The Mute Mistress: RESTRICTED

By MayenWrites All Rights Reserved ©

Erotica / Romance


Excerpts of Mary and Nathan's R-Rated engagements during and after The Mute Mistress. ***WARNING: Sexually Explicit Content. For ADULT (18+) audiences only***

A Brush of Fire

At 12:10 PM, Nathan Vanderbilt paced around his office. He checked his phone and continued his quarrel against time that began right after he left the estate. Moments ago, he concluded a two-hour conference call, but the meeting’s objectives were hazy by proxy because his setting provoked extreme recollections of her instead. It felt impossible for him to sit in his chair and disregard yesterday’s memory of her nakedness sweating across his desk and jerking underneath his weight. If he sat down again, he would lose his mind not knowing how to distract himself from a distraction.

He felt a vibration in his pocket and anxiously retrieved his phone to view a text. Mary estimated she was five minutes away, but he sighed with restless agony. However, a knock at the door came three minutes earlier than expected, and, he was finally pacified by the familiar scent of lilies lingering in her long brown hair.

He was hungry, but the lunch she brought rested beside their feet in a reusable grocery bag. He craved Mary Georgia’s touch and enveloped her in a tight embrace on sight.

He lifted his face from the top of her head but didn’t pull back too far. His body couldn’t afford the distance again. Every time he saw his gray-eyed goddess he needed to let the essence of her seep in through his eyes. Though, Nathan could barely control the instinct to feed the heat glowing inside of her. There were many ways to do so, and he felt wild with power knowing that just a long breath cascading over her velvet soft skin could cause a wildfire to break.

Mary had her addictions too, one of them being the light, cedary scent of his cologne and another was being under the scrutiny of his dark blue eyes. With him catering to both habits, she felt a great twitch in a desperate place. She was still tender from hours before, when Nathan’s thick shaft eagerly found a home between her thighs.

The silence between them caused Mary to smile at the curled up corners of his dusky lips. She knew his mind was anything but hushed as he began to caress the rounded curve of her hip.

"I love you," Mary signed with her left hand.

The glimmer of her diamond ring caught his attention, and Nathan fervently confessed, “God, I love seeing this on your finger.”

Drunk with admiration, he swallowed up her small hands with his. He never withdrew his touch or attention from her as he led them to the black leather couch beside the wall. Keeping her at a slight distance, he took time to consider Mary’s frame under a fitted cotton shirt and dark skinny pants. Knowing he was going to see her for lunch kept him hard for most of the morning, but now with her arrival, he was rock solid.

With their hands together, Mary impulsively twisted and dipped her hips in a little dance. On the surface, he chuckled, but her playfulness amplified his wild need to fuck her senseless all over again.

With a gentle tug, their bodies were flush and he returned to the feel of her soft waist. But Mary didn’t enjoy the sudden draft against her palms and took hold of his muscular biceps covered in long sleeves.

The fragrance of lilies drifted by again. He sank his gaze and hooked his fingers to the waistline of her pants. Breath hitched in Mary’s throat, and her cheeks stained a dark pink. His quick grin revealed his intent as he nonchalantly unbuttoned the front of her dark skinny pants.

His eyes flashed up, and the intense color of her face provoked him to ask, “What’s the matter?”

Mary confirmed her caution, looking at the door. Nathan anchored his head her way until he silently steered her attention back to him, confused and jealous of the few seconds that took her away from him. To make up for lost time, he stole a long kiss. While he was concerned, he couldn’t ignore how the taste of her lips made his cock twitch.

He pulled away and ogled her blushing lips. “Don’t worry. This time I remembered to tell Chester I’m occupied.”

From her relaxed face, he knew he officially put her concern to rest. While Nathan was less disturbed by the intrusion of a knock at his office doors, yesterday he learned of his partner’s extreme reluctance to being found in a compromising position. Luckily, he was able to placate the situation by verbally dismissing Chester and reassuring Mary that he wasn’t coming back. He had her bent over again in no time.

Now that precautions were in place, she was on again and looked down to appraise his bulging swell trapped behind a zipper. While it was less obvious on her, the need to satisfy a ravenous craving was mutual.

Mary lightly licked the corner of her lip recalling his distinct taste from their early morning encounter. She needed him to fuck her again. She didn’t care how he took her as there was a variety of ways at their disposal in his professional playground and didn’t detest sweating, half-naked on his desk again. Though, she felt more prepared with an extra set of tissues and cleaning wipes in their lunch bag.

