Embracing the Blackdragon

By Ruth Major All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Children


A love that seems impossible, a child that is depressed. She wants to fight her feelings, but finds that embracing them is what helps her really feel better

Chapter 1

It all began with a love that seemed impossible. A dragon, lovely she was, With rainbow stripes all over her. She was everything good in emotions. To be near her, with a snap one would be happy. Yet, Dawn felt something missing, it seemed too easy for her to do what she did. There was no challenge, just her being there seemed to change a frown to a smile. What was she alive for? Just to be near people? She felt like she did nothing to earn love from the others. After years of her being there, she felt listless, She tried to hide the pain she felt inside. Though she was needed by everyone, it seemed like that others could easily do what she did. And though many did she love, she never felt the closeness that most couples that were there seemed to have. How could the Rainbow dragon be sad inside she questioned herself. The darkness is by the black dragons, they never seem happy no matter what anyone did. So, she journeyed to where they lived. She thought, they needed her more than the others did. Yet, to grow within them happiness wasn’t any more challenging than anyone else. She felt she had no reason to feel the way she did, if others were happy by her just being herself why did she feel so empty? She never told anyone how she felt, it was a hidden shame that she held inside. One night she had a dream of a dark dragon, A dragon named Natal, that never seemed happy. She asked people of this name, and they said Natal was created by the darkest scale of Blackscale, that he stayed alone and never came out. She set out to find him, and he was like no other dragon, he just didn’t seem happy when they met like everyone else did. She tried everything she could think of, Nothing seemed to work. They quarreled, they fought she felt things with him that she never thought she would feel with anyone. After time spent together, she began to feel the void in her was filled and he also felt the same way. The others thought them loving each other was strange. They were so different, she was joy, he was depression. Some even thought it was wrong for them to be together, mostly jealous males who had wanted the sunshine that was Rainbow dragon to be near them. A big fight between Natal and those males broke out, Rainbow didn’t stand by to just watch and do nothing. She stepped out in front of him. “If you truly care for me, you will accept that I love Natal, he is the one for me, and I am the one made for him.”

It was hard for anyone to understand this, to them Natal was unlovable. Someone who was always depressed and spreading it everywhere. Dawn was the one that always made people feel good. They didn’t see the need she had for him. A big war between the black dragons, and the light dragons broke out to try to stop this union from happening. Yet, these dragons could only be killed by those they loved, so the war never went anywhere until one of the light dragons began to see the black dragons in a different way. They saw they needed them in order to feel whole. When she fell in love with him, he killed her. And the flickering of the knowledge the light dragons were nothing without the black dragons spread through the land. Every dragon agreed that Natal and Dawn were the most perfect pair, so they became queen and king of the land. Things were happy and peaceful. Soon, the first son of them was born It was obvious this boy, well wasn’t right. He was slow, learned things at a pace way below other children. Natal loved his son, but was ashamed of Grey’s slowness. He felt it was his fault the boy was like he was, if him and Dawn never got together a child like this would of never been born. Dawn assured him that it was just the way the boy was, and if they had another child he would see it was not his fault. He didn’t believe her, and went in a funk for years. The other dragons, from red to purple came to him to try to cheer him up, that even though the boy was slow they cared about him and it didn’t really matter That really nothing was wrong with the boy. To the great influx of supportive people, Natal was ready to have another child. He was sure no matter how the child may turn out, that everyone would love the child. Soon, the child was born, Her name was Reba, and she was the most smart child ever. She loved her father, and they became very close.

Natal and Reba seemed to be never far apart from each other. He sort of cast his son aside, and he was a blank space to him. But, Dawn loved her son Grey, and tried to nurture him the best she could so he would become a great man someday. Natal and Dawn often had fights about how they should pay attention to the child that was not favored by the other. A big rift opened between them. Soon, Natal started paying attention to only Reba and not his wife. Dawn felt unhappy by this for a while, but soon Grey filled the empty spot she had. He needed her so much, even more than Natal had. The family seemed to be broken apart. A wife and husband shouldn’t be so apart. Reba noticed this, and she wanted to fix the broken family they had. She began to concoct a plan to get them back to how they were, before she was born. She found out about a lake in the land, one that would kill any dragon. She decided her and her father would have a picnic there. If she wasn’t around, then the family would be back to normal. They spoke of what was happening with them, Natal felt guilty for ignoring his wife. Because they had different opinions on the favorite child was, didn’t mean they should be like this He missed Dawn, the way she made him feel. Reba was beginning to think her plan was a bad idea now just to see that her mother felt the way about her father. She was heading to go see Dawn, when Natal’s tail knocked Reba over, and into the lake. It was too late, she was dead. And with the death of his daughter, and it seemed to be his fault, the insanity grew in Natal’s soul. He would do anything to get her back, anything...

