Illegirl | pjm

By threeletterslife

Romance / Humor


He can't stop thinking about you. Your face, your laugh, god, even your handwriting - sometimes he just spends long minutes admiring your neat penmanship on your tests. He knows every single one of your writing quirks - how you take your time to put a cute little dash over your 7's, or how beautiful your 4's look compared to everyone else's.

¦things to know¦

1. i do not own bts.
this is merely fanfiction (quite unfortunately lmao) and is not affiliated with bangtan or bighit in anyway. besides if i had a dollar for every time i fangirled about bts, i’m pretty sure i could afford to buy them...

2. please do not plagiarize my story.
okay so i worked on this story ESPECIALLY hard. Illegirl will have around forty chapters (including the epilogue) and i wrote twenty-one chapters in two days.... sO i think i’d just about die if someone just simply copy-pasted my work and called it their own. dO yOu wAnT mE tO dIe?!? (okay sorry i’m dramatic)

3. special chapters
Illegirl will have a few special chapters. these chapters are purely for the readers’ enjoyment. some will not correlate with Illegirl’s plot at all, and others will feature — most likely — smut
and to prevent innocent eyes from being dirtied, i will give a lil warning every time a more mature chapter comes up. there will be an asterisk (*) on the top of each chapter with a bit of mature content (:

4. i love you all.
no but seriously!! i love everyone who chooses to spend their time reading the stuff that i write ♥ have a nice day, afternoon or night (especially to the champs who are reading this in bed at like 3 am in the morning)

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