornness. “Alright, I will make up with Gitsy. I do hate not being able to know my granddaughter after all!”

Tri was happy, but..something else bothered her. She never met her father’s family at all. She talked to him about them, and he never had much to say about the matter except he was glad they weren’t here. He couldn’t really mean that could he? She decided to try to meet his parents, so she could see for herself. She asked her mother if they could travel to where her father was from. Gitsy sighed a bit, not thinking it was a good idea. “The people there sound awful from what your father said, they would probably treat you badly.”

Tri wasn’t going to give up though. “People at school treated me bad, but once they got to know me they liked me. Why should these people be any different?”

Gitsy shook her head. “These people are just mean to everyone, from what your father said.”

Tri looks at her stubbornly. “I want to see them for myself, please mom!?”

Gitsy chuckled. “Well I am curious about the place, well let’s go visit your grandparents on his side, they deserve to know they have a wonderful granddaughter after all.”

Tri grinned, and lets out a cheer. “I can’t wait to meet them, I bet they are nicer than dad thinks.”

They then traveled to the other side of the planet where Sparriff’s parents lived. They arrived at the house and Gitsy knocked at the door, she wondered what they would think of him missing so long, and having a daughter from her. She worried it would be worse than it had been with her mother. The door opened and an older woman peeked out.

“What I never seen anyone with that color before? You are so ugly, and that kid with you is even worse!” the woman made a nasty face at them

Gitsy was mad, she thought Tri was lovely how she was. “I will have you know that is your granddaughter!”

The woman scoffed. “My son been missing for years, and you say that ugly girl is his daughter? As if he would ever have a child so gross looking!”

Gitsy gets out a picture of her and Sparrif. “Well this is us together, and we happen to think Tri is a wonderful daughter!”

The woman looks at the photo, her jaw dropping. “I don’t believe it, why would he marry someone like you? You are not just nasty looking, but you aren’t even anything like us at all. And your daughter looks like some sort of weird mangled tree!”

Tri frowns not liking how she is talking. “You shouldn’t judge people on what they look like, and just because we aren’t like you doesn’t make us bad!”

The woman then makes a shooing motion at them. “I don’t like you, and as far I am am concerned you are not a part of our family.” she then shuts the door in there face

Tri was upset. “That woman is rude, she should love me because I am her granddaughter and not worry what I look like!”

Gitsy sighed a bit. “I guess they are as horrible as Sparrif said, I hoped not for your sake but here we see proof.”

Tri lowered her head. “I guess that is how it is, if only I could make them see somehow.”

They went back home, and Tri went to her room to think. How could she help them? She heard about how her mother and father had worked together to make an angel notice them. Maybe she could do something like that. But, she felt she needed something bigger than an angel. Something to make everyone of her father’s kind see that acting that way wasn’t the way to go. That would mean making the whole half of the earth see that the way they acted was wrong, that was a big undertaking. She thought, if she gets her parents to help it just might work. She goes over to them.

“Mom, dad I want to help father’s people be nicer. If we all work together with a dream for all of them to see do you think it would work?” She looks at her parents hoping they would help her.

Sparriff shook his head. “They are just born that way, a dream won’t help at all.”

Gisty thought that Tri’s idea was a good one though. “I refuse to think they are born that way, you were different, they probably have good inside them. Just getting them to see the goodness is the hard part.”

Sparrif frowned thinking that this was foolish. “You didn’t know them like I do, maybe trying to help my parents is a good thing but helping them all is impossible.”

Gitsy looked at him and laughed. “We summoned an angel, and you think that is impossible. There’s nothing we can’t do!”

Sparrif chuckled. “I guess you are right, but what kind of dream would make them see the light?”

They talked about ideas for how to do that for most of the night, then decided to write down the ideas and try to pick the best one of all of them. They worked for a long time until they thought of an idea. They would show an alien creature coming to visit them, and being treated badly by them. Then heading off, with a fleet of ships attacking the place. Then the kind ones come, and talk to the aliens and apologize for the behavior of the nightmare ones and then they calm down and start being friends with both of them.

They had hope that this dream was the one they needed to stop the nightmares from being mean. But, how to send all of them the same dream was the question. They had never sent so many people the same dream before. Tri had the idea of making so many dreams that were the same, but for all of them it would be a lot of work. Maybe she could link other people’s dreams they made for the nightmares together with the one dream? She figured that would be the best way to do it.

So now they had the plan, they now went to doing it. It was a lot of work linking the dreams together for sure! The only way Tri would know if it worked was to go back to the other side of the planet and see if people acted differently. So, after sending the dream to them she headed to her grandmother once more to see if she accepted her or not. She knocked on the door, and when the grandmother answered she looked at her. “Oh isn’t it the spawn of the demon woman. What are you doing here?”

