Thanks For The Memories

By LilacMoon

Romance / Adventure

Chapter 2

Misty Haven, Maine


“And she was beyond hope, her slumber eternal. Then, a wave of pure magic swept through the land, bringing light to the darkness. And she drew breath once again, looking up into the blue eyes of her true love. He had found her, as he promised, in her darkest hour and broke her curse. And he placed his mother’s ring on her finger, stating he never wanted off her finger again and proposed to wed her,” Snow read from the old, brown leather bound book.

Sometime around Emma’s third birthday, Tessa had found the old book in a pile of things in one of the back rooms in the diner. It was as if it had appeared out of nowhere. She had read through it intently and if she hadn’t been a believer before, she was now. She said nothing though and presented the book to Emma for her birthday, but paid close attention to Mary and David’s faces, as they leafed through the book with awestruck expressions. It was then she knew her suspicions were fact.

“Mommy...did Snow White and Prince Charming live happily ever after?” Emma asked. Mary smiled and stroked her daughter’s blonde hair.

“They did. They got married and had a little baby girl, whom they cherished above all,” Mary replied.

“They lived in their castle and the Queen didn’t get them?” Emma asked.

.“Actually no...the Queen did come for them. But they thwarted her again by escaping to a new world,” Mary replied. Emma frowned.

“But I thought you said they lived happily ever after?” Emma asked in confusion.

“Oh, but they did sweetheart. You see Emma, sometimes happy endings aren’t always what they think they will be. Snow White and Prince Charming escaped to save their baby from the Evil Queen, for their daughter would grow to be very powerful someday and vanquish the Queen,” Mary explained.

“They came to a new place, where they were no longer a prince and princess. They owned very little, but they had their love and their baby and it was all they needed to be happy. Castles and riches meant very little to them next to each other and their little one,” Mary explained, as she brushed her fingers through her baby’s blonde hair. Emma looked at her curiously.

“Mommy...are you daddy the prince and princess?” she asked curiously. Mary smiled and kissed her hair, winking at her.

“It will be our secret, okay?” she asked. Emma nodded.

“Okay...can I tell Nana?” Emma asked. Mary smiled.

“Of course...but no one else. People in this land, besides Nana perhaps, wouldn’t understand,” she explained. Emma wasn’t sure she understood either, but she knew already in her young life that people except Nana could be mean and untrustworthy.

Tessa smiled at the scene and allowed herself a smile, especially when David arrived home and she watched both her girls light up at the sight of him.

Present Day

New York City

When Killian Jones opened his bleary eyes, he found himself on the pointed end of Prince Charming’s sword.

“Mate…” he drawled.

“Let’s get one thing straight, I don’t know who the hell you are, but I am not your mate,” Charming hissed. Hook closed his eyes, trying to get his bearings. Of course, Snow and David didn’t remember him either. Their memories were of coming to this land twenty-nine years ago to escape the Queen with their daughter. He looked around, seeing Snow and Emma eying him wearily. Henry eyed him with wariness as well, but also curiosity and he took a moment to appreciate how much the lad had grown in a year.

He looked around and it was evident that they were living a very good life together. He hated that he had to spoil that, but Snow and Charming’s people were in great peril and the Savior was the only hope against the Wicked Witch. It was then that he noticed the sheer roundness of Snow’s belly and he glanced back at Charming, but his line of thought was interrupted by the Prince.

“Who are you and why did you think it appropriate to put your lips on my daughter?” David hissed. Hook rolled his eyes. He shouldn’t have been surprised that Charming was still as overprotective as one husband and father could be. Even Emma was rolling her eyes at him.

“It’s a very long story, mate. I know that you don’t remember me, but I assure you that we have met,” Killian implored.

“You’re working for the Queen, aren’t you?” Snow interjected. He looked at her.

“What?” he asked, as he watched her dig through his satchel.

“We found this,” Snow said, holding up his hook.

