All The Betrayals

By Shawna Boardman All Rights Reserved ©



This is a story about friends and all of their betrayals. Could you live with it all? The cheating, the lies, and the deceit? Lizzy is just trying to figure out her place in all this. She falls in and out of love. Meets new people and loses people. Jammie thought she was in love, but after finding out about her friends betrayal, she realizes there is more out there for her. Austin doesn't know who he wants or what he wants. Will he ever find out? One group of six friends. One million Betrayals that lead them closer together and further apart. Can this group of friends stick together after everything is said and done? ⚠️WARNING BOOK HAS ONE INTIMATE SEX SCENE IN THE FIRST CHAPTER!! ITS THE ONLY ONE YOU WILL SEE! IF YOU DONT WANT TO READ THAT PART SKIP THE THE NEXT CHAPTER WHEN THE SCENE STARTS(:⚠️

Chapter 1

Life gets pretty boring when the only friend you have is ignoring you.

I'm Lizzy, and today has been a rough day. I kissed my best friend's boyfriend. Jammie is never going to forgive me.

"Jammie I have no idea how this happened, please you have to believe me?" I pleaded.

"Yes you do" Jammie said as I tried to reach for her arm. "Leave me alone the both of you!" Jammie screamed as she ran out the door.

Jammie is my bestfriend. She has been going out with Austin for almost one year. Austin and I have been friends since the second grade.

Today I was helping Austin with his science review like always, but after about a hour we needed a snack break. We left my room together and headed to the kitchen. We each grabbed a can of soda and a bag of chips, then headed back to my room. Instead of going back to studying he started to tell me some jokes. I was lying on my bed laughing when he started to tickle my sides. I was laughing so hard that I didnt hear Jammie's car pull up.

Austin fell on top of me and whispered in my ear "are you ready to surrender?" he leaned up and our eyes caught each others.

We both got very silent as we stared at each other, our eyes never blinking. Suddenly Austin leaned down, our lips barely touching then I pushed my head further into his until our lips were kissing. He grabbed my hand and our fingers twined together. His lips were so soft, his tongue licked my lips seeking entrance. I opened my mouth and deepened the kiss.

"What is this?" Jammie screamed. I pushed Austin off and got to my feet.

After Jammie left, I turned back to Austin to realize the whole time he sat there and didn't do anything. He released a breath then finally looked up at me.

"I'm sorry Liz." he said.

"I know. It wasnt all your fault. I'm sorry too." I responded. When he just sat there and looked at me I continued, “you should get going my parents are going to be here in a hour." I looked down suddenly feeling vulnerable in my own room.

"Liz" he took my chin in his hand moving it so I had to look him in the eyes. "I don't want to go, I really do like you. I know its wrong, but I can’t help what I feel."

Without anytime to react he kissed me again. When our lips met I thought about pulling away but I couldnt something inside me wouldnt let me. Our kiss got deeper and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He pulled my body closer leaving no space between us. This time it was him who pushed me away.

"Whats wrong?" I asked out of breath.

"I'm not making you do anything you don't want to do, am I?" He finally answers my question with another question. It feels like forever until I finally respond to him.

"I want to be with you." I said surprising both him and me. He kisses me again this time more urgently. Somewhere deep inside of me I know this is wrong, but a part of me has always cared for Austin in a way that I just cant deny it anymore. My arms wrap around his neck again, my legs move up to straddle his waist. He moves his hands to cup my ass as I start to grind on him. Moving us back to the bed he gently lies me down on it, then starts slowly taking my pants off. My underwear comes off with them.

I start feeling self-conscious about my body until he starts kissing up my legs. All thoughts are quickly erased as he makes his way up my legs kissing and taking tiny bites as he goes. He makes his way to my center and I gasp when he inserts a finger inside. Moaning I tilt my head back into the bed as he starts thrusting it in and out. I feel my thighs getting wetter as he circles my clit with his tongue and inserts another finger. My back arches and my hips start bucking as I feel my self getting closer to the edge. Its like he knows I’m there as well, because he reaches up and slides his other hand up and under my shirt and under my bra. Squeezing my breast he flicks my hard nipple and I'm done for.

My body comes undone as I cum all over us. Out of breath I reach up and grab for him as he kicks off his pants and positions himself between my legs. I gasp as I see his large length and swallow hard. I dont think I’ve ever been with someone who has been that large before. One look at me and he knows what im thinking.

He grins down at me, “don’t worry I’ll take it slow I promise I wont hurt you.” Slowly he slides inch by inch stretching me out. Pain floods me, but soon turns into amazing pleasure as he starts thrusting. My legs go around his waist he reaches down and grabs my face in his hand as he kisses me like I'm the only one that matters. My hands instinctively start playing with his hair as he pounds into me. My moaning gets so loud and I hear him grunt. My body starts clenching around him as I get to the edge again and he reaches down and rubs circles around my clit.

I cum around him, he follows me after a few more thrusts. He drops down next to me and then I hear my mom pull in the drive way. We quickly get dressed, and he kisses my forehead before leaving me.

I take a shower, deciding I'm not in the mood to eat tonight. I go to bed and think of Jammie and slowly cry myself to sleep.

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