Softer Sins

By AimsStory All Rights Reserved ©

Erotica / Romance

Chapter 25

“Sebastian?! What the hell are you doing here?” I whisper shouted at him.

I looked back towards my bedroom door, hoping my mother wouldn’t hear us. Did he have a death wish? If my mother knew he was here, in my room alone with me, she would hang his head from a mantle above our non-existent fire place.

I rush him inside, not completely sure why I don’t just shove him out the window. He lands on my bedroom floor with a bump and we both go silent.

After about 5 minutes, we both let out a breath we were holding in. I turn to Sebastian, not a trace of happiness on my face.

“Why are you here?” I ask, in a stern yet quiet tone.

“I wanted to see how you were holding up. And now that we are back together-“

I cut him off. “We aren’t back together.”


I gave him the dirtiest look and he just smiled. His eyes left my own as he scanned the barely lit room. He took in my messy bed sheets, my small television and then finally, me. He took his time, while I stood their arms crossed. A smug grin took over his face.

“I like your pyjamas,” he said cheekily.

I looked down to see what he was so happy about. I had long, fluffy, cupcake pyjama pants on pair with a simple, cotton sleep bra. I realised that I was indeed pushing my boobs up due to crossing my arms. I rolled my eyes and ignored him.

“I’d like them more on your bedroom floor,” he tried.

I snorted. “Nice try buddy, but I’m going to finish my movie and you’re going to get out and go home.” I proved my point by climbing into bed, getting under my sheets and pressing play on my all-time favourite movie.

I didn’t turn my eyes away from the screen, the whole time wanting him to leave but simultaneously wanting him to stay. I reprimanded myself for the second half of that thought.

I saw movement in the corner of my eye, trying to completely focus on Viola telling Monique that she was ugly as she was dressed up as her brother.

The movement stopped and for a minute I actually thought that Sebastian had listened to me, but of course he hadn’t. The sheets from my bed were lifted, inviting the cool air in, underneath. A large mass landed in the bed and pulled the covers away from me.

I turn to see Sebastian snuggled up in my sheets beside me, looking as comfortable as ever. His movement prior to getting in bed hadn’t been leaving, it was him simply taking off his shoes and shirt to get comfortable. I had a feeling he was trying to seduce me with that chest of his and I hated that it was working.

I was angry, but decided that he didn’t even deserve my wrath, so I just tried to pull the sheets over to my side, but it failed miserably. He had an iron clad grip on the sheets and refused just the littlest bit to cover myself from the cold. He was challenging me, and I knew it.

“Just give me some blanket,” I angrily scolded him, still trying to pull at the sheets.

“It looks like you’ll just have to come over here for some,” he said smugly.

I knew where this was going. He wanted to cuddle, and I was smart enough to know that cuddling shouldn’t happen. He’d just find a way to rub his dick against my ass and we both knew that I would initiate the next stage. I had my first taste and now that I wasn’t a virgin any more, it just intensified what I was missing. I hadn’t had sex in weeks, it was like a thirsty man surrounded by water he couldn’t drink.

I snorted and turned my back to him and focused on the movie. I was cold and if I admitted that to him, I would’ve been forced to cuddle and if I got up and got a blanket, I would ultimately lose this little game we were playing. And that was not happening.

We watched the movie in silence for a little while, at least I did. Viola was trying to keep up with switching between herself and her twin brother at the fair. Ironic how her brother’s name was Sebastian. If my eyes could roll further back into my head, they would’ve.

I started shivering and I must’ve been moving quite a lot because Sebastian spoke up.

“There is plenty of warmth over here. It’s also proven that other people’s body warmth can warm you up quicker.”

He didn’t sound condensing or smug, it was as if he was genuinely worried about me being cold. I found it touching and the smallest, sane part of me rolled over and shuffled towards him. He opened up the blanket and the warm air welcomed me. He securely wrapped the blanket around me, pulling me further to his chest and not moving his arm from where it was on my back.

I didn’t look at him. I felt the redness from my cheeks reach to my ears. Even so, the warmth was welcoming and combined with Sebastian’s hot chest and his arm stroking my back, I stopped shivering pretty quickly.

We didn’t speak, and I refused to turn my back to him. So, as the movie continued to play, my face was practically pushed against his marvellous chest. Sebastian, however didn’t care for the movie at all. His eyes were glued to me. Studying the features of my face. In the corner of my eye I saw him smile when he probably realised that my red cheeks weren’t from the warm or cold air.

I was trying hard to focus on the movie, a few times actually forgetting that Sebastian was even there. I dreaded the end of the movie because I would finally have to recognise the position that we were in.

When the movie did come to an end, I held my breath. Sebastian pulled away from me and I thought that was when he would leave, but then I remembered that it was Sebastian. He turned towards my bed side table, grabbed the remote to turn off the television and turned off my lamp. It was just us, covered in darkness, besides a slither of moonlight shining through the gap in the curtains.

I lifted my eyes to find him already staring back at me. He had this soft look on his face, deep in thought, but that thought obviously about me.

“I’m sorry about Caylee,” he whispered.

I sighed. “I fell for the wrong guy, didn’t I?”

He looked sad at my statement. “I mean, I didn’t think you’d come with so many groupies,” I said with a smile.

His look of sadness disappeared quickly when he realised, I was just playing with him. “What can I say baby? I’m just a man of many talents.”

I playfully shoved his chest.

“I mean what I said,” he started. “I wanted to see how you were handling everything.”

I sighed, my voice dropping to a barely audible whisper. “I don’t understand. She helped me with you.”

“She also put you in danger.”

I knew what he meant. As lucky as we were to have worked out, Caylee still unknowingly gave a stranger my address. It was hard to believe that she was that smitten with Sebastian that she put me at risk. I had brushed it off, thinking that she was trying to do something nice, but now it was terrifying to think about.

“She was just lucky that I’m a noble guy that had good intentions,” he tried to life the mood.

I snorted. “Good intentions, you called me a dick warmer.” Sebastian winced.

“I was trying to be sexy.”

“It didn’t work.”

We both lightly chuckled. I’d forgotten how much I had liked his laugh and unintentionally began to stare at his face. He soon caught me, but this time I made no move to tear my eyes away.

My eyes started to flutter shut, and before I fell asleep, I felt Sebastian lean over and gently kiss my forehead.

And I fell asleep, in a not-so sexy, stranger’s arms.

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