“And’s a potion,” she added, as she held up a vial of blue liquid.

“Back in our land, there were rumors that the Queen had hired a pirate going by the moniker of Hook, not long after we married. There were whispers that he was helping the Queen achieve her plot to cast a terrible curse,” David added. He looked between the pair. They had never mentioned knowing anything about his connections to the Evil Queen, but now their early hostility toward him made a lot more sense.

“There was a time that I worked for the Queen, but things are not as they seem. I have come on behalf of your allies this time. Your people are in great danger,” Killian implored.

“You really expect us to believe anything you say?” David asked, as Emma eyed the pirate curiously.

“Of course not, mate. You’re not really the trusting type. Keep digging in that satchel, lass and I think you’ll find proof,” he suggested. Snow eyed him cautiously and continued to rifle through it. She froze and pulled out a very familiar tiara. Tears brimmed her emerald eyes and she put a hand to her lips.

“Where...where did you get this?” she demanded to know.

“Mom...what is it?” Emma asked.

“It was my mother’s. I left it behind in our land…” Snow answered. Hook knew the truth was actually that it had been in Gold’s shop in Storybrooke until Snow’s handmaiden had purchased it to give to her. But he couldn’t really tell her that.

“The Blue Fairy salvaged it. She knew that I would need to bring something to convince you that my story was true,” he said.

“And how do we know you didn’t steal it? That’s what pirates do, after all,” David hissed.

“Oh bloody hell, mate, you’re exhausting! I’m not here to hurt your family. Quite the opposite, in fact,” Killian insisted. David was about to retort, but Emma spoke up.

“Dad...I think he’s telling the truth,” Emma said.

“See...even Swan believes me and she can tell when someone is bloody lying,” Killian replied. Emma looked at him in surprise.

“How do you know that?” she asked in disbelief.

“Drink the potion, love. I only have one, but this will be a lot easier to get your parents on board if you remember,” he implored. Emma looked at the bluish liquid.

“, this could still be a horrible trap,” Snow feared. But something inside Emma tugged at her and before she knew what was happening, she was drinking the potion.

Misty Haven, Maine


Emma’s first day of Kindergarten had Mary nearly in tears. She had not been separated from Emma since her birth for more than a few hours at a time and her anxiety about the day was in full force. Tessa insisted she take the day off, but Mary refused, only accepting the morning off, saying she’d go stir crazy without any work to do while Emma was in school.

David, now a full deputy, had also been granted the morning off to go with them to school. Emma looked positively adorable in her little outfit, a new denim dress Mary had gotten her and quite possibly the smallest little red leather jacket ever made, a gift from Tessa. After a breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes, Emma was ready for school.

“Bye Nana Tessa!” Emma called. Tessa waved at her with a teary smile.

“Have a good day, little one. I’ll see you this afternoon and you’ll tell me all about your day,” Tessa said. Emma beamed and hugged her, before joining hands with both her parents, as they set off for the elementary school.

Once they arrived at school, Mary and David took Emma to her classroom, where her teacher greeted them.

“Mr. and Mrs. Swan, it’s very nice to meet you, I’ll be Emma’s teacher, Ms. Reinhart,” the middle aged woman greeted.

“Thank you, it’s nice to meet you too. Emma, can you say hi?” Mary asked her daughter, who was currently hiding behind her father’s leg. David knelt down and kissed her head.

“It’s okay princess, you’ll have fun here and learn a lot,” he promised. Emma looked around at the other kids in the room.

“What if they don’t like me?” she asked him. He smiled.

“They’ll like you just fine, because you’re a wonderful little girl. But if some reason they don’t, just remember what Mommy and I taught you. Not everyone you meet will always be nice. But you can be nice and if you lead by example…” he prompted.

“Others will follow,” she recited. He smiled, as she hugged him tightly.

“Go on princess,” he urged a bit sadly. He too, was having separation anxiety, much like his wife. Mary hugged her too and sent her on her way with her little backpack and lunch bag. Mary became teary again and her husband hugged her close.

