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Drama / Romance


Clara just lost everything at the prime of her life. She hates them, all of them, for hurting her and her family like this. She wasn't even able to say a proper goodbye to her father and younger brother. She has no idea what becomes of her mother till this day. She lost her family and dignity. She wants revenge, but she is afraid. One day, when hope seems to be lost, she found her soulmate, Ola, whom she thought was long dead with the others. Will she loose that one thing she just found? Will she ever fall in love again? Is life worth living? Read this wonderful story that will take you deep into a different world full of conflicts, confusion, revenge, drama and romance...


My eyes opened slowly and wandered around for a while before I suddenly realized where I am. I can feel the soreness between my legs due to the fun I had yesterday. “Could this have been a dream? I thought to myself. But alas! I wasn’t dreaming at all. This has been almost like a TV Reality Show all these while.

who could have known that I will end up this happy.” I thought to myself. I stared at the window while still lying on my right hand side, on the bed I had slept on last night. The sun has just begun to rise above the eastern horizon. I turned my sleeping position to the other side, the left hand side and I smiled at what I saw.

There he lay, my beautiful knight, his face as beautiful as an angel. I loved him and I still do. We’ve been through a lot together these past few years and I just ended up on his solemnized bed, or should I say, “our” solemnized bed. It has been a very rough journey all these years and here we finally lay.

I have hated him, cursed him, spat on him and loved him all through. I remembered all what I have been through. Life is not easy but somethings just work together for your own good. How could I have been so lucky to overcome all these?

Staring at the face of my knight made me remember the life I used to live. Everything I have been through came rushing into my memories. I am Clara Benson, and this is my story….

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