My sweet pervert

By Jiminsgirl63 All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance


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Chapter 1: the bad guy

The sun comes blaring through your bedroom window. A new day. A new life.

Today you were to start a new school. your old school was going to be demolished so you had to move.

Mum: “Come on! Hurry up and get ready or you will be late!”

You: “Yes mum! I’m getting ready now!

You quickly get ready and go down to meet your mum in the living room. You quite like your new uniform but the skirt is very short.

Your mum hands you a packed lunch and gives you a kiss.

Mum: “Have a good first day sweetie! Be good!”

You: “Okay. okay...”

You walk the route your mum told you to go and you see lots of unfamiliar faces wearing the same uniform and walking the same way.

Finally, you reach your new school. It is a lot nicer than your old one..

You: “This place looks nic-*somebody bumps into you* OW!”

???: “Shit! Oh my I’m sorry!”

You: “No no it’s fine..”

You look at the person and he looks pretty cute...

Jungkook: “I-I’m sorry..Haha I’m Jungkook. You must be new around here..?” *nervous*

You: “No really it’s fine..*smile* and yeah I’m new. I’m Y/N.”

Jungkook: “That’s such a pretty name..*blushing* Cmon let’s go to lesson or we will be late...”

He walks you to lesson with a huge grin. He can’t help but stare at you as he thinks you are gorgeous.

You get to the class and everyone looks at you. You gulp. The teacher tells you to sit in the only spare seat, next to a sleeping guy. You take our seat.

???: “..May i help you?”

You: “..uh..huh?”

???: “Why are you sitting there?”

You stutter. How are you supposed to respond..? Did he not see you walk in as a new student? You look at his nametag..

You: “This is my seat..Now...*reading nametag* Yoongi. I’d appreciate if you let me get on with my work.”

Yoongi: “Can’t you see I’m trying to sleep here..? I. Don’t. Care.*rude*

You are so confused. He just asked you why you are there then said he doesn’t care... You just ignore him for the rest of the class and get on with your work.

*the bell goes*

Jungkook: “H-hey..It’s lunch now... Do you w-wanna sit with me..And my friends..?*nervous*”

Yeah I’d love to !” *smiling*

He smiles and excitedly pulls you along with him. For some reason..You feel intrigued about that Yoongi guy. You have never met anybody like that..

Jungkook brings you to the canteen. You see there are a group of boys sat at the table he brings you to.

Jungkook: “Everybody meet Y/N!..”

You look at all of their faces. There is 7 of them. They all look handsome. Then you realise, one of them is that rude guy from earlier.

Jimin: “Hiya I’m the charming Jimin” *winks*

Taehyung: “I’m Taehyung HAI ASHGRLRLFLR” *making werid noises*

Hoseok: “Hello I’m your sunshine Hoseok!” *smiling wide*

Seokjin: “Nice to meet you Y/N. I’m Seokjin..” *shakes hand*

Namjoon: “Heyy..How you doin’..?*smirk* I’m Namjoon..”

You notice the only one who didn’t introduce themselves is the rude guy. What’s his deal? You just roll your eyes..

Yoongi: “You don’t need to know me...But you will want to after I’m done with you..”

You: “I-I’m sorry what..?*speechless*”

Yoongi: “You heard.”

You just stare at him in disbelief. You are almost certain he has some sort of problem. You just carry on eating..

Jungkook: “Ignore him..He’s werid..*staring down yoongi*”

You: “O-oh..Okay..*smile awkwardly*”

Jungkook: “You should stay away from him..He likes to pick on girls.”

You: “Ah thanks for the advice..”

The bell goes again..Back to class.

Teacher: “I have put you all in pairs. You will have a few weeks to compose and record a song..”

This seems fun. You’ve always had an interest for music and loved singing ever since you were little.

Teacher: “Y/N your partner will be Yoongi..”

Yoongi: “This should be fun..*smirk*”

You sigh. Maybe he isn’t that bad..? You decide to just give it a go and be nice..

You: “Yeah, Let’s work hard..!” *smiling*

Yoongi: “Sure baby..Things will definitely be hard.“*dirty minded*

You: “I..uhm.. What?”

Suddenly you feel his hand on your thigh. Your eyes widen and you push it off immediately. He just puts it back.

You: “W-what are you doing..?”

Yoongi: “You.”

You are completely speechless. What is wrong with this guy? This is going to be a lot harder than you had first thought..

Yoongi: “Well..Not just yet baby girl..“*winks and smirks*

Teacher: “Oh and there will be winners. The pair with the best composition will win a free hoilday!”

Yoongi: “Cmon..”

You: “What where?..”

He grabs your hand and leads you out of class. You get nervous as you have no idea what he is doing..

Yoongi: “Calm down..I’m just showing you to the music room.”

Yoongi: “Here it is..”

You smile at how nice it is..It looks very smart. He goes up and sits at the piano..

Yoongi stretched his fingers before he starts to play a melody..

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