“I’m sorry…” Mary apologized to the teacher, but she only smiled.

“Not to are not the first mother to cry when they’ve sent their baby off to school on their first day and you won’t be the last. I’ll take good care of her,” the teacher promised.

“We know,” Mary agreed, as they saw Emma start to interact with the other children and they knew she’d be fine. David put his arm around her waist and she put hers around his, as they walked out to the old brown truck they had purchased a year ago. They had both learned how to drive, him first as part of his training as a police officer, and her soon after.

“She’ll be okay, you know,” he promised. She nodded.

“I know,” she replied. Though this was not the life they had imagined, they had both agreed that it was a very good life. Simple, but wonderful, because they were together.

He opened the passenger door for her and she turned to him.

“Are you going into the station right away?” she asked, as she put her arms around his waist. He smiled.

“I still have a few hours till my shift,” he replied, as he leaned down and pressed his lips to hers.

“ too. Maybe we should go home and do something with all this time we have,” she whispered. She giggled, as he practically lifted her into the truck and hurried to the driver’s side.

Present Day

New York City

When Emma opened her eyes, after drinking the potion, she was stunned for a moment. There were now two lives racing through her mind. Her beautiful life, where she was raised by her loving parents and she kept her son. And the other life, growing up thinking they didn’t want her and giving up Henry for adoption.

“Hook…” she said in recognition.

“ know him?” David asked. She looked at her father and felt her eyes water at the sight of her parents. Her life with them, being raised by them, was so vivid and real in her mind. So real that she now knew that this had been their original plan. They had planned to come to the Land Without Magic before she was born and raise her together in a new land, away from Regina’s curse. Giving her up had been something that nearly killed them both and she found that she could no longer blame them for it. They had been faced with an impossible choice and the memories Regina gave them was the life they should have always had with her.

“It’s hard to explain...but he’s telling the truth,” she assured them.

“So why are you here? How are you here?” Emma asked.

“We managed to scavenge two beans. One for this trip...and a return trip,” he replied.

“Then everyone is still in the Enchanted Forest?” Emma asked.

“Aye...and your people are in great danger, Your Majesties,” Hook addressed them.

“From the Queen?” David asked.

“No...someone worse. A witch from the land of Oz,” Killian replied.

“Wait...the Wicked Witch of the West?” Emma asked in disbelief.

“Aye…” he replied.

“She’s real too?” Emma asked.

“Asks the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming,” he retorted.

“What has happened to our people?” Snow asked, deeply concerned. Hook looked at Emma.

“You have to tell them,” he urged.

“And take away their reality that they came to this land and got to raise me? No...I won’t do that to them. They don’t deserve that! Hell, I didn’t deserve it!” Emma hissed.

“Love...those memories aren’t real,” Hook chided. But they were...they were so vivid.

“They’re pretty real to us,” Emma retorted.

“Will someone please tell us what’s going on?” David demanded. Emma sighed.

“It’s a long story, Dad, but I think we need to go with him,” Emma told them, watching her parents exchange a long glance and then nod to her. They would follow her lead.

Misty Haven, Maine


Despite the fact that their life was very happy in the Land Without Magic, bad and scary things still happened around them in this bizarre world. And one time, something very bad almost happened to Mary.

It started out as an ordinary morning. She worked the breakfast shift, while David was helping Emma get ready for school. Hank was there, without his buddies, which seemed a bit unusual. His behavior had been more erratic recently and she had even caught him staring at her in the hallways of Emma’s school where he worked. She did her best to ignore him, but she had read about things like this happening in this world. David said they had a name for it at the station, stalking she recalled, and he was often frustrated that his hands were tied by the law until Hank did something, for staring at her wasn’t a crime.

Mary scoffed at herself though, deciding she was just being paranoid. After years on the run as a bandit in their homeland, she thought that she might be overreacting. Hank obviously liked her, but all he did was stare and made some comments about how pretty she was. It seemed mostly harmless. But Mary was not prepared for the events that would occur that day.

