Silent Tease

By Jiminsgirl63

Adventure / Romance


A Gripping story about you and Jeon Jungkook. Being Jimin's younger sister might have been the luckiest girl on earth. all the members of BTS adores you because you're as cute as Jimin all of them has been treating you like their own younger sister ... When you meant "ALL"... you mean everyone.... except...Jungkook. Jeon Jungkook. links below for the youtube video version: part 1- part 2- part 3- part 4- part 5- part 6- part 7-


Being Jimin’s younger sister might have been the luckiest girl on earth.

all the members of BTS adores you because you’re as cute as Jimin

all of them has been treating you like their own younger sister


When you meant “ALL”...

you mean everyone.... except...Jungkook.

Jeon Jungkook.

Ever since the day you were introduce to him...

You always been having this werid feeling toward him ...

How he stares at you...

Is like he’s harassing every part of your body from head to toe.

How he silently moves in closer to stand by you...

Is like he’s admiring your small figure against his huge body.

How he talks to you...

Is like he’s eating up your soul without even trying...

Everything.....everything about him....

Just makes you feel...

so uncomfortable.

You: “JIMIN OPPA!!!” {squealing like a little kid.}

Jimin: “Y/N.. How’s you been doing in Japan? Everything going good?”

You: “Of course! But the only thing is that i miss you so much!”

Jimin: “I miss you too! Eh, i’m going to face time you. You’re not naked...are you?”

You: “Pssfft! Of course I’m not naked. Why would i be?”

Jimin:{laugh} “Just in case you are. Because Jungkook is here too.”

Your smile died automatically and your heart started racing.

You: “Jung...Jungkook?”

You jump when your phone vibrates.

You were debating if you should answer it or not.

But if you didn’t... then Jimin might sense something fishy.

So with so much hesitation... you decided to answer it.

You slide your finger across your lock screen.

You: “Hi Oppa....”

Jimin: “Wow, you got so skinny.”

Jungkook: “No she’s not.”

Jimin: “She does. Can’t you tell?”

Jungkook: “She look the same.”

Jimin: “Are you saying i don’t know my own sister?”

Jimin looks around to ask someone for their opinion.

Jungkook: “I think she gotten prettier.”

Jimin: “I didn’t say that my sister isn’t pretty.”

Jungkook: “Oh yeah.”

“Ah, I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me seeing her differently.”

“Lately, lately I’ve been--”

Jimin: “No, come to this side and take a look.”

You moved back from the screen.

Jimin: “Ah, you just frighten her.”

Jungkook: “I haven’t done anything yet though.”

Jimin: “How about in the middle? What are we doing?”

During the time that Jimin was talking to you.....

Slowly... your vision and mind space out.

And the only person in your sight...was Jungkook.

1 month at Japan wasn’t enough time for you to avoid seeing Jungkook.

In a blink eye, you were back again in Korea.

Back to seeing Jungkook.

Back to being his little toy to play with.

Your attitude towards Jungkook slowly started to show that almost everyone has been noticing that whenever Jungkook is around, you always tried to go somewhere else.

It has been so hard for you since your Oppa Jimin, is a member of BTS.

Although you clearly stated that you don’t want to tag along and get in everyones way...

Whenever you’re not around, everyone will ask about you.

So Jimin sometimes *force* you to tag along with him even though you did not want to.

At another BTS concert..

As they were saying their thanks and goodbyes to their beloved A.R.M.Y, you got up from your seating and headed on back to congratulate them for their successful concert.

They left the stage and walked on back to where you were waiting for them.

You hugged V, J-Hope and Jin who came to you with open arms, causing you to drain in their sweats.

And then gave Suga and Rap Monster a high five.

As Jimin came out, you squealed happily and hugged him so tight despite all his sweats.

Jungkook came out right after Jimin.

His eyes glue onto you as you walked on ahead, still with your arm around Jimin’s shoulder.

You offered to go get some bottles of water since there is no more in the waiting room.

You entered into the staff’s lunch room and headed over to a corner where all the 12 packs of water bottles were located at.

You carried a pack in your hands and turned around.

Your heart sank and you almost couldn’t breathe.

Standing infront of you was... Jungkook.

How can he walk in without making any sound?

You met his eyes for 2 seconds... then let it wander off somewhere else.

You couldn’t bear to keep eye contact.

He was staring at you with lust in his eyes.

You wouldn’t dare look at his body either.

His white tee was soak from his sweat; revealing his nice, strong build that was hiding behind that baby face of his.

The atmosphere was so tense that you swore you will pee in your pants if this goes on any longer.

You took all the courage you have to meet him in the eye and then forced a lifelessly/nervousness chuckle.

You: “ did great out there.”

Quickly, without anymore waiting..

You took a step toward the opening gap between him and the wall to exit.

He slided in front of you, blocking your way.

You froze where you stand.

Although you didn’t dare to look up at him..

you can feel his blaing eyes staring right at you.

You are short...tiny... and worthless...

Standing up straight against him like this..

You fit perfectly right under his chin.

The rapid beating of your heart and the sound of your heavy breathing is the melody that flooded through the room.

This is what you are mostly afraid of...

Being all alone with him.

His hands came up and held onto the pack of water bottles that you were carrying and took it out from your hands.

He put it down on the floor and came back up.

You wouldn’t dare move a muscle.

Jungkook: “Hug me too.”

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