GENERATION VI: The Underworld

By jmw5160 All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Other


When 21-year-old LEO MAQUARI makes the desperate decision to save his mother from death, he embarks on a journey into the Underworld where he finds the greatest obstacle not to be the monsters or primordial gods, but the person that lies within.


A bright virtecran flashes the latest new post from the Time’s Current: “Three Missing Bodies in the Eulimnos Section of Prometheum.”

Elegant fingers scroll to reveal the image of the investigation scene, ornamented by the signature lakes of Eulimnos. The article follows:

“Dozens of mourners gathered to witness the funeral games of Pandora Maquari, daughter of renowned General the late Alexander Maquari. Events were a mix of excitement and emotion as participants and spectators rallied the contests.

Leonidas Maquari, more commonly known as The Maurileho, was slated to deliver a eulogy speech following the games. At the point of doing so, however, the 21-year-old and son of the deceased shocked the crowd by turning from the podium and running headfirst into the lake. He did not resurface.

Even more tragic was the attempt of his childhood friend, Anastasia Wildyn, 20, to rescue him, which resulted in her apparent drowning as well.

The corpse of Pandora Maquari remains unfound.

Eulimnos, Prometheum: 14:22.”

The hand stays positioned as if posing for a portrait. Pristine, the skin is interrupted only by a dark, marble textured ring imprinted with the character “ν.”

After a pause, the browser is commanded closed.

The wallpaper displays an elevated panoramic of a series of islands along a coast.

At the bottom of the screen the time reads: 14:33.

The date: 13/16.

Year: 2080.

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