She delivered his order to his table and set his food down with a smile. As she started to walk away, she was startled when he grabbed her arm. Green eyes wide, she turned back to him, as he stared at her, undressing her with his eyes.

“Just wanted to tell you that you look mighty pretty today. That husband of yours is a very lucky man. Hope he takes care of you the way you deserve,” he leered and Mary felt her skin crawl. She tried to yank her arm away, but his grip was stronger than expected. He finally let go and she stumbled away, accidentally knocking his coffee cup off the table. She gasped, as it shattered and she knelt down, starting to pick up the pieces.

“Honey...are you okay?” Tessa asked, as she brought a cloth over to clean up the mess.

“I’m so sorry Tessa,” Mary apologized profusely.

“Stars child, it’s a silly coffee cup. I’ve broken a many in my day. You are the one I don’t want broken,” Tessa soothed, as she glared at the man sitting in the booth, who looked amused by the whole scene.

“Honey…” she prompted.

“I’m fine,” Mary insisted with a fake smile. She wasn’t going to let one creep do this to her.

“I don’t need his business to survive, honey. And your husband would only be too happy to run him off for good,” Tessa said. But Mary shook her head.

“No...he’s just a lonely man. I’m sure he’s harmless,” Mary replied. But Tessa wasn’t convinced and it came as no surprise when David came over to the table later once Mary had left to take Emma to school. He was dressed in his uniform, hoping for maximum intimidation.

“I will say this once. If I were you, I’d find another diner to frequent. My wife will no longer be your waitress,” David warned. But Hank simply smirked at him.

“Ain’t no laws against a man complimenting a beautiful woman on how she looks,” Hank retorted. David seethed.

“Stay away from her or you will regret it. Oh and if you touch her again, I’ll kill you,” David promised. It would be later that afternoon when a feeling of panic nearly overwhelmed David while he was on patrol and sent him running to the elementary school to find his family.

Mary arrived at the elementary school that afternoon to pick up Emma per usual and collected her daughter from her classroom. They walked hand in hand down the emptying hallway, as Mary had stayed to speak to Emma’s teacher for a while, who had been praising her daughter’s astuteness and what a joy it was to have her in class.

“I’m so proud of you baby and Daddy is going to be so proud too,” Mary gushed.

“Yeah?” Emma asked. Mary nodded.

“In fact, I think this definitely calls for a trip to the ice cream shoppe,” Mary said.

“Really?” she asked.

“Such high marks deserves a reward,” Mary replied. Not realizing it, a supply closet opened, as they passed by and Mary gasped in alarm, as there was suddenly a man behind her, armed with a box cutter, as he put his hand over her mouth.

“Don’t scream little one,” Hank warned, as he dragged Mary into the closet and then yanked Emma in with him. Mary huddled her daughter close, as Hank locked the closet and held the box cutter up.

“Hank...what do you think you’re doing?” Mary demanded to know.

“A man gets mighty tired of being told over and over again that he can’t have somethin’ he wants,” Hank hissed and a cold chill slid down her spine.

“That husband of yours thinks he can just tell me I can’t come see you at the diner everyday,” he continued, as he slowly backed her against the wall.

“Hank…” she started to say.

“Shh...doll, we don’t want anyone hearin’ you,” he leered. She gasped sharply, as he pinned her between himself and the wall.

“Mommy…” Emma whimpered, as big tears had already started to stream down her cherub face.

“Tell her to be quiet…” he hissed.

“It’s...okay Emma,” she stammered, but the quiver in her voice was unconvincing.

“So...this is how this is gonna play out, beautiful,” he said, as he ran a hand down her cheek. She closed her eyes and swallowed the bile rising in her throat.

“You’re gonna tell the brat to sit over there in that corner and be quiet,” he ordered, as a tear slipped down Mary’s cheek and she let out an audible sob, as his hot breath slithered down her neck.