Nathan chose the black leather couch for a reason, and it wasn’t because it held an early memory about them. They were no longer strangers, and he intended to turn as many of his old fantasies into recent recollections.

He audibly exhaled with heavily lidded eyes. With his thumb, he softly drew a trail along her smooth cheeks down to her soft lips. “There’s too many things I want to do to you right now, Mary.”

Smirking, she removed her hands from him and slowly signed,“What?”

He bent his head and folded her lips with his. As his tongue swept into her mouth, he peeled the fabric from around her waist and rested it under the curve of her bottom.

With enthusiasm, he felt the plush warmth of her bare ass and twisted his brows before broke away from her darting tongue. He yanked her pants farther down her thighs and held a sudden glint in his eye.

“You naughty... naughty woman,” he chuckled, snapping the side of her lacy black thong against her waist. “You wore this just for me?”

She raked her teeth against her full bottom lip, purposely directing the attention of his blue eyes.

"No," she mouthed.

His brow shot up. “Oh?”

She kissed him softly before flicking his lower lip with her tongue. His mouth opened slightly, and he felt another strong twitch in his groin. Mary shook her head, and he promptly gripped her ass again making her eyes flutter with lust.

“You sure you didn’t wear this for me?” he asked void of any humor.

The hot skin on her face burned brighter with blush. She took delight in refusing to give him the answer he wanted to hear– the answer they both knew was true. As she knew, her resistance called for punishment.

Nathan swung her around and anchored his face in the crook of her neck. He sucked on the salt of her skin and squeezed her breasts, lifting and molding them. He skirted his nose across the nape of her neck randomly licking and absorbing her flavor. Intoxicated by the taste of her, Nathan’s right hand skimmed down her belly and cupped between her creamy thighs where she was hot and wet. He applied gentle pressure with the pad of his middle finger, and slowly moved it back and forth across the saturated fabric. Her knees trembled as Nathan teased her throbbing tenderness.

He lifted his lips to her ear. “Did you... wear this... for me?”

Mary’s soft, ragged moan contrasted her hand that lifted up and signed, ”No.”

Subsequently, he put her on the couch with her elbows and knees deep into the leather. Nathan ran his hand up the middle of her back, slowly encouraging her to lower her head and raise her ass. He pulled her thong up and out from her ass, his eyes wild with passion while he witnessed the wet lips of her loins.

His face neared her glistening pink folds to inhale her ripe scent. After, he placed his hand in the middle of her rear, he covered her asshole with his palm and let his thumb circle, smear, and stroke her swollen lips. She quaked the more he indulged in her pulsing cavernous flesh, easing his large thumb in and out of the ingress her vagina. After catching wind of her first tiny moan, he withdrew his appendage and spat on her bare hole. Straightaway, he drove his two middle fingers into her slippery depth causing her to buck, exhale, and moan at the stretching force.

Suddenly, Nathan struck his free hand against her left cheek. She stretched and carved her fingers into the couch as her eyes rolled back in a frenzied heat.

“You like that, don’t you?” he asked slightly curving his deep fingers engulfed in her tight walls.

Mary smeared the side of her sweaty face against the seating’s fabric, nodding. He exhaled to maintain control of himself but sent two more sharp strikes against her reddened skin.

Mary exclaimed with an exhausted groan and twitched when Nathan rested his hand on her cheek’s burning skin. But this time he was gentle as he rubbed the tender region where he exercised her delicious punishment. Mary pressed her eyes closed and parted her lips the more his curled fingers sank deeper into her. After several wild encounters, he knew how much pressure he needed to make her lose all sense. Looking down at his ravaged beauty, his patience wore thin. He needed to feel his fingers trapped inside of her.

Behind his zipper, his balls tightened, and he felt the premature viscosity of his wet tip. With vigor, he struck and stroked her spot for mere seconds before triggering an explosive finish where she wildly clawed for him.

For a moment, he deliberately listened to her heavy panting amplified by the surface of the couch. His heart thundered from the arousal of entrapment, and he admired the overhead view of his sweaty disarray whose face remained bright from intimate exhaustion.

Mary opened her eyes as he eased his fingers out from the slippery walls of her sopping wet pussy. She kept still, watching as Nathan played with her stringy contribution stretching between his fingers. Yet, his attention wasn’t on his hand as there was no better satisfaction than being under the spell of a gray-eyed wildfire.

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