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Erotica / Romance


Flynn Montgomery is a human man with a spunky best friend, Siena. With tensions running high in their business Siena drags Flynn to a club where he meets the most beautiful raven-haired women he's ever seen. She holds up the moon and stars in Flynn's eyes, and he wants nothing more than to become a permanent fixture in her life. But is anyone ever really that perfect? * Lillian Reed is the daughter of the Alpha of the Youngblood pack. One fateful night she meets her mate at a packed club while out with her sarcastically blunt friend Carmen. She brings Flynn into her world, introduces him to her parents, all the while letting him think she's a human girl. Little does Lillian know that she's unknowingly put him straight into the arms of danger.


“What the fûck did you say to me, Siena?”

He felt his anger bubbling up to the surface. Although he thought of the small, blonde, and infuriating woman in front of him as the sister he never had, she still pushed the fûck out of his buttons.

“You. Need. To. Get. Laid” She smirked, enunciating every word,” It’s been affecting you, Flynn. I know you haven’t been getting good sleep, and you’re very fücking grouchy. Seriously, go pluck some pretty slût off the street and bed her already. You don’t have to give her your heart, just your-”

He had already put his hand up, signaling her to stop before she said the next word.

“Siena, I don’t need to..” he let out a small puff of air,” ‘Get laid’.” He curled his pointer and middle fingers in the quotations hand gesture. ” I just need to punch the fück out of something or someone.” He shut his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose.

He had been letting out his frustration on the machines at the gym, and also Siena, but he’s had more anger as of late and couldn’t figure out why.

He suddenly felt a small hand grab the one holding his nose. She took his hand and held it between her small ones, green eyes shining up at him with a hint of concern. She only cared for him and wanted to see him happy again. It had been so long since.... and even Flynn of all people, stoic, poised, and gentlemanly, needed some feminine companionship every once in a while.

" Flynn, I know how, .. hard, things have been lately, but I really do think you need more than a fight to let go of the things you have going on inside.” She felt a mischievous smile start on her face,” Besides, what could be better than a tight, warm, and wet pu—”

Flynn scowled at her, cocking one eyebrow, feeling his eyes shift a shade darker. He knew she was just trying to get a rise out of him, after all, what were baby sisters for but he didn’t want to hear those words or talk about that with her.

She huffed,” Just... come with me to the club, please?”

He took a step back and put a hand up, “No fućking way, Siena. I don’t want to go to some small, smoke-filled club with a bunch of drunk and high people lusting after each other. No way.”

Siena gave him the puppy dog face, pouted lip and all, “Please Flynn? Please come with me. Find a hot girl, go back to her place and bada-bing bada-boom, leave in the morning before she wakes up. I guarantee you’ll feel better.”

Her idea didn’t seem that bad. He had felt like he had some pint up frustrations that even he knew could only be let out by busting a load into some girl. His hand can only do so much.

She watched him work through all of his doubts in his head before his face fell, “Fine.” He sighed and she squealed.

“Yay! Go home and get ready. I’ll meet you there.” She bounced out the door and left him alone in the warehouse.

He sighed again, “What the fück,” He muttered.

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