“ and I are gonna have some fun and you ain’t gonna fight me, cause we wouldn’t want anythin’ to happen to your little girl,” Hank instructed.

“Hank...please don’t do this…” Mary pleaded.

“Mommy…” Emma called. Hank flashed the box cutter so she could see.

“It’s okay baby...just sit over there and everything will be okay,” Mary said, her voice shaking with sobs.

“Good girl…” he hissed, as his free hand slipped under her skirt.

“Oh Gods…” Mary sobbed, as he put his hand on her thigh. No one but her Charming had ever touched her, but she would do anything to save her baby’s life. She also knew her husband and how much he loved her. This man was signing his own death warrant if he proceeded to do this.

“I’ve been dreamin’ bout this since the first time I laid eyes on you,” he hissed, as he started undoing the buttons on her cardigan and tears slipped down her beautiful face.

“You walk around in these little skirts and expect a man not to want you...but you just tease me everyday,” he hissed, as he got her cardigan open all the way. She let out a very loud sob at that point, as he put his hands on her bare abdomen and inched toward her bra.

“Mommy!” Emma cried.

“You be quiet, brat!” he spat angrily, as he started undoing his belt. Mary felt hope slip away at that point, as she realized what was about to happen to her. Then as if answering her silent pleas, there was a loud bang, as the door was quite literally kicked open. Relief flooded through her, as David stood in the doorway. Hank tried to hold up the box cutter as a threat, but her husband grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the closet. She dodged for her daughter, just as there was the sound like a bone snapping and Hank crying out in pain. Mary peeked out, seeing the man holding his arm in agony.

“You...broke my arm…” he cried.

“You just tried to rape my you’re damn lucky I didn’t snap your neck,” David growled, as he handcuffed him, despite the broken limb. It was then that he turned to his wife and daughter and scooped them into his arms.

“Oh my darling…” he soothed, as she sobbed against his chest.

“Oh Charming…” she sobbed against his chest.

“You found me…” she cried.

“Did you ever doubt I would?” he asked. She shook her head.

“How did you know?” she asked curiously.

“I...I don’t really know. I just got this feeling and I knew I had to find you and Emma,” he replied. She pressed her lips to his and he held his girls close, as they waited for David’s fellow officers to arrive. Hank was going to prison for a very long time and they were safe.

Present Day

New York City

“And that’s the just of the story,” Hook stated.

“This Wicked Regina’s sister?” Snow asked in disbelief.

“Apparently, Cora gave birth to her out of wedlock and abandoned her, from what we’ve been able to gather. What her objective is, we haven’t been able to decipher,” Hook replied.

“And Regina...she’s really changed?” Snow asked, with hope in her voice.

“She’s...trying,” Hook said uncomfortably.

“Well, I don’t buy it,” David spat.

“Charming…” Snow chided.

“I know you want to believe she can change, my darling, but the last time we gave her a chance, she tried to kill you. And now she has a sister that wants to kill her? Sounds to me like she will reap what she has sewn,” he said with vehemence. Emma and Hook exchanged a glance.

“This will be a lot easier if you just tell them,” he whispered.

“No…” Emma hissed back.

“Dad...I know what Regina did, but I think we still need to help our people. If Regina and this witch are going to hash it out, then a lot of innocent people could get caught in the crossfire,” Emma said. David sighed.

“Honey...she’s right. And now we know why we didn’t find them here in this land. They’re still back home and it sounds to me like they need a savior. Perhaps the Dark One’s prophecy is coming true, after all. This certainly sounds like the final battle he may have predicted,” Snow told him.

“And going back to our home would be wonderful...but you’re in no condition for a fight, my darling. I couldn’t bare it if something happened to you and the baby,” he fretted. She smiled at his worry and cupped his face in her hands.

“Nothing will happen to us. Going home is what we have dreamed of,” Snow said. He sighed and kissed her forehead.

