The Other Woman's Man

By UnbrokenLolita All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance

Chapter 5: Vulnerability


Sometimes in life you find yourself in situations that you’d never expect. One for me was sitting on the floor of Matt’s parent’s bathroom sobbing while his best friend sat next to me. The odd part about this entire situation was that Tristan and I were never exactly friends. Over the past six months we did get along better but calling us friends still seemed to be pushing boundaries a little. Yet here we were, sitting in silence with nothing but my quiet sobs filling the room. Of all people it was Tristan who I broke down in front of first, that was unexpected to say the least.

The entire time we were sitting, Tristan said nothing and I managed to control my sobbing slightly, making them less audible. Vulnerability wasn’t something I ever wanted noticed, it was something I wanted to keep your myself and with Tristan staying silent it made me more paranoid.

I watched at Tristan leaned up and grabbed a box of tissues from the bathroom counter, offering it towards me, “Kleenex?”

My eyes averted in his direction and I laughed sadly, taking a kleenex and patting the tears beneath my eyes, “Thank you.”

“No problem,” He responded quietly. The bathroom fell silent again and I could hear our breathing, but luckily my heart rate had settled and my breathing slowed. Tristan leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees, looking over at me, “You shouldn’t let them talk to you like that.”

I stared at him, unable to keep the confusion off of my face. He said it like it was easy to do, but it wasn’t that simple. I couldn’t defend myself to Matt’s family, it would ruin any possible chance I had of them ever liking me. “I can’t just get upset with them, Tristan... They’ll hate me more than they already do.”

“What do you have to lose? Matt?” He raised his eyebrows at me, “Allison, he’ll understand that you need to defend yourself. He’s doing the same thing for you right now. The more you allow them to treat you like dirt, the longer they’re going to do it. It’s just going to become worse.”

I shook my head, “You don’t understand. It isn’t as simple as that...”

“I do understand. I was in the same position one time,” Tristan pointed out, taking me off guard. When I stayed quiet and looked at him questioningly, he chuckled, “You don’t seriously think that the Reid’s have always been content with me being Matt’s friend, do you?”

“Well, you’re best friends, I just... assumed.”

“You assumed wrong. They hated me,” He shrugged his shoulder nonchalantly and rested a hand on my knee, “They probably still do, but they learned to bite their tongue because I wasn’t dealing with their bullshit.”

I couldn’t imagine a time when Matt’s family hated Tristan as much as they hated me, but he seemed sure of it so I didn’t object. “Why... I mean, how did...” I stopped again, wondering how Tristan got himself out of that situation. For me, it seemed never ending. Speaking up to them sounded like it would do more harm than good for me.

“If you’ve always hated me, what makes you think anyone else would like me?” He teased.

“First of all, I don’t hate you. I just think you’re extremely arrogant and rude sometimes...” I looked at him and cracked a smile, ”Most of the time. You did make a horrible first impression, remember?”

Tristan raised his hands in defense and nodded in agreement, “Okay. Fair enough. But you’re right, I’m arrogant. So what? You slept with a married man, so I guess we’re both fucked up people.”

I made a face, hating his choice of words but not being able to disagree with him. I did sleep with a married man, so there was no way that I could object. But Tristan was always so forward about things, luckily I had become used to it.

“Long story short, I wasn’t much different as a teenager. Of course Matt’s family didn’t want their precious Matthew hanging around with a rebellious teen like me, even if I happened to be wealthy like them. If you haven’t noticed, I tend to bring out Matt’s fun side,” Tristan explained with a devious smirk playing on his lips. “The thing is, any time I was around, his family would throw stupid little comments about me being a trouble maker and no good, saying I’d end up in jail or whatever. It made them even more furious when I started to date their daughter, fighting fire with fire.”

My jaw dropped slightly, unable to believe what Tristan had just said. He dated Amelia? That seemed strange. They were basically polar opposites. Tristan was so laid back and childish at times while Amelia was uncomfortably sophisticated. For anyone else, they would feel extremely low class compared to her.

“You dated Amelia?” I tried to hide the surprise in my voice but it was impossible, I was astonished by this new information and my voice said it all.

“I didn’t just date her, I fucked her like the sex god that I am,” He winked at me, causing me to roll my eyes at his egotistical comment. In response he just smirked and continued, “She enjoyed the thrill, but it was never serious for me. As horrible as it sounds, she was just another girl to me.”

I was surprised that Matt was okay with Tristan using his sister like that. Regardless of their occasional differences, I knew that Matt was protective of Amelia so knowing that his best friend was purposely using her seemed unrealistic.

“How did Matt feel about that? I can’t imagine he was too pleased about you using his sister...”

