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Erotica / Romance


Zara Royal is a shy 16-year-old girl who has trouble in being social. That’s the reason why she’s invisible to almost everyone in school, except her tiny group of friends. She’s just like any other normal teenager, that goes to school in West-More-high. And just like any other teenager she has a crush on her math teacher, Mr. Williams. He’s a 32-year-old teacher who’s well known in the school, by girls – and some boys – for his looks, by boys for his humor. And just like everyone else he’s completely oblivious to the girl that always sits behind in the class, hiding behind a book, but observing everything. But what happens when she actually manages to catch his eye? A spark is in the air, a thick layer of sexual tension floats around them, but are they able to resist any longer?


“She was a rainbow, but he was colorblind.”

Silently she watches him over the edge of her book, shoving her glasses a little farther up her nose, her eyes going over every feature of his face. She follows every move with those brown orbs of her, knowing that he’ll never notice her, no matter how hard she’s praying that he will throw a glance her way, but it never has happened, and probably never will.

Because she’s just a nobody.

It’s the sad and ugly truth.

His azure eyes move up, glancing around the class, scanning every student and when they reach her, she quickly looks down, not wanting him to catch her staring at him. And as usual his eyes go over her, not noticing the lovely girl at the back of the room.

Disappointment fills her, but she saw this coming, because why would today be different?

She’s just a girl.

Nobody has ever noticed her, so why would he notice her?

And just like the other days she makes herself comfortable, setting her

pencil-case in front of her, and takes her notebooks from her bag.

Knowing that she’ll always be invisible, she lets out a sigh.

But this time she’s the one who is oblivious to the burning gaze focused on her.

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