“But we do have lives here...especially you, sweetheart,” Snow added, as she looked at her daughter.

“And Henry. As much as we have longed to return to our people, we would never do so without you and Henry. And we wouldn’t ask you to come if it’s not what you wanted,” Charming added. Emma smiled at them. They had always put her first, in both versions of their lives, and still did so. She knew now, giving her up had nearly killed them and she never again wanted anyone throwing it in their faces about how she was abandoned as an infant. Part of her wanted to tell Hook that they couldn’t help; that this was their lives now, because they were really good lives. But she knew she had to do the right thing.

“Hey kid...I know you love your school and all your friends here. How do you feel about all this?” Emma asked her son.

“I do like school and my friends. I’ll miss them...but Mom, we have to go. I mean, we have to go. That’s what it means to be a hero. And...anyway, isn’t that where we really belong?” Henry asked. She smiled at her son.

“Besides, no one here truly understands our family. Grams and Gramps have to tell everyone that you’re Gramps’ sister and I’m their nephew. We should be with our people,” Henry replied. Hook allowed himself a small smile. Even without his memories, the lad was still the one to unify everyone. Emma smiled at him and then her parents.

“So...I take it you’ll all be requiring passage aboard the Jolly Roger?” Hook asked. Emma nodded.

“Yes...but first, I need to see Walsh. I can’t just disappear. I need to at least tell him goodbye and that I can’t marry him,” Emma said, but her eyes widened, as she realized she had said that out loud.

“Marry?” Hook asked in alarm.

“What? Walsh asked you to marry him?” David exclaimed.

“Umm…” she started to say.

“When did this happen?” David asked and Emma winced.

“Honey...why don’t we go pack? There are a few things I’d like to take back with us,” Snow urged, trying to distract him.

“But Snow…” he protested.

“Now Charming,” she chided, as her miffed husband followed her down the hall to their apartment.

“You’re going to have to tell them, you know,” Hook warned. Emma shook her head.

“Emma...the dwarves questions alone will tip them off that something’s not quite right,” he warned.

“I’ll handle it,” Emma snapped, as she stalked off to her room. He sighed. While he was glad Emma and her family were all happy, he couldn’t help his jealousy that Emma had found someone else. But she was telling him goodbye and returning with him. Perhaps all was not lost for them, after all.

Misty Haven, Maine


Little Emma Swan somehow had always known she was different from other children. She also knew her mommy and daddy were different than other mommies and daddies. They always told her that she was special and the stories in her book were more like history. She knew her mommy and daddy were from a different place; that they had come to this world to escape the Evil Queen. She also knew that people from this land might not understand any of this. But the other children loved playing what they called make believe and she loved it too. When she was very little, none of the other children seemed to mind when she told them that her mommy and daddy were Snow White and Prince Charming.

But it was when Emma was nine that she learned that children started to let go of what they called make believe. And her insistence that her parents were Snow White and Prince Charming was no longer met with childlike acceptance and now refuted with cruel words and nasty taunts.

She came home to the diner one day and managed to slip past her mother, who was waitressing, as she usually did in the afternoons. But Tessa had noticed her red eyes and tear stained face.

Her Nana knocked softly on her bedroom door and Emma sniffed, quickly wiping her tears away.

“Stars little one, you slipped right past your mama in a hurry,” Tessa said. Emma sniffed and Tessa sat in a chair.

“Now, come over here and tell Nana Tessa the reason for all these tears,” she said, patting her knee. Emma sniffed and climbed into her lap.

“The kids at school called me a freak,” she sniffed.

“Why ever would they say something like that?” Tessa asked, though she had a pretty good idea.

“I used to play with Sarah and Amy all the time last year, but this year they don’t want to play with me anymore. They keep whispering to other kids behind my back and my friend Kelly told me everyone is laughing at me, because I told them my parents are Snow White and Prince Charming. They make fun of Kelly too, because she’s kind of chunky,” Emma confessed. Tessa brushed her hand soothingly through Emma’s long blonde locks.

