Untamed 1: My Innocent Seduction

By yanieboi All Rights Reserved ©

Erotica / Romance


I can't take my eyes to the man sitting at the edge of our library. He is new in our school, I know... His dark brown curly hair that covers half of his forehead, thick eyebrows that sometimes furrows, straight-edged shape nose & his lips... God, it's a pale pink color that moves silently while quietly reading his book ---is hooking me now. He might feel it, that someone is staring at him because he slowly raises his head - damn... That dark gray eyes meets mine...again! And one thing is for sure ... I will have him, by hook or by crook. (Your "LIKE", "COMMENTS" and "REVIEW" are highly appreciated. Inspired me to continue writing :) )

The Village

Alanic POV

The sun pours out its brilliant flame and starts to burn my caramel skin while two hands are busy harvesting the pungent pinkish radish. I’m not bothered and continue for I need to sell it in the village market today.


Damian shout makes my solid build stand up straight and turn on his side.

“The Mayor is calling you!” Excitement cannot suppress in his husky voice while running towards me.

The beat of my heart double, I’ve been waiting for this call for almost half a month now. In my trepidation, I am plagued by sleepless nights, draining my body, haunting my soul.

“He wants to set all the details with regards to your coming school year, and I’m sure he will give you everything that you need!”

Stopping in front of me, he bends and places his hands on his shaking knees while catching his breath.

At last! I cannot stop the spread of a smile blossoming across my face like rays of the rising sun. The scents of the fresh, tingly and minty mountain trees fill my lungs like the notes of an exuberant harmonica.

Two years of sacrifice and the most important things in my life that I desire for will never be just a dream — a degree!

“You’re a lucky guy. Thanks to his daughter who likes you so much.” He winks and gives a naughty smile.

“You’re crazy, that’s not true.” I stop him.

This is not the time to be bothered. What I’m thinking now is the land of hope — The Big City!

Fourteen hours to travel and ride three buses to reach the university where a new beginning awaits me. Excitement pulses through me making my skins sensitive to the slightest breeze. My heart pounds, unable to mint its usual rhythm.

“Oh, come on, we both know that the Mayor is helping you because he likes you for his beautiful daughter,” Damian laughed out loud, “this is actually a bait, and he is one hundred percent sure that you will grab it.”

Carlotta, the mayor’s daughter, is their childhood friend. She is special but not in a way that he is ready for a commitment.

“Enough.” I murmur.

I’m unable to think about anything else but this opportunity before me.

“But it’s a win-win anyway. Carlotta is a big catch after all. Really so... big.” In a funny face, he cupped his both hands on his chest like holding a huge melon on it.

My eyes widen and scan our place. There is a long wooden fence encircles by different flower and a dancing leaf of a mango tree with a swing wheel hanging in the strong branches lifted in the sky. The incense of summer grasses parades the beauty of the weather and no one is around. I sigh and look back at him in relief.

“Don’t do that. Someone might see you and they will think we are disrespecting the Mayor’s daughter.” I give him a warning gape.

The women in the village are very sensitive. They prevent to neither talk nor hear any vulgar words.

Damian laughs harder.

“Oh, my sensitive bro, you need to be immune to this kind of talk and topics. Because when you go down,” pointing his finger to the road we are passing when leaving the village, “your mind will open to what you’ve been depriving to yourself.” His chuckle dwindles into a silly smile.

I raise my eyebrow and give him a small nod.

“And that’s what you learn about reading those X-rated magazines which you steal every time you are asked to clean your uncle’s house.”

His uncle is a delivery man who goes to the city to sell vegetables.

“At least my junior has been well-taken care.” He rubs the front of his jeans.

“With proper exercise every night.” He added with a crazy look.

Shaking my head, a smile spread on my lips and grabs the basket that is about to full. I need to visit the Mayor’s house before dark. Wiping the tiny sweat on my forehead with the shirt hanging on my shoulder, Damian suddenly whispers to me.

“Do you know that our baby juices have expiration dates? You should release them,” he moved his hand up and down with his fingers forming a zero, “so, it can be refilled.”

“I don’t always feel like refilling.” I smirk and walk slowly with stiff fibers’ basket on my hand.

“So true! How can you be aroused if you only see you’re two chickens and that one pig in your backyard?”

He points a finger at our house. He’s a professional when it comes to sexual advice.

“And let’s not forget the duckling Delia whose mouth cannot hold all her teeth, but that doesn’t stop her from smiling at you. What about Sonya-the-cow, whose nose covers her whole face, but she still has the courage to flutter her eyelashes at you! Damn, dude, you are truly rich to have such devoted farm animals.” Damian doubled over, laughing so hard and tears fell freely.

I can’t help but laugh as well on his dramatic introduction for I know my two neighbors are competing to get my attention. But immediately, I stop and hit Damian’s head, he pauses, stare at me while rubbing the part I strike.

“You cannot be rude just because you have a face that everyone adores.” I scold him and move toward our house.

“Umm, sorry, I forget that you’re an animal lover.” He becomes serious and taps my shoulder.

“Anyway, just don’t let your extract leak on them, or it might produce a horse.”

A burst of our laughter covers our front house as we enter inside. I’m sure I’m going to miss this crazy bitch best friend of mine when I’m gone. But he doesn’t need to worry. I don’t want to add a horse to my farm.

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