Aro’s Mate

By Callie Mullins

Thriller / Romance


Edward Cullen fell for Bella Swan in Forks, WA. Bella also fell madly in love with him until he broker her heart and left Forks. She grieved and found a newfound friendship in the newly turned shapeshifter Jacob Black. But when death threatens her beloved Edward Cullen, Bella is drawn to Italy where she meets her mate in the castle of Volturra. What will her long lost Edward think of this pairing or will he accept it and move on with his after life? Find out in the first of many stories to come, Aro’s Mate.

Chapter 1

~Bella’s POV~

As I raced through the narrow and extremely crowded streets of Volterra, one thought and one thought alone were on my mind. Does he not know how much it would kill me if he were gone? But yet, even as I raced to save this idiot’s life, I found that it wasn’t Edward I was being drawn to now. But the building above, where something dark and menacing was waiting for Edward to step out into the brightly lit sun.

I wondered what went through that dumbass’s mind when he put one foot out into the sunlight. I growled angrily now and lunged at him which wasn’t a good idea.

“Edward, NO!” I crashed into him and it felt like hitting boulders. I fell to the ground and so did he but I quickly got him up in time to get him out of the sunlight.

“Edward, are you okay?” Seeing him for real brought back a ton of memories just then and it hurt to know that he was the one that had left-not me, not his family. He left me all alone in Forks, unprotected as always. I shook him off when he stared at my face, surprised.

“Well that was fast. I really didn’t think hell would be this good,” he mumbled.

I realized then that he thought I was a ghost or a figment of his undead afterlife. Again, I felt a force pulling me to the building when I heard Alice’s pixie like voice cut through the air.

“Lets go…come on, Edward.” She was worried now and sounded nervous, which was unlike Alice who saw what would be coming next.

Then I turned around to see a girl who was as beautiful as Edward and Alice were, but with bright red irises shining out from under her black cloak.

“Come now, Edward. Aro shall want to see that you did not commit suicide in his own humble city.” The girl spoke quietly but with as much authority as an adult.

We followed the girl, whose name Edward later told me was Jane, down a long and dark hallway. She opened up an inconspicuous but still somewhat noticeable hatch and let us go down. I could see there was no ladder so I jumped down into Alice’s arms, which would probably leave bruises later. Jane flipped down her hood when we arrived. I stared down at my feet while Alice went up first. I heard three voices, but one was the loveliest out of all of them, even lovelier than Edward’s which I found quite hard to believe.

“Bella Marie Swan,” the lovely voice said in a romantic Italian accent. I looked up then and found myself peering into crimson eyes. I stepped back a bit, but the same force pulled me closer to this strange vampire. I studied him. He had long black hair that matched his olive toned but still porcelain colored skin and those strange, frighteningly beautiful crimson eyes that were just a shade darker than Jane’s bright shiny ones. There was a silence—not deafening, but not entirely comfortable either. Just then, I heard a slight growling come from next to me. I looked up and saw that Edward was in an angry fighting stance towards who I assumed was Aro.

Aro sighed and looked at Edward with pleading eyes, looking down at Edward’s hand. Suddenly I was not afraid for Alice or Edward, or even me, but for this strange red eyed vampire. Edward relaxed a little and stretched out his hand. I feared, deliberately, for Aro’s life.

~Edward’s POV~

I was angry, sure, but I could see the look in Aro’s eyes that she was his mate. At long last, he would be happy and content with living with mortals, as long as he could live it with her. I was not angry because I was in love with Bella, it was because I wanted her sweet, honey like blood to be mine and no one else’s. Besides even if I had fallen in love with a mere human like Bella, I knew that she and Aro were destined to be together.

Alice had had a vision of Bella, even before we got ‘together’ of them being together.

I had wanted her so bad and Alice warned me not to go after her. But I did so anyway, and now she’s come here to save me—finally inches away from her mate. I suddenly realized that Aro was touching my hand. I cussed inside my brain for a second for everything went numb and black and cold.

~Aro’s POV~

So here she is, my lovely mate. I heard Edward’s every thought when I crossed the one about only wanting to drink her blood and how she was here saving his miserable life. I grabbed him by the neck, twisted and it ripped off. My brothers, Caius and Marcus helped me burn him alive while my poor mate watched in terror as her former vampire lover was torn to pieces. I watched as Alice struggled to break free from Bella’s grip, and smiled softly.

“Alice, tell Carlisle I send my regards and deepest regret. As for what happened to Edward,” I spoke, and Alice winced at her fallen brother’s name. “That was entirely his own fault.”

Alice nodded solemnly and took Bella, my love, with her as she escaped to their measly town in Forks. Someday, I decided, I might just go and visit Forks to meet my mate in personal regards to Carlisle Cullen and the rest of his abnormal coven.

I sighed heavily and went back upon my ‘throne’ besides Marcus and Caius. “There she goes, my dear brothers.”

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