When Tristan fell silent I had the feeling that I had overstepped my boundaries. He didn’t attempt to explain further or anything, instead he just stared at the floor as though he were lost in thought.

“Never mind, forget that I asked...” I cleared my throat and began to stand up from the bathroom floor, managing a smile in Tristan’s direction, “Thank you for this little pep talk. It really helped me.”

Tristan stood up also and laughed lightly, “I’m not sure how I feel about you thanking me, being nice isn’t really my thing.”

“Oh, get over yourself,” I teased and wrapped my arms around him, giving him a tight hug, “I appreciate it.”

As I pulled away, I looked up to see Tristan with a different expression on his face. A soft expression that looked strange on him because I was used to him looking so cold. He had his dark blonde hair combed back neatly and his blue eyes looked at me with hidden words written within their depths. Words that I couldn’t quite pick out.

“Well, we should be getting back to the dinner... I’m sure Matt is becoming concerned,” I added as I opened up the bathroom door and stepped into the hallway.

Tristan didn’t say another word. Instead, he followed beside me as we headed back towards the dining area in complete silence. Whatever had just happened between Tristan and I was strange. I don’t know what it was but any time I had a heart felt conversation with him, it seemed odd. That wasn’t the type of relationship we had, yet he made it seem so easy. It surprised me that someone so tough and arrogant could have a decent side, but he did. He showed it to me. Very rarely, but he showed it to me.

As we entered back into the dining room, Matt looked over his shoulder at me and sighed softly, “Allison..” He stood from his chair and turned to face me, “Come on, we’re leaving.”

I raised my eyebrows, taken aback by his words. I had no idea what went on while I was gone but Matt seemed even more furious than he was when I had left. “Leaving? Why? I mean... Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure.” He then turned to Thomas and motioned towards the door, “Thomas, we’re going home.”

Thomas slid off of Henry’s lap quickly, excitement evident on his face, “To mommy’s?!”

I noticed Matt clench his jaw and I attempted to keep my mouth from gaping. It seemed like everything was going wrong right now. This was his birthday and he wasn’t even enjoying it.

“No, Tommy. You’re coming home with daddy and Allison,” Matt answered softly.


As Thomas walked around the table and towards Matt, Evelyn sighed deeply at her son’s actions, “Matthew, don’t be a child. Sit down and eat your dinner. This is your birthday. You haven’t even had cake.”

A dry laugh escaped Matt’s lips as he shook his head, “Thank you for the offer, mother. But I will gladly pass up on the opportunity to be scolded by you any longer. I’m taking my son and my girlfriend home, I’ll celebrate my birthday with them.”

“Don’t you see how she’s already interfering with our family, Matt?” Amelia spoke up, seeming overly emotional by the situation.

I heard Ian speak low to Amelia, “Honey, calm down. You don’t want to stress out the baby.”

"I am stressed out, Ian.” She whined, motioning her hands towards me, “Alexandra is my friend. Practically my sister, and this nobody comes along and pulls apart my brothers family! It’s disgusting.”

Tristan stepped in front of me and I watched him as he shot Amelia a sharp glare, “Get over yourself, Amelia. When have Matt done something that he didn’t want to do? He’s with Allison because he wants to be so all of you assholes need to stop being so damn petty and get your foot out of your ass.”

“This isn’t your business, Tristan.” Henry scolded him.

“I’m making it my business because she won’t defend herself because she’s too god damn polite! Someone has to do it for her and you’re not listening to Matt,” Tristan continued, his voice getting louder with every word that he said. It didn’t seem like he was only defending me anymore, he seemed seriously upset with them like he was fighting his own battles and not just mine.

“Thomas, buddy.” Amelia’s voice cut through Tristan’s and Thomas looked at her with his head tilted, “Do you like it better when daddy is with your mommy or with Allison?”

“Do NOT ask my son that!” Matt exploded, making everyone gasp at his rough voice all the while I stayed silent and standing in spot. Though on the inside I was screaming, feeling like I was being thrown against a wall and punched various times.

I would never get out of this. Never.



I’m surprised that she hasn’t left me yet. Allison has tolerated so much from my family, the verbal abuse is constant and enough to break her but eventually she’ll have enough and leave. Any sane person wouldn’t put up with the criticism from my family as long as she has. It seemed like their comments continued to get worse any time we were around them, though I would hope they would eventually find some common ground with Allison or come to peace with the idea of our relationship. It wasn’t happening and probably never would not matter how many times I pleaded with them to give her a chance they stood their ground and continued to be displeased with my decision to leave Alexandra for Allison.