Natal scurried in her room to find her brush, to throw her hair in the lake of life would bring her back, he was sure. The stories said the scales of Blackscale and Whitescale were the beginning of the people. Yet, he wasn’t thinking. If they became the same as the original, they would have copies of themselves walking around. Each spirit dragon was different, and the youth that was made by her hair was not Reba. He was lost, his unhappiness grew. Dawn tried to get him to stop this trying to bring Reba back, tell him it was not his fault it was an accident. He thought, he should of known it was the lake of death. That he should of never went there in the first place. He was more and more mad, trying these crazy things. Magic that was not of them, he went to another type of dragon for help. The ones that had different powers, some can read and speak all language. Some that can make any plant into a different plant. And the most powerful, one that can make any race into a different one. He went to one named Jasper, and told him of his plight. He thought perhaps, that he could turn his son Grey into Reba.

Jasper stared at Natal in horror of what he wanted him to do. “I cannot change someone sex, I cannot make someone into a different person, Natal you need to accept Reba’s death. You need to forgive yourself for what happened. Now, please leave me be.” Natal growled, he had been searching high and low for a solution, Jasper was the most powerful of his kind. He could do what the others could not he was sure. “Jasper, do this or I will curse you and all your family to never have any happiness.” Jasper knew of the destruction Natal had been causing since beginning this whole thing with trying to bring back his daughter, he knew he was serious. So he worked hard to change Grey, but he could not do what Natal wanted him to do. He hoped, perhaps by making him a perfect race to serve dragons Natal would be happy. He looked to Natal as he presented Grey. “He is the first of the True race, they will always make dragons happy. His daughters will remind you of Reba.” Yet, as Grey found a mate, he didn’t have any daughters. But, Jasper pointed out his sons would have them. But, that didn’t happen. It seemed, the True race was cursed to have no female children. Natal grew more angry and bitter with each male child born.

One day, many many years from the changing of Gray, a little girl was born to the True race. You would think that Natal would be happy, but he had grown more mad over time. He watched the girl grow up from afar, making sure she had many challenges to overcome. Her father left her mother when she was young and her mother was controlling. She forced Ruthee to do her every whim, But, she loved her mother even with how she was treated. But, she longed for her father to save her from her ways. When Ruthee was ten, she escaped from her mother and went to a tavern that was nearby where she lived. But it seemed she was plagued by depression, and nothing she could do could free her of it. Her friends tried to rid her of Natal’s grip on her, but it was no use. The only one that could free her of him was Ruthee herself.

She struggled with the pain of depression for years, at first not knowing what was causing what was happening. Then one day, Natal appeared to her, feeling her skin and how much a bit she reminded him of his departed daughter Reba. She was frighted seeing this dragon doing this, but bowed being the faithful servant her people were born to be. He smirked a bit, pleased by her reaction. He spoke, not sure why he was saying what he was saying. “You know, because of me you are so sad. You are hopeless because of the ideas I put in your head.” This made her angry, she couldn’t serve the one who did this. Even though her people were born to do that. She took a chain that had appeared on her neck, trying to rip the slavery out of her, and every True, but she was not able to. She was not strong enough for that. Natal had inched himself as the master of her emotions in every part of herself. “You are evil, I done nothing to you and you torment me. But why?”

Natal blinked, evil? It was his job to do these things, even if she was not what she was he would still do this. “I am depression, everyone has me. You are not special. You think that you are the only one that has the problems you have. You are not seeing the world as it truly is.”

Ruthee did think that way for a long time, she was singled out, that she was weird for the things that bothered her. “I see others have pain, just....some things upset me that I feel nobody else would think of. My mother died, my father abandoned me, my husbands left me alone with children. Yet, that is not the true pain, my pain is feeling I must be a certain way to everyone. Not just to dragons, I am a slave to the world. I feel my fathers pain to be a servant. Why he couldn’t be a good father to me. I am really glad that he is free. I must free the others, even if I am left to still be a slave.”

Natal, hearing that story felt the care of the Rainbow dragon, of others before her. It tore him apart, and he took the chain and broke it easy. “You and the others are free. But, you will find it hard to deal with the freedom in your mind I must warn you.” He needed to think, those words of her thinking he was evil made him want to change to be the good person he was before this whole mess.

After that, she began to feel different. But, the fact she could feel happiness made her feel strange. She wanted to fight the bad feelings that were still coming up. She got her friends to try to fight him. As she did that, the worse he felt, and the worse she felt because she needed to let him go herself.

One day, feeling really bad she looked at the sky, wanting to do right. He appeared, and looked at her. “You are in pain....my great times many daughter. I saw Rainbow in you and wanted to hurt you more. You saw evil in me and tried to hurt me. We should not fight, you need me, I need you.”

He opened his arms, and then Ruthee embraced him. Rainbow came down seeing this.

“Natal...you embraced your weakness. I see what I once saw in you back. I...think we should have another chance.”

They took each others hands, then..Reba...was reborn..to make the family whole once more

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