How I became a kai warrior


Fantasy / Drama


Sora lost his parents in an accident and hated life , he became a neet and one day while surfing the net he found a quiz " have you ever been alive before ? " , he answered the quiz's question and then he is asked to write a wish , he thought it was a silly joke so he wrote an impossible to come true wish only to be enfolded in a bright light and he wakes up and realises that his wish came true .

Chapter 1: no purpose

I remember it like it was yesterday: the day I last saw my parents .I was only 14 then.

( be good and listen to your aunt while we are away, we will miss you , bye ). these were the last words my parents said to me before they left.

2 hours later the phone started ringing and aunt himari picked up (hello, ...yes,he is my brother ,......what are you saying ’starting to shake and cry ’, it can’t be.. ) after that aunt himari took her bag and ran out of the house (stay here ) she told me that before leaving ; I didn’t know what was happening and did what I was told while wandering what is going on then I remembered what my mom told me (if you ever need anything just call me); so I used the phone and called the number she has written on the wall near the phone “the number you have called is out of service ” after hearing that I knew I didn’t have any choice but to wait for aunt himari ; so I turned on the TV and almost every channel had the same news ” a plane crashed on its way to Paris ”

I remembered dad telling mom (our next trip will be to Paris, honey ) , while remembering each word my body started shaking and I felt like time has stopped .

I wanted to know if the plane that crashed was the one my parents took or not and before I could call anyone and ask , I heard the doorbell and went to open the door , it was aunt himari’s husband Mr asahi and one look at his face gave me the answer to my question. I started crying and begging Mr asahi to take me to my parents then he hugged me and said ( I’m sorry ,Sora) and his actions gave another answer to a question I would never dare ask . I remember crying myself to sleep on the carriage that day.

After that I started living with aunt himari and her husband and since they are my guardians they had access to the money my parents left behind

And with time their greed started to grow and they kept spending the money on themselves . of course they gave me any amount of money I wanted or needed but to me life had no meaning or purpose after my parents deaths so all I did was stay in room . I became what people call a neet.

At first I only stayed in my room staring at the ceiling and remembering all the good memories of my parents and every happy memory I remembered was followed by a river of tears .

One month later ....

I was really bored so I turned on The computer and double clicked on the browser icon and the first thing that showed up was an ad ” the new award winning anime. watch the first episode now” . it seemed interesting so I clicked on the ad and watched the anime .

I really liked it because it Didn’t abide by any rules of reality or society. it was a world of its own where you can do anything you want and live free of any responsibilities or attachments .

I started being more addicted to anime and video games and lost any interest in real life . there was something I didn’t like about anime though and it’s that I have no choice of how the story goes or what the mc does so I started looking for something that has what I want and indeed I found game books : a book that makes you the main character and how the story goes depends on the reader’s choices and there was one game book that I adored and never got bored of , it is Joe dever’s lone wolf saga . being a kai warrior in world of good , evil ,magic , knights and a lot of different races.

Two years have passed and I am still in my room reading game books, playing video games and sometimes watching anime.

one day while I was surfing the net I found a quiz with a title “Have you ever been alive before ?“, I thought it was silly but I thought to myself why not and so I clicked on the quiz and the first question was a yes or no question ” are you happy ?” I clicked on ” no” the next question was ” do you want more in life? ” and my answer was the same and 3rd question was ” do you want to live forever? ” I gave the same answer.the 4th question was ” if you knew that your death will save a good person’s life , would you kill yourself? ” this time my answer was “yes” . the 5th and the last question was ” if you knew the person you sacrificed your life for will commit suicide two months after you have saved them , would your answer to the 4th question change ?” My answer was “no”

then an empty box appeared and above it was written ” explain why you would still sacrifice your life for a person who would waste their’s ” I answered ” you mentioned in the 4th question that the person that will be saved is good and I think a good person will do more good in two months than a person like me who sees no meaning in life would do in his entire life ”

After I clicked OK another empty box appeared and above it was written ” make a wish and it will come true ” . ( what a silly joke !) I said but I started it so I might as well finish the quiz, I wrote ” I want to be a kai spreme master { highest rank for a kai warrior } and in a world where my life has a meaning “.

After I clicked on “ok” , a message appeared saying “please wait ” . I got up from my chair and went to get a drink . before I reached the door a blinding light shined from the floor and suddenly I felt like I was falling in an endless abyss .

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