Serial Attraction

By Hweianime



Sawada Tsunayoshi is normal. Well, that's not true. But god, he wishes he could be.

Case 1

Mochida was his first. Tsuna didn’t remember his first name. It really didn’t matter in the scheme of things. Mochida wasn’t that important other than being there at an earlier time than everyone else really.

He had been a bully, that cliche one who likes to call names and tease and push the people they like around. Just the thing kids tend to do.

Mochida loved to bully Tsuna the most. He was the first one to tease him, to shove him, to initiate any contact at all with the small quiet shy brunette. Obviously things began escalating. Tsuna couldn’t find anything in him to stop the upperclassman from doing so either. Because while it hurt and it was painful and he had always found his wide brown eyes at the brink of tears-

The little boy didn’t want the only person who really noticed and actively seek him out to disappear from his life.

However Mochida grew crueler, more obsessive to the point where even his lackeys and peers could feel something was wrong. Tsuna found dead animals on his table during class, he found jeering taunting notes in his locker and everything, the brunette realised, had gone a step horrifyingly too far.

He went to the teachers, his mother, even his classmates who usually would ignore him. There was evidence to his story, his classmates backed him up saying they had seen firsthand the little ‘gifts’ that he’d received, his teachers had reported the incident and attempted to try and split this toxic relationship as far as possible and his mother never had been so protective and vigilant until now. Tsuna felt safe and loved and wanted. He almost wanted to thank Mochida for his cruelty.

When Sawada Tsunayoshi was seven years old he was found missing.

After 72 hours they found him bound, beaten and crying in a dimly lit, dirty abandoned shed just a few minutes away from Mochida’s house. The boy was surrounded by the corpses of little animals. Gifts.

Mochida was his first.

He wasn’t the last.

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