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I'm trapped. I know nothing but the darkness and the angel, but even the angel is dying. I'm not sure how long I have before I'll be the same way. I thought I had a chance of surviving. It appears I was wrong. (It wouldn't be the first time.)

Chapter 1

I covered my head with my hands, sobbing at the darkness that surrounded me and stretched for oblivion. I could feel my body moving, opening a drawer I knew would be my end. I shuddered, still gripping my head in my hands, unable to do anything that could possibly change the path I was on now.

I saw a faint light out of the corner of my eye, piercing through the otherwise total darkness. Turning to look, I saw someone surrounded by a gold light with wings. They were single-handedly forcing a massive gate to stay closed - a gate, I knew, held back a flood that would certainly leave me dead.

They looked like me.

They continued to push against the gate, tired, but refusing to back down. They saw me looking and shouted:

“Just go!”

They pointed in a vague direction and I took off running. I stumbled and fell to my knees, clutching my wrist as a stabbing pain shot through it. I knew my time was running out.

A loud snap shot through the darkness and I knew the gate had been breached. I scrambled to my feet and took off running, feeling someone shake me and the pain in my wrist blooming once again as someone pressed something soft against it.

Someone on the outside was trying to save me. I heard sirens approaching.

I caught sight of someone in the distance, and charged towards them. I somehow knew that they were help and not one of the demons that lived here. I ran as fast as I could, hearing the roar of water coming up behind me.

I got closer and closer to them, reaching out to my salvation when I slammed into something unseen. I quickly found my feet and reached my hand out again. It pressed against a thick sheet of glass, preventing me from reaching them. At this distance, I could finally see who they were - who it was that had found me.

My best friend.

I pounded on the glass with my fist, helplessly trying to break through, sobs taking over my body as I did so. I was reduced to a sobbing mess, my fist weakly beating the damned wall that stood between me and my best friend.

I looked back and saw the torrent approaching, clinging onto some futile hope that I could possibly find a way to survive. I caught sight of the angel being sucked underneath the waves and I knew I had no chance.

I took one last look at my friend before closing my eyes and feeling the water rush over me. Everything became black.

“Call it. Time of death: 17:21.”

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