Eternal Dreams

By HoshikuzeYume All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Fantasy

Chapter 1

Everyone wishes for death, some wish to start a new and the other ends their life. There are emotions that I could had never realized were in me, because I had forgotten. Was everything a dream a reality or a fantasy to return to the time happiness ad occurred. Tears, joy, sweat, living in a world without you was impossible, but what was expecting when I waiting in the place we always played together you were my only older twin sister, whom I heaved loved. There was no turning back on which I chosen on this path before me and I pray for your happiness which I lacked. My heart shivers, trembling as I can’t feel the warmth of that I had wished would had stayed with me for eternity.

With the glistening sunset, we sat at the hill waiting for mother and father to pick us up. Luna stood up and shouted with all of her might as she wanted the world shake. The wind blew, and I saw the most beautiful site, Luna turned around and shined so brightly like a cloud. Finally, without a doubt mother had come to picked us up, where she smiled exactly like the sun spreading happiness. Luna ran towards mother as I stood up and watched because I knew that happiness will eventually disappear.

Once we jumped in the car, the loud motor in the engine made Luna giggled, and I slowly closed my eyes tired from the day’s games. By the time I woke up, the stars were pouring in the sky so gently and I finally smiled because I always felt like I was one with the night. Luna stared, pounced on me, pinching my cheeks as she puffed her cheeks in anger. I laughed enjoying my time, but there was a silence in the house which spooked me leaving me to fear the upcoming future. We were about to close our lights, bundled with our blanket, closing our eyes until....CLASH! Luna and me jumped out of our bed, crept around the corner of the living room door, watching as our mother was crying in agony. My father angered face scared Luna, but I stepped up to comfort Luna rubbing her back as I hugged her.

Father was filled with huge sport bags and suitcases turning away from our sight towards the door with a SLAM! Luna and I paced to our mother trying to touch her, but her hands swayed in signal to leave her alone. Glancing at Luna, her eyes were filled with redness, dripping tears of sadness. My heart didn't respond or hurt instead tears were also moved from my eyes. Mother raised her eyes smiling in sadness, bundling our self together losing many tears. After the next day, Mother disappeared as well but returned with giant jars of liquid in a green bottle. She looked horrible wearing heavy make-up we first had ever saw mother used.

Our mother changing because we could had no longer find our mother with her sun's smile. Ever since father left, mother stopped cooking our breakfast, stopped washing the laundry, stopped cleaning our beautiful home, and stopped loving us. Luna and me decided to take things into our very own hands realizing that no matter what chore we did, our mother may never return to us. Luna was in charge of the cleaning, and I was in charge of cooking. The laundry, we decided to work together on it and played around with the soap while we were at it. By the time we realized, the food were running out, because our mother bought nothing except those green liquid bottles. We were starving as the fridge was cleared out of food, but Luna took courage to face mother. I sat there wondering whither to follow or stay behind but mother changed so much I was worried.

I ran panting heavily along the way, opening the door, finding Luna face flying side to side becoming red every second. I dashed with might and grabbed Luna pushing her out of the room when I locked the door, my mother was a mere monster enraged. Mother laughed as she punched me on my cheeks, and finally smashed one of those green liquid bottles she always drank. My eyes faded away bringing in darkness, when I woke up I was still in the room, where a puddle of blood flooded the floor from my head. Mother disappeared and I unlocked the door to Luna, where she must had been banging the door with her bare fists. She glanced at me and I smiled, where she hugged me tightly in her arms, with teary eyes she was saddened by my figure.

After a couple days, mother appeared once more having us drink juice she had bought and poured in the cup, Luna and me smiled and glance at one another wondering if our mother had really returned. We both drank the cup, but Luna was passing out sleeping on the chair, I panicked and stared into mothers evil grin. She grabbed my long silky brown hair tugging it as if I was a dog trying to resist, filled the bathtub with overheated bathwater. She screamed and shouted,

"You BAD girl, I will teach you as lesson from defying your parents! From now on, be careful when you try to stand in my way. treating your older sister!"

Mother dunked my face into the water mercilessly intentionally to drown me, but not kill me. She left me breathed air every time she shouted at me in anger trying to have me understand not be closer to becoming father. She burned my skin for the past five hours which the water gone cold, where I laid over the floor Luna dashes to my side crying in pain and dries me with a bath towel. Luna whispers to my ear,

"Why does she only do terrible things to you? I want to be hurt so you won't have to experience this pain. It is my older duty to protect you from harm, that's what big sisters do and what I want to do as well."

I replied gently as my hoarse voice filled with water smiling, "Your wrong, it is my duty as a little sister from getting harm as well. I agreed to do this, but one day I will die in order to protect if that is a choice given..."

Luna stood still in shock but cried gently shouting at my face, "You are such an IDIOT!!! Never die, no matter where you stand, always keep walking your dreams!"

I smile greatly feeling her tears drip on my face replying with the sweetest voice, "Did you forget our promise? You're my dream, hope, the sun that shines over my moon, we are connected as we are the same soul split in halves to live equally. When we are in need for another, our souls burst with each other emotions guiding us to a new future. You are a half born from the light and I am a half born from darkness, we will always not be different or the same, but no matter what happens I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!"

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