The Cat that Wanted to become Human

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Fantasy / Children


A cat wanted to become human, thee end.

Who are we to judge

The Cat that Wanted to become Human

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The Narrator: Once upon a time, not that long ago, but a really long time ago there was a girl. There was a girl cat; no, not like bat woman or cat girl, but a real cat. She rummaged through the trash to find her daily meal. This cat was unlike any other cat; she wanted the one thing she could never have, she wanted to become human. Some humans would pet her as she passed by, while other humans were mean to her. She loved humans, from their clothes and their hair, to the jewelry, the shoes, and just everything. Tomorrow will be her birthday, and she only wanted one gift. She wanted to become human.

The next day she packed food in a sack and carried it on her back. As soon as she stepped out of her box in the alley her best friend Brad flew down beside her. He was the most beautiful blue jay.

Brad (blue jay): Whatcha doing…? Why ya carrying that big ol’ bag for….? (He asked rather quickly)

Jenny (Cat): If you must know, I’m about to go on an adventure. (Starting to leave and walk out of the alley without looking back behind her) Today’s my birthday you know and I plan on becoming human with Dr. Claws help.

Brad (blue jay): Human eh? Ya don’t say… (He says as he marches back and forth rubbing his wings over his forehead) Can I be honest witcha, I like you just the way you are.

Jenny (Cat): (She stops walking and turns to face him) the only reason you think that, is because I’m the only cat that won’t try to eat you. (Tilting her head with a grin)

The Narrator: They both laugh at the same time. Almost, rhythmically.

Brad (blue jay): I like that about ya the most (he winks in her direction).

Jenny (Cat): Brad you’re the best friend a cat can have, but can’t you just wish me luck on my birthday?

Brad (blue jay): Since I’m wishing you luck as a gift, that means I can keep the tuna cake I baked, right?

Jenny (Cat): Nope, help me put it in my sack; it can be a snack for my journey.

Brad (blue jay): I hope you’re nicer as a human. (Brad pouts his beak as he rolls his eyes)

Jenny (Cat): I’m going to be able to do so much for everyone once I’m human. You’ll see I’ll be amazing.

Brad (Blue jay): (mumbles under his breath) Curiosity killed the cat.

Jenny (Cat): Satisfaction brought her back. (She announced as she started on her way out the alley)

The Narrator: Even though she could definitely smell fish coming from the sack she carried behind her, as soon as she ran past all the giant buildings, nothing seemed as important as what she wanted for her 5th birthday. That’s when she started darting through all the humans with the pretty dresses and sweet suits. She was weaving in and out when a lady screamed.

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