After tonight, I felt like an extreme boundary had been crossed. Not only had they went against Allison but Amelia had even attempted to bring Thomas into the argument which isn’t okay by any means. He’s just a child, a child who will want his parents together and a child who is do not want surrounded by constant arguing.

I appreciated Tristan standing up for Allison as well. I always knew that he was a good guy but he never showed it in front of Allison, he was always cold towards her also. So when I asked him to follow her to the bathroom, where I know she always runs to when my family attacks her, it must have been beneficial. Maybe, just maybe something good came out of it.

I glanced towards the clock on the night stand that read 10:03pm - Thomas was in bed, Allison was cleaning up in the master bedroom and I couldn’t stop thinking about how horrible my family was. I never seen then like this in my life. Ever. I had known my dad was manipulative after his stunt with Alexandra, secretly pushing us together, but this was different. This was their personalities being far more ugly than I could have imagined.

My family.

They were horrible.


I lifted my head that had been lowered, looking to see Allison standing in front of me. I hadn’t even noticed her walk back into the room, I had been so caught up in my own thoughts. I was sitting at the edge of our bed with my hands clasped together and staring at the floor, just thinking about everything that happened tonight. How it infuriated me. Thinking about it only frustrated me even more, however.

“Hey, baby...” I managed a small smile and extended my arms towards her, motioning for her to walk over to me, “Come here, beautiful.”

The smile that settled on her lips helped somewhat, knowing that I could make that happen seemed like some kind of pro weighing out some of the cons. She walked over to be until she was standing right between my legs and I rested my hands on her hips, eyeing her perfect body slowly so I could take in every flawless curve.

“Mm... I love you. You know that, right?” I asked her, wanting to remind her every chance that I had so she never had to feel more of my family’s hatred over my love for her.

She nodded her head while biting down on her lip gently, “I know. And I love you too...”

I knew that she loved me. I could feel it every time she looked at me, when she touched me, when we made love. Sparks were constantly flying around us and I couldn’t keep my hands off of her. Even now while she wore she pink pajama shorts and a white tank top, my eyes were on her eyes but my mind was on her body.

Fuck. Her body.

“So, finally alone on my Birthday with my sexiest gift of all...” I smirked at her, raising an eyebrow deviously, “When can I unwrap you?”

She turned red almost instantly but she quickly recovered. She didn’t need to blush around me, the things we did together we almost sinister. Couples don’t have a reason to blush around each other once they’ve seen each other naked.

“Not just yet, Mr. Reid.” She teased, bringing her hands up to my tie and tugging it off slowly, “I get to unwrap you first.”

I watched my tie get pulled off from around my neck and Allison moved her fingers to the top button of my shirt, slowly unbuttoning the first one. Finally, my eyes moved from her chest - she wasn’t even wearing a bra for God sakes, my pants were already becoming tight at the thought of the night I had ahead of me.

Birthday sex.

Every man - and woman, should have birthday sex. And my girl was going to give me exactly what I wanted, I could see the lust in her eyes as she worked at the buttons on my shirt but stopped halfway down.

“Allison, don’t you dare fucking tease me...” I gritted my teeth, feeling my dick throbbing in my pants. Fuck. She could turn me on so easily and she didn’t even know it.

Her index finger pressed against my lips, shushing me instantly. “Ah, ah. Be a good boy and be patient, okay?”

A smirk instantly tugged at my lips as I stared at the girl that I was lucky enough to call my girlfriend. Her words echoed through my body and couldn’t help but be turned on by how seductive she was being.

Allison’s hands moved to my belt, sliding it from the buckle slower than she needed to. She knew how to tease and she kept me desperate for her touch. The sound of my zipper coming undone rang through my ears and I knew exactly where this was going. I stood up from the bed slowly and pushed my pants to the floor, stepping out of them. My eyes didn’t leave Allison’s for a second - keeping out gaze locked together as I then pushed my boxers off.

As Allison moved down onto her knees, I sat back on the bed and lifted her chin so she was looking at me. Leaning down, I pressed our lips together and kissed her roughly, sliding my tongue past her lips and groaning in the kiss. I could feel her reciprocate the kiss, deepening it as she leaned into me and I pulled away with the smirk still playing on my lips, “Work your magic, baby.”

As she moved her head down, she wasted no time to move her tongue across the entire length of my shaft. I clenched my jaw tightly and fought a groan, moving my fingers through her long hair slowly and soothingly.

Deep breaths, Matt. Deep breaths.

I steadied my breathing as Allison’s tongue slid around my length before pulling away. I watched her tuck a piece of hair behind her ear before she dipped her head back between my legs and she wasted no time to put my dick in her mouth.

