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By ẞangtan Møønchild

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Jimin » When you flinch

You had a fever and Jimin's concert is tomorrow. Jimin really wanted you there, hoping you'd make it.

Jimin : "You'll be there right?" He asked with puppy eyes.

Y/N : "I can't promise you that chimchim." You smiled weakly.

The sickness felt like a burning hell through your body. The headaches were like advanced migraines. You couldn't even keep your eyes open. Your breathing was slow, causing your words to sigh out.

Jimin : "You never have time for me!" He blurted making me close my eyes shut from his loudness affecting my headaches more.

You got up weakly grabbing on to the everything to support your weak legs.

Y/N : "Yah, You know how sick I am, I can't even do anything." I said weakly.

Jimin : "You never do anything!" His shouting became louder.

Y/N : "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!" You shouted.

He looked at you and chuckled. Soon turning into a frown and charging towards you. He pushed you down on the bed making you gasped out of fear.

His next move was unbelievable, making you cover your face, screaming and crying waiting to feel the stinging sensation.

Nothing came your way. You moved your hands away slowly and see his fist in the air ready to punch the shit out of you. He quickly realized what just happened.

He quickly hops off you and backs away. You struggle to get up because of your weak arms.

Y/N : "Why?" You let a tear escape.

Jimin : "..." He said nothing.

You got up and walked towards the guest room.

Y/N : "I thought you weren't that type of person, I guess I was wrong." You said walking out the room.

Jimin stood there in shock.


It was 6 in the morning and you couldn't sleep from what happened last, your eyes were puffy and red due to the crying. You cried till you heard the door open.

He sat on the bed making me sink towards him. He touched my arm making me flinch, moving away.

Jimin : "Please talk to me soon." With that he left.

You layed there crying silently. You want to hug him, kiss him, tell him that you forgive him. But this time you need space from what happened. It put your fears up and it didn't go away till the sun rose up.

It was now 7:30 am and also 3 hours before the concert, you debated on whether to go or not.

You get up and got ready.


You were greeted by staff members and made your way to their waiting room. You were still in bad condition. Your forehead was burning hot and you were weaker than ever.

You felt dizzy and lightheaded but managed to think it away.

Staff 1: "Here's a warm blanket Y/N, stay warm." She said caringly.

Y/N : "Thank You." I replied.

You wrapped up on the couch and watched the concert start. You admire the way their features glowed underneath the lights. It was a beautiful sight.

You watched them dance and goof around. You'd cough from time to time making the staff worry too much.

Staff 1 : "Y/N, I think you should go to a doctor." She said worriedly.

Y/N : "No, I-I'm *cough* fine." You managed to say through my rough coughs.

Staff 1: "Okay, but tell me if you need to go then I'll take you there." She smiled.

You nodded, then the lights went out for their mini videos they made for armys. They had break to change and you didn't feel good to see him.

Jungkook : "Hyung, is Y/N coming?" He said making me remove my hands slowly away from my ears.

Jimin : "I-I.. don't know, and I don't care." The coldness in his tone made you shiver.

Jhope : "Yah, why would you say that, she's your girlfriend." He complained.

Your feelings we're hurt. You were also very sensitive to hateful words towards you, especially from your boyfriend.

Tears formed and you sniffed catching ones attention.

Taehyung : "Noona?" He called.

You stayed quiet feeling all their eyes on you. You heard another pair of footsteps coming your way.

Jungkook : "Noona? Why are your eyes red? Why are you sweating so much?." He asked worriedly.

Y/N : "It's nothing, it's just *cough* hot in here." I weakly smiled.

Jin : "You're sick, you can't fool us." He crossed his arms.

I closed my eyes giving up, letting my head drop to the side as if I fell asleep. As I open my eyes again I made eye contact with Jimin.

He looked away not wanting to see you at the moment.

Yoongi : "Why did you lie saying that she refused to go because she was lazy?" He asked Jimin.

Instead of answering the question he walked away with the Style/Makeup team to get ready in another room.

Your eyes start to water watching him leave. Feeling like he'll walk out of your life one day when you need him the most.

Namjoon : "No~ Don't cry." He used his thumbs to wipe my tears from my cheek.

Y/N : "I-I need fresh air." Yoi got up and collected your stuff just in case you wanted to leave.

You walked out the door feeling weak to the point you wanted to collapse. You held the wall for support, your coughing became worse and it hurt like hell.

The world felt like it was spinning. You collapsed to the ground and lay there feeling weak.

You hear footsteps, more like running feet. It was the staff member.

Staff 1: "Yah, yah. Y/N. Can you hear me?" She shook me, even though my eyes were droppy.

Your eyes rolled to the back of your head and I made Staff worried.

Staff 1: "Y/N?!" She screamed.

After the scream, all the other Staff rushed over to you seeing your small, weak body.

Namjoon : "What happened?" He asked with shaking eyes.

Staff 2: "She collapsed that's all I know." He said.


You woke up on the couch of BTS' resting room. You feel better somehow.

You looked around seeing Jimin asleep holding your hand.

You looked at his angelic face and smiled.

You silently and quickly get up with his hand still in yours and cuddled him by sitting in his lap with your hands around his waist. Your head against his chest.

He suddenly woke up looking confused then at you.

Jimin : "Y/—." He called.

Y/N : "If you leave me like you did back there, I'd torture myself for thinking I wasn't doing my job at being your girlfriend." You cut him off.

He wrapped his hands around your small body, closing the space between the both of you.

Jimin : "Don't do that cause I'll never leave you. I'm sorry about what happened last night, I let my stress and anger take control." He confessed.

Y/N : "I love you." You cried.

He rubbed your back giving you comfort.

Jimin : "I was happy you came.. I was still angry with you earlier and I should've dropped the attitude." He whispered.

You hugged him tighter, smelling his cologne.

Jimin : "I love you babe." He kissed my lips and I kissed back.

You bit his lip to tease him.

Jimin : "Hm? You really asking for a punishment?" He whispered in a deep voice.

You giggled making him pin you down on the couch with him between your legs.

Jimin : "Don't be too loud babygirl." He turned serious and bit his lip, smirking.


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