Tri frowned a bit, it seemed the dream didn’t help. Well, at least for her, maybe other people it helped though? She went around talking to people, and everyone she spoke to was mean and rude. The dream didn’t help at all! She wasn’t sure she could really change things like she wanted to. Maybe what her dad said was true, they were just born like that. But then, she got an idea. She would have someone dress up like the alien, and show up there. And recreate the dream in reality. That would really show them a lesson!

So, Gitsy dressed up as the alligator headed alien and headed to the place. People laughed at her looking like that, she wasn’t sure they believed she actually was the alien in the dream. The costume was pretty good, and made her look like she only had two arms and leathery skin. She hid her wings with a cloak, and it made her look hunchbacked. One person came up to her. “You must of heard about that dream everyone seemed to have had, you can’t be for real can you?”

Gitsy looked at them. “I come from another world, and this is how you greet me? Asking if I am real or not? Of course I am!”

The person shrugged a bit. “It is just strange you look so much like the dream person, perhaps the dream I had was a prediction of the future. Well, we don’t need those orange ones to make things better for us! We can handle you just fine.”

Gitsy frowns, they didn’t seem to see that the reason for the dream was to be nicer to other people, just that her people saved them from the aliens. But, this person didn’t seem to be so cruel as her mother in law had been. “What happened in this dream of your you speak of?”

The person frowned a bit. “Well, it started off as a normal dream I usually have then some alien looking like you comes around, I treat them like I treat most people, they get mad and the orange ones somehow make things better, I don’t understand how.”

Gitsy sighed, it seemed the people didn’t understand that being cruel was the reason why the aliens fought them. They thought being cruel was normal behavior, and they didn’t see that the reason why the aliens reacted better was because they were being kind. This was going to be harder than she thought.

She left the place, feeling defeated and unsure how to help. It seems like Tri’s dream to make them nicer wasn’t going to come true. How could they change them if they didn’t even know mean was mean? She had to tell Tri that it just wouldn’t happen. She looked at her daughter. “I am sorry, the dream wouldn’t work...I don’t think anything will because they don’t know what they are doing is cruel.”

Tri wasn’t going to give up though. “We just have to show them it is then!”

Gitsy frowned a bit. “I am not sure you can, they probably do not feel insulted when people act that way. They think of acting that way as normal.”

Tri blinked a bit. “That is interesting, they are not aware about how the behavior affects others? Surely, they must feel a little bit bad when people act this way. If only we can look at their minds somehow.”

Gitsy hummed. “Well we can look at the dreams we sent to them. Or, maybe they always have nightmares since they give them? Acting that way may be a coping skill for them.”

Tri widened her eyes. “Oh the poor things, always having nightmares! Maybe we could make sure they only have good dreams from now on?”

Gitsy smiled. “It seems like a good idea, but how to pull it off is the question.”

Tri looked thoughtful. “Well when I made the dreams, they had them maybe I need to make dreams for them? That sounds like a lot of work though.”

Gitsy nodded. “Anything worthwhile is a lot of work, and I will help you with it.”

So, they went on the project to send good dreams to the nightmare types. They ended up doing so many dreams, it was a good thing they have a lot of arms for sure!

So, after a week of doing this they set out to see the difference that they made.

They decided to go visit Sparriff’s family, to see if his mother was any better than last time. They knocked on the door and she answers. “Oh it’s you, Sparriff’s secret family. Why do you keep on coming to see me when it is obvious I don’t want anything to do with you.”

It seemed she hadn’t changed, Tri was saddened by this. “Why don’t you want me in your life grandmother, I want to get to know you and I want to be loved by you.”

The woman sighed. “Just I feel hurt that Sparrif went off, and didn’t even tell me that he got married and had a child. That I had to find out by a random knocking at the door.”

Tri frowned a bit, she could see how that could be upsetting but wondered why she didn’t say that before. “I am sorry, I guess my father was hurt by some of the things you did and didn’t want you to know.”

His mother shook her head. “He was always sensitive to things growing up, I never meant to make him feel bad about the things I said and did. He isn’t like his brothers and sisters.”

Tri looked at her. “I want us to be a family, and be together..I will talk to my father and tell him that we get along now? I met you and you don’t seem so bad to me, just sad of what he did.”

His mother hugged her and smiled. “I think I would like that. I am sorry our first meeting wasn’t so great.”

Tri shook her heads. “I understand more of how you feel now, maybe that is more of what I needed.”

She felt bad of trying to force her to be nice, but she figured maybe the good dreams were welcome to them.

So, Sparrif came back home and tried to get along better with his parents. It was hard for him, since they were different than him and didn’t think some things he felt were mean were mean, but with Gitsy’s and Tri’s help he managed to forge a good relationship with them. The dream people then started to get to know the nightmare ones, and some began working together. They decided only people who deserved to have bad dreams should have them. So that is how the world changed do to the explorations of Gitsy.

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