“Fuck...” I muttered, watching her pull her head back, only to move forward again and continue the cycle over and over.

Her mouth surrounded my hard length, sucking while her hand rubbed the area that her mouth couldn’t hold. Her head bobbed up and down on my crotch and I moaned in pleasure, feeling the warmth of her mouth on my dick.

“Allison... Jesus Christ...” I gripped tightly onto her blonde locks, guiding her head to move faster.

My hips moved instinctively and all I could think about was being on top of her, thrusting into her while she moaned my name.

I pulled her head up and she began to catch her breath. I motioned for her to stand, “Up.”

She listened to me and I wasted no time in pulling her tank top over her head, allowing her breasts to come free. I kissed up her stomach slowly, then kissed each breast before standing up and pulling her legs around my waist.

Allison’s laughter echoed through the bedroom as I tossed her on the bed and climbed on top of her. My arms rested on each side of her head and I leaned down to kiss her neck eagerly while grinding my hips against her so she could feel just how turned on she made me.

As I nibbled on her skin gently, I mumbled low, “You’re so beautiful.”

She’s sexy too, but my god... This woman is by far the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life and the word sexy just doesn’t do her justice. She’s so much more than a provocative woman who looks sexy because of her body. She’s beautiful. Not just on the outside but on the inside.

She arched her back and moved her leg against mine playfully, “You need to get this shirt off...”

I pulled my head back to look at her, quickly pecking her lips before taking in the view of her beneath me, “Take it off me.”

Allison moved her hands back to my shirt, unbuttoning the last few buttons as I moved my face back to her and kissed her roughly. I was so ready to put it in. Enough with the damn procrastination already.

At the same time as she pulled my shirt off, I tugged her pajama bottoms off with her panties and gripped on her inner thighs. I wasn’t wasting any more time, my heart was racing and I was more than ready to take action.

While our lips still move together, I wrapped one of her legs around my waist as I moved my hips down and made my first thrust into her. I moved deep and slow at first, wanting to feel every bit of her. A moan escaped her lips and got trapped in my mouth.

I began to pick up my speed, thrusting quicker with every second and Allison hips moved in sync with mine.

My forehead rested against hers and our eyes met just as the sweet sound of her moaning my name slid off of her lips, “M-Matt...”

Her walls tightened around me as I continued to hover over her, thrusting into her continuously and grunting in pleasure. I would never get tired of making love to her, every time we had sex it felt like the first time.

She was special. Our relationship was special. We had this amazing bond that would never die. With every day it would only grow stronger and with every thrust I grew closer to reaching a climax, but I wasn’t near done with Allison for the night.


Our heavy breathing filled the room, both of our bodies glistening with sweat. Our sex had lasted for nearly 45 minutes and I got two orgasms from her which is what I would call a successful night.

I liked that I didn’t have to worry about Allison. I didn’t have to be concerned about her stopping her birth control just to trap me into a situation that I didn’t want. It wasn’t because I didn’t want a child with Allison ever, I just wasn’t ready for one yet. Especially with everything going on with my family now - a baby didn’t need to be in this situation.

Allison and I hadn’t even talked about the possibility of kids in the future. Maybe she didn’t want any - which I would be fine with. I had Thomas and I was content with the one kid. Regardless, I felt at ease not having to worry about the constant scheming.

My fingers tangled in her now sweaty sex hair and I couldn’t help but smirk at my hard work. I had drained her of her energy and now she was clinging to me like a leach. Her head rested on my chest while her hand rested on my abdomen.

“I think it’s fair to say that you made this the best birthday...” I leaned my head down, pressed a down kiss on her forehead and whispering, “Imagine all of the birthdays we have to look forward to together.”

Allison lifted her head to look at me, a small smile on her lips but it was quickly hidden by the look of concern, “What about your family? The more birthdays you have with me, the more ruined birthdays you have with them.”

“Don’t say that. You’re what matters. You’re who I want to spend every occasion with,” I assured her, nodding my head. I placed my hand on her cheek and caressed her skin with my thumb, “They’re the ones choosing to be like this. They could easily choose to accept you.”

“They’re not going to.”

I simply smiled at her, “Then they can go and fuck themselves because you’re not going anywhere. You’re staying right here with me.”

I leaned in close to her and kissed her lips gently. I wasn’t ever going to let go of Allison. I was high on her love, intoxicated by her touch, and I’ve never felt so content or sure of something. Even with Alexandra, it didn’t feel like this. Allison is different, or relationship is different and I would hold onto it until the day I die. Not even my family could persuade me to leave her behind.

She was my safe haven. My breath of fresh air. My freedom.

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