“They’re really mean and they laugh at me. And they said my mommy and daddy are crazy if they think they’re fairy tales,” Emma sobbed.

“Oh child...your mommy and daddy certainly aren’t crazy and neither are you. They just don’t understand, because they don’t believe in magic,” Tessa soothed. Emma sniffed.

“How come you believe and no one else does?” Emma asked. Tessa wiped her tears.

“Well, I suppose it’s because I see how special the three of you are. And stars, child, your Nana has seen all kinds of extraordinary things in this silly world. Magic is real if you know how to see it. You’re here, aren’t you now?” Tessa said. Emma shrugged.

“I guess so,” Emma mumbled.

“Oh no, there’s no guessing about it, little one. You are magic. Anyone born of a love like your mommy and daddy’s is magic,” she said.

“Really?” she sniffed. Tessa nodded.

“Really. But there’s gonna be many people that cross your path that will never believe. My goodness, they wouldn’t even believe if it smacked them in their noses!” Tessa said, as Emma giggled.

“Does that mean there’s always gonna be mean people?” she asked.

“I’m afraid so, child. But we know the truth. To them, your mommy and daddy are Mary and David. But we know the truth and that makes us even more special,” she told her. Emma sniffed.

Thanks Nana,” Emma said.

Present Day

New York City

David watched his beloved move around their bedroom, slowly putting things in a bag to take with her. She wasn’t packing anything of monetary value and didn’t bother with clothing, for they would need to change into clothing from their realm once they returned.

But the things she was packing were very sentimental. She got very teary eyed, as she held up Emma’s baby book that Tessa had helped her put together.

“I miss Tessa,” Snow said. He smiled and hugged her, kissing her forehead.

“Me too, she was a wonderful woman,” he replied.

“Do you think if she was still alive that she’d come with us?” she asked. He smiled and nodded.

“She was family...I don’t think we could have stopped her,” he answered. She sighed and rested her head against his chest.

“Will you miss this world at all?” she asked. He smiled.

“Of course, we raised Emma here. It’s okay if you’ll miss it too,” he replied. She smiled and he leaned down, kissing her tenderly.

“Can you get my scrapbooks? I don’t want to forget to bring any of the things Emma and Henry made over the years,” she said. He chuckled and kissed her forehead.

“Of course, my darling,” he replied, as he kissed her tenderly, before grabbing a bag to put Snow’s photo albums and scrapbooks in. Of all the marvels in this realm, they had always been enamored by the photographic technology since they had come here. There were dozens of albums filled with family pictures and they would be heavy to pack around, but he would do anything to make his beautiful Snow happy.

Suddenly, they heard Henry scream from across the hall. They rushed back over there, just as the glass on the panoramic window shattered and four winged monkeys invaded the apartment, screeching violently.

“Bloody hell...she’s sent her beasts!” Hook called, as one cornered Henry and raised it’s claws to strike. David grabbed it by the wings and threw it away from his grandson. Hook stabbed at another with his Hook, as a third screeched. Snow gasped, as it started toward her.

“Snow!” David cried, as he watched her grab a lamp, take the shade off and take a swing, belting it in the head and sending it flinging against the wall where it crumbled to dust. Hook continued to stab at the other with his Hook, while Charming guarded his grandson against the last two. He spotted a suitable weapon in the fireplace poker a few feet away and prodded his grandson toward the pirate. As much as he didn’t trust him, he was obviously no friend to these creatures. He was pleasantly surprised to see the other man take the guarding of the boy quite seriously. David dodged for the weapon and cried out in pain, as the creature’s claws grazed his neck.

“Charming!” Snow cried, as he grabbed the fireplace poker. He swung at the advancing one and flung it into the fireplace where it crumbled to dust too. He raised the poker as if it were a sword, poising to attack, as he circled with the other creature.

