Study Buddy

By Jiminsgirl63

Romance / Humor


A boy falls for a his study buddy.


You: *Sighs* Finally schools over

You: (Tomorrow the class is having a test so I decided to invite my friend over to study with me)

You: Yah! JungKook-ah! Are you up coming over tonight to study for tomorrow test?

JungKook: Wha?! We have a test tomorrow?!

You: You slept through class again didn’t you?

JungKook: Hehehe You caught me~ But sure I guess why not~

You: what? Really

Jungkook: I told ya~ That those two are dating

You: *Scowls* I can’t believe she kept that secret from me

JungKook: And why am i not surprised~

You: Oh! shut up!!

You: (I know it’s impossible for us to be something more but I can’t help but have a crush on him)

You: (I can’t help but look at him, his face is perfect... Is it bad for me to like him?)

You: ( Would our friendship be over if I confess to him?... What are you thinking moon (Y/N)?!

You will definitely ruin the friendship if you confess..)

JungKook: Yah Earth to (Y/N) !!! *his Hands start to wave in front of my face making my head a bit dizzy*

You grabbed hold of his hand stopping the waving from making you dizzy.

Your cold hand touch his hot hand making it electrify.

You: I-I’m sorry!

His deep voice sends out a chuckle making you shiver.

A smile was form on his face making you wonder what he’s thinking

JungKook: *Chuckle* It’s okay~ By the way are you sick(Y?N)? Your hands are cold...

You: Hun? I don’t think so but I do fell quite dizzy these days...

JungKook: We should get you back to your huse then *worrid* It’s cold out here.

You nodded your head agreeing with his idea.

You: Mom! I’m home!!

Your voice echo around the house hearing no response but just a laugh from a certain some one.

You look at JungKook weirdly, feel like there’s someting wrong with him.

your hand reach out for his forehead, seeing that the tempertaure was normal you sighed in relief.

He kept on laughing, not caring if you are staring at him weirdly. It goes on for a while but eventually stop. Suddenly a sudden sting go through your forehead.

looking at the culprit and his weapon sneered at him.

You: Yah! What was that for?! *pouts* (Why does he always aim at forehead all the time?! Now my perfectly uninured now hurt because of him?! Is it going to leave a bruise??? AISH)

JungKook: It’s your fault for having such a gold fich memory~ This morning you even told me that your mom is gonna be out his week and that she won’t be coming back

next week you idiot! *playfully laugh*

you rolled your eyes, and start mimicking his word making him frown. Starting to feel a bit nervous seeing him frowning you dashed down the hallway into your bedroom before he gets to your


JungKook: OHOHOHOH you are getting away from me after mimicking me so badly missy!!!

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