Weird Is Relative

By Jenny Belschwender All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Children

Going Home

“Okay...we’re here.” The lady behind the steering wheel whispered. She sighed and brought the mini-van to a slow stop and parking at the edge of a long road. She slid off her cats eye glasses and rubbed her eyes. Yawning she put her glasses back on and looked at the seat next to her. The passenger was passed out, long chocolate brown hair falling down over her face, headphones crooked on her head, pressing against the window. The road map was crumpled and torn in her lap, from folding and unfolding it about a hundred times on the trip.

The lady smiled and turned to look in the back seat. Slumped together was a boy and a girl who was almost a carbon copy of the one in the front seat. All except for the electric blue strip of hair falling from her bangs. The little boy was several years younger than his twin sisters, a sweet face with very dark hair that seemed to stick up all over his head. His glasses lay sideways across his face, his mouth gaped open as he snored against his sister.

The lady smiled a tired smile and put the car in drive and started down the long road. The sky had a faint tint of orange light against dark blue, it was the time between day and night and it seemed fitting in a way, as the car drove past the row of old oaks that lined the road.

The gravel road changed to stone as the van got closer to a large wrought iron gate. The gate was closed, iron spikes jutting towards the sky. At the gate entrance stood stone statues on both sides, a large cat topped by a raven. The lady put her window down and smelled the crisp autumn air. Leaves rustled across the ground. She closed her eyes and took in a large breath of that cool, earthy air and let it out with a whisper “I’m home.”

She opened her eyes and watched as the gate began to creak open, making enough space for her to drive threw. The van passed under the arched gate and she could see it close behind the small moving trailer she was pulling. The stone road twisted and turned a bit until a large and very old house rose up out the old trees, vines and berry brambles. She stopped the van in front of the house, which looked just as she remembered if time had stopped here.

The house still leaned to one side and the dark green paint was the same, lights seemed to dance inside. She turned off the car and pulled her keys out. Suddenly, all three passengers jerked awake and asked in unison “Are we there yet?”

The lady stepped out of the car and stretched. “Yes, we are finally here.” The three kids starred out the windows at the house. They watched the as the lady stopped and starred at them. “Well, c’mon.” The three of them stirred a bit in the car. “Oh look, Mom wants us to go into the creepy old house with her.” The girl in the front seat said in a bored tone.

“I guess we’d better get out.” The girl with the blue bangs whispered and sighed. The twins looked at each other with uncertain eyes as they both got out of the van. They looked back at the van and in one voice barked at their brother, “Come on nerdling!” The boy hesitated some more and finally worked up enough courage to get out of the van and stand next to his mother. They climbed the large stone front steps to stand in front a huge wooden door. The little boy pulled on his mother’s hand, “ you think it would alright if I brought Harryit inside?” “I’m sure it will be fine.” she said with a nod. “Are you sure, you’re sure?” the little boy straightened his glasses and looked up at his mother. “Yes, I’m sure, I am sure.” she reassured him.

“I don’t want her to get stepped on, squished or even something....” his voice trailed off as he looked up at the old house. The twin girls hung behind their mother and picked up on their little brothers nervousness. “This house is really old...” the twin with the headset began. “Oh something out of The Munsters or The Addams Family.” she whispered loud enough for her brother to hear. “Maybe this is a haunted house...or there were a series of grisly murders here....or...” the twin with the blue hair said in a scary whispered voice.

“Girls...stop trying to scare your brother.” Their mother chided them and stepped forward lifting the giant iron knocker on the door, the owl knocker banged against the door.

The girls bent down and came up behind their brother, “Boo! Eeekkk! Oohhhaaahhhmmuuhhaaaaa!” They made ghostly sounds and chuckled as their brother looked a bit scared. Their mother turned to look at them with a raised eyebrow, “Really girls?”

“Well you have to admit, it’s kind of fitting for” the girl with the blue bangs laughed.

The twins stood side by side, same height, same body shape, same hair length, same shoe size. The 4 of them stood there waiting for someone to come to the door.

“Kids..before you meet my side of the family, you should know that they quite different than..well...” their mother’s voice faltered as she struggled to find the words she was looking for.

The twins broke her faltered silence, “...then anyone or anything we’ve ever known before?” The blue hair twin chimed in, “yeah like..ever? I think the Munster house gives it away mom.”

“Okay..well...don’t stare, be polite, use your manners and don’t touch anything without asking..and don’t stare.” she said impatiently.

“You know she’s talking to you two, right?” the little boy added and stuck out his tongue at his sisters.

They all stopped moving and talking, listening as they could hear footsteps coming towards the door. The heavy wooden door slowly pulled open and light twinkled out. A petite and quite elderly woman stood by the massive door. Her green eyes lit up as she looked at them and her face parted in a sweet smile.

“Is that my little Marigold? Is it really you?” her voice was soft and kind with a childish glee.

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