Hook finally cornered the one he had been battling and with a kick, he flung it out the window, where it plummeted to the ground below, crumbling to dust.

Charming speared the last one through its chest and it crumbled too.

“Emma…” Hook said. He nodded.

“She might be danger,” David agreed, as they hurried out of the apartment and up to the roof of the building.

Misty Haven, Maine


Mary wasn’t sure if she had ever been this frightened. There had been times when she had been scared, of course. She was scared all the time when she had been a bandit on the run from the Queen, especially in the early days. But nothing scared her quite as badly as when her beloved was in danger.

There had been many times in their land where she had almost lost him. And now there were dangers in this world as well when it came to his profession. She worried endlessly, but David loved fighting for the innocent and protecting people as a police office. She would never deny him that, for it was who he was.

But when she had received the call just ten minutes ago, her heart had dropped into her stomach.

She felt all her dread and fear threaten to swallow her whole, as the voice of another officer on the other calming telling her the words she never wanted to hear.

"Mrs. Swan, this is Officer Hanson. Your husband was shot tonight,”

She had dropped the phone at that point and her legs had nearly given out. Tessa had thankfully kept it together and somehow, they were now in her car on the way to the hospital. She didn’t even remember getting into the vehicle, but she didn’t let go of her eleven-year-old daughter’s hand.

“ Daddy gonna be okay?” Emma asked.

“Oh, I’m sure the Doctors are already fixing him up, child,” Tessa answered, hoping she wasn’t filling her with false hope. She drove up to the door.

“You two go on, honey. I’ll park the car,” Tessa said. Mary nodded and she hurried into the building, pulling Emma along with her. She ran to the Emergency Room desk, the tears already spilling from her eyes.

“My husband...he was shot. Please...I need to see him,” Mary cried. The nurse looked less than sympathetic.

“Name?” she asked with boredom.

“David Swan…” she answered.

“Officer Swan is in ER room eight,” she answered, as Mary dashed down the hall.

“Ma’am, you need to wait until the doctor gives us the clear!” she called. But Mary ignored her. No one, especially not some snotty nurse, was going to keep her from her husband. She burst into the room and saw him sitting on the exam table, shirtless, but looking mostly unharmed. There was a thick bandage around his right bicep and some deep, purple bruising on his chest and torso.

“David…” she choked.

“I’m okay…” he promised. She approached and he hugged her tightly to him, ignoring the doctor, as she started sobbing against his shoulder.

“Shh...I’m all right, my darling,” he whispered. The Doctor had the decency at that point to exit the room with the intention of returning later.

“They told me you were shot,” Snow cried, as she looked at his bruises, gingerly touching the angry welts.

“I was, but the vest stopped all the bullets and I just got grazed on my arm,” he told her.

“My love...I thought I was going to lose you,” she cried.

“I’m so sorry for scaring you,” he apologized.

“Daddy…” Emma said, as she came beside him, having been in the doorway.

“Hey Princess…” he said, noticing the tears in her eyes.

“Hey...I’m okay. I’ll just be a little sore for a few days,” he promised, as he hugged her tightly. The doctor returned and gave him discharge papers. He wasn’t keeping him overnight thankfully, but David would definitely be off duty for a few days and then on desk duty for a couple weeks.

Tessa came in after the doctor left, complete with a big hug for the man she considered like a son and then took Emma with her to get a snack, while Mary helped him put his shirt on. He was then caught by surprise, as his wife crushed her lips against his. He kissed her back with equal fervor, as their lips moved together passionately and desperately. He pressed his forehead against hers, as their lips parted and he gazed into her eyes, just as she gazed into his.

“I can’t lose you,” she said.

“You could never truly lose me, my darling Snow,” he replied, as she held his handsome face in her hands.

“Let’s go home,” he suggested. She nodded and pressed her lips against his tenderly again, before they walked out, arms around each other. That was the day that Snow decided that Kevlar was her favorite invention in this strange realm...

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