By DreamXOs

Horror / Humor

14: Jason With a Gun

There was a slight, unsettling shake in America’s hand as he faced the point towards Russia. The feverish look remained in his eyes, and there was sweat on his brow. England stood between them, the only obstacle the bullet would face if America fired in that very moment.

“You had a gun this whole time?” Russia looked offended.

“Of course I did,” America snapped. “The moment you invited us here I was suspicious. I would’ve brought more than a handgun had England not intervened at the time.”

“I honestly think you should put the gun away,” England begged.

“You brought a weapon into my house with possible intentions to use it,” Russia said incredulously. “This was supposed to be a fun night, but now I’m at gunpoint, most of my guests and household have gone missing, and England is sober.”

“Please don’t measure a night out by how much I drink,” England’s face flushed from embarrassment.

“Say it how it is, Russia,” America’s eye twitched. “Tell me how both you and Belarus have been disposing of everyone.”

“What?” Russia’s face fell.

“This is how I see it,” America said carefully. “You have enemies amongst us, and tonight a lot of us made enemies with Belarus. Italy was taken down by Belarus in the bathroom, and she left him there to arrive at the lounge we were in. That was her way of saying she had knocked him out. Assuming Belarus did the clever thing, she hid him in the bathroom, and when you sent Lithuania to check if he was there, a seemingly empty bathroom was enough for him to confirm that Italy was not there. You deceived Lithuania and got Belarus to do the dirty work.”

“This sounds very feeble,” Russia said.

“Listen,” America’s finger slipped to the trigger and Russia froze. “Once you were out of the room after being accused, you needed to reconsider. It was easy for you to get rid of Lithuania, because no one was there as a witness, and he was only in the way. Both you and Belarus were taking people down. She targeted France, which probably meant you snuck to the east wing to separate the other three. Somehow, you got Japan away from Germany and China, because Ukraine never reported to having seeing him. You easily disposed of Japan, and then Germany went to the toilet with Latvia. I’ll assume Ukraine probably left the room, which was when you next targeted China. However, you needed to get away before Germany and Latvia returned. There are so many rooms down here you could’ve hid in many. You hid in the library.”

“The library?” England looked at America in confusion.

America nodded as if he were on a role. “You went in the room, but you didn’t cover your tracks efficiently enough. Estonia entered the library, and whilst he didn’t see you, it was a close enough shave. For a time, we thought Estonia was suspicious, but he was just investigating the room that you had entered. Once Estonia was asleep, you followed him and disposed of him, covering your tracks and getting rid of the one person suspicious of you.”

“So, what happened to Germany and Latvia?” Russia asked, a challenge in his voice.

“That’s simple,” a triumphant smile spread across America’s face. “After you attacked Estonia, you sent Belarus to get the crowbar, because it was a deadly weapon. On your way down the stairs, though, you encountered Germany and Latvia, but I and England were already gone by then to get the ladder. You deceived them and attacked Germany from behind. It wasn’t hard for you to dispose of Latvia once Germany was out of the picture, but the fighting injured your arm.”

“I’m sure I just did that now,” Russia frowned.

“No, no – once Germany and Latvia were gone, it was easy,” America’s eyes were wild. “You believed Belarus would jump scare us and get rid of us there and then. However, when she failed to do so, you ended up getting trapped with us. The reason Ukraine isn’t here now is because both you and Belarus intended to get rid of her at some point during the night.”

“What’s my motive?” Russia asked.

“You’re motive is sick and twisted and is the reason Italy had to go first,” America laughed. “You’re motive is to become the most powerful country in the world; however, it’s also your incestuous relationship with Belarus that started this.”

What?” Russia squinted at him.

“Italy obstructed Belarus at the dinner table when she wanted to sit next to you,” America said. “You were talking to him, and she was jealous. In a fitful rage, she murdered him in the bathroom. When you found out, you were surprised at first, but then started to see the benefits. Getting rid of me and China would be one the best moves you could make to become the strongest nation in the world. Murder became easier as more people died, be it for convenience or for your goal. The Baltics had to die for your plan to work, and the pair of you saw Ukraine as an awkward barrier to your relationship. However, your plan went horribly wrong.”

“Oh, did it?” Russia faked a look of surprise. America was too far gone to realise that, though.

“Yes,” he breathed. “Belarus failed to kill us at the garage. We escaped. Shamed at the idea of failure, she sought us out whilst you hid in the west wing. However, we deceived her and she failed again. Her only option became to lie. In her desperation to be with you, Belarus pretended she had killed us. She didn’t want you being angry with her failure and revoking your promise. Your plan was to now kill Ukraine, so in your anticipation to celebrate your victory, you ran down the hallway with Belarus not too far behind. However, you were stunned at the sight of us. You hadn’t expected Belarus to lie for her love of you, and when you collided with me, you had to improvise with the usual terrified attitude against Belarus. We believed it. I don’t know how you intended to kill us at this stage, but in her rage, Belarus got rid of your older sister and probably intended to do us in as well. You, who were subduing your attitude, tried to play our friend as you did with Germany, but Belarus was going all out at this stage. Your contradicting attitudes have led to this scene here, because Belarus killed the one person you could load your actions onto.

“It’s over, Russia,” America grinned. “I said I would be the hero and avenge my murdered friends, so this is what I’m doing.”

“Except you’ve got it all wrong,” Russia said.

America pulled the trigger. England threw himself to the floor as he heard the bullet rip through the air. Rolling over, he saw Russia had only just thrown himself to the side in an attempt to get out of the bullet’s way. The TV screen shattered in sparks and glass as the bullet passed through. America reloaded the gun, but Russia was one step quicker. He jumped up and smashed America’s hand with a kitchen faucet and the gun was sent clattering to the ground. America ducked under his arm and dived past, shoving England aside. Russia didn’t hesitate. He pulled England to his feet and left the room.

England fell into a running pace beside him. “What do we do?”

“We get away from the psychopath,” Russia’s eyes were wide.

Never once did they run in a direct straight line. Another shot was fired. England looked in horror as the bullet pinged into the wall nearby him and ricocheted further down the hallway, resting to a stop on the ground.

“My whole house is bulletproof and for a good reason,” Russia explained, when England looked at him in horror.

Russia suddenly dashed into the library, and England almost ran past the room. He doubled back and ran inside. He followed Russia into the maze of bookshelves, where they rested to a stop, hidden amongst the books.

“Why did we go in here?” England asked.

“How far are you willing to go?” Russia asked and looked at him pointedly.

“Against America?” England panicked. “I-I don’t know.”

“Do you think he would shoot you?” Russia looked sincere.

“He nearly did,” England frowned. “What’s wrong with him?”

“Honestly?” Russia looked sympathetic. “He’s scared, paranoid, watches too many horror films, it’s Hallowe’en tomorrow, and he’s a little feverish.”

“Feverish?” England gasped.

“You didn’t notice?” Russia frowned. “He looked a little pasty this entire time. That’s why I wanted to stay in the little lounge as well as eat a large, hot meal. I went out to meet you guys, and he was not coping well in the cold.

“I-I didn’t…”

“I saw you guys come in here,” America cooed from across the library.

Instantly, Russia and England fell silent. However, Russia gave England a pointed look. Swallowing, England nodded, hoping this was a good decision.

Like two ninjas, he and Russia crept along past the bookshelves. Despite his size, Russia was stealthily silent. England assumed that was from years of managing to avoid Belarus like a boss. His new ally kept peering in through the bookshelves, checking America’s progress. He suddenly motioned for England to stop walking, but moved further down their aisle, always checking through the slight gap in the books. America hadn’t bothered to turn on the lights when he’d come in, but the wide open door shone the light on his back, which gave England and Russia a chance to see him.

Further down the aisle, Russia made pushing motions against the bookshelf he stood near and held up his hand with three fingers. England stared at him, alarmed, until he received a pointed look. He had signed up for this. Keeping an eye on Russia, he watched him count down three. When Russia’s third finger went down, he pushed against the bookshelf he stood near, throwing his full weight into it, and watched it start to topple.

“What the…?” he heard America exclaim, just as the bookshelves began to fall in a domino effect.

“Come on!” Russia yelled to England as he ran for the door.

There were gun shots aimed at where Russia’s voice had been, but England pressed forward and saw that he made it out of the room. He staggered out of the room, dust flying from the collapsing bookshelves. The door was slammed shut behind him and he turned to see Russia locking it with a key.

They listened to the crashes inside as well as several other gunshots. Taking a step back, Russia breathed a sigh of relief. England leant against the wall and tilted his head back.

“Let’s get that ladder,” Russia gasped, looking strained. “Why did you want to get into the loft anyway?”

“We were hoping we’d have better communication there,” England replied. “If that’s not the case, there’d be no point going there.”

“No, there could be better signal,” Russia nodded. “Who are you calling?”

“Well, I don’t know anymore,” England grimaced. “I think I’ll call Canada and tell him his brother’s lost his bloody mind. I don’t know what he’ll do, but I’m sure his calming voice might ease America’s fevered mind.”

Russia nodded, and they awkwardly staggered down the hallway. England frowned, concerned about his unsteady movements, but walked alongside him nevertheless. There wasn't a time when Russia wasn't on the lookout for Belarus, and even England was being weary of both Russia's sister and America. There were suddenly so many dangers in Russia’s house that England wasn’t sure what the most dangerous was.

“I’m worried about Belarus being in the same house as that madman,” Russia attempted to keep conversation flowing. “If she encounters him, he’ll shoot her, because he thinks she’s in on it.”

“You’re not… you know,” England frowned.

“Of course not,” Russia shook his head, and then leant against the wall in pain. “She just likes me way too much. However, neither of us are involved with these disappearances.”

“How do you know, Russia?” England admitted. “We’re the only four left…”

“A brother usually has a good instinct about his little sister, if he has one,” Russia smiled knowingly. “There’s just something inside me that’s telling me Belarus is not the one. Big sisters are more unpredictable, but don’t hold my accusations against me, da?”

England nodded. “Now, let’s see what’s wrong with your leg?”

“It’s nothing,” Russia said defensively. “Let’s get to that ladder.”

“OK, then, if I kick your leg, you’re going to be fine?”

“Please don’t kick my leg,” Russia looked concerned.

“Let me see it, then,” England folded his arms. “If you have any injuries, let me know about them. I need to be aware of everything when making plans that could include you.”

Russia nodded, and relented, turning his leg to show England the damage down.

“This is supposed to be a comedy,” England complained. “He got you with the gun.”

“It feels like it,” Russia scowled. “I can walk. It hurts, but I can walk. Maybe even run.”

“Fine,” England frowned. “But… if you need support… I can… help you walk.”

Russia laughed. “Don’t worry. I’ve survived so many things that a shot to the leg is minor. It hurts, sure, but whatever, da? Nothing I can’t handle.”

England nodded and they continued down the hallway until they reached the entrance hall. The floor was bare. The ladder was gone. Both stood and stared at the empty spot where the ladder had been.

“It’s gone,” England stated, knowing it was obvious, but needing it said aloud nevertheless.

“Belarus,” Russia pinched the bridge of his nose. “Belarus took it.”

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