The Other Woman's Man

By UnbrokenLolita All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance


My beautiful bride,

On our wedding day I give you ‘something new.’ Please wear them today while you walk down the aisle to become my wife.


I smiled to myself as I read the note written in fine handwriting from the man who would become my husband today. I was getting my hair and makeup done when Evelyn came in with a little white box with silver ribbon along with the note.

Something new. I untied the ribbon carefully, not wanting to destroy any of the gorgeous details. As I opened the top of the box, I gasped at the stunning diamond earrings that were laying there. They were stunning and by far the most beautiful earring I’ve every seen in my life.

“Wow...” I whispered to myself, unable to say anything that would give this gift justice.

Lucia, Matt’s grandmother stood behind my chair and smiled big as she admired the earrings, “They are lovely, honey. Matthew knows how to pick out jewelry. That’s a good quality for a man to have.”

I laughed softly and nodded my head in agreement, Matt did have amazing taste in jewelry. Though he had many more amazing qualities, “He really does. I suppose it is a pretty good quality to have, isn’t it?”

“Oh, dear. You have no idea,” Lucia laughed, “My late husband, Matthew’s grandfather Reginald, he was the kindest man but my heavens, he had the worst taste in jewelry. I always loved his gifts anyways because they were from him, of course.”

We laughed together as the door to the dressing room opened and Amelia walked in with Tucker and Mason. Tucker grew up with blonde hair which differed from both Amelia and Ian, but he was a handsome little boy to say the least.

He and Mason, mine and Matt’s son, were extremely close. For only being five years old, they were practically inseparable.

Mason looked so much like Matt. He has chocolate brown eyes and dark brown hair, similar to Thomas’. For the first few months Mason had to stay in the hospital after being born premature due to a placental rupture - He had been born at only a little over seven months, shortly after Matt proposed to me.

He was so happy and healthy now, the only issues he had was with his breathing occasionally. He has asthma which apparently was a common issue with people and we maintained it really well. Mason was our saving grace, he brought Matt and I closer than I thought would even be possible.

“Mommy!” Mason grinned big as he ran over to me and reached his arms out to me.

He was already wearing his little tux and bow tie. I pulled him into my arms and smiled at him, “Hi, baby. Were you a good boy for Aunt Amelia?”

Mason nodded his head quickly and played with flower on his tux, “Mhm! Me and Tuck had a sleepover.”

I looked at Amelia and smiled, “I hope he didn’t cause too much havoc. Thank you for watching him last night.”

“Oh, no worries. He was great. He and Tucker have the best time together,” Amelia smiled and closed the door before walking over, “How are you feeling? Nervous?”

Biting my lip gently, I nodded a little, “Yeah... I mean, I want this. I’m so sure of this, but it’s so nerve-wracking at the same time.”

“Well, you should see Matt... He looks devilishly handsome,” Amelia teased, “I was just with him and he’s dying to see you.”

I grinned at the thought of walking towards Matt and our future. We had so much to look forward to with Thomas and Mason.

“Allison, sweetheart. Put on your dress... We all want to see it!” My mom begged, clapping her hands together as she walked to the chair and picked up the bag with my dress in it.

“I agree,” Amber added.

Lauren smiled, “Come on, Mase. Mommy is going to put on her dress.”

I was so happy that Lauren and I had made amends. I couldn’t imagine my wedding day without one of my closest friends in the world. We started talking again when Mason was born, she had shown up at the hospital with a gift and apologized for being distant with me. Eventually things had fallen back into place.

Mason stood from my lap and ran to the corner with Tucker, looking out the window. As I stood from the chair, I took my dress bag and walk behind the privacy screen to get dressed. My hair was already done along with my makeup, this was the big part. Wearing my dress and becoming a princess for the day.

My dress was strapless, so after taking off my pink silk robe I stepped into the dress and pulled it up. It fit perfectly around my body, the torso being tight and the fabric extending from my waist like a ballroom or princess fit. As Amelia had said, Reid weddings were never small and I intended on this being my only wedding so this was my only day to be a princess.

I looked down at my dress, noting the small designs in the silk fabric at the top, the bottom was tulle material and rather large.

As I walked out from standing behind the privacy screen, everyone in the room began to gush which made me feel extremely uncomfortable being the center of attention. A blush began to rise to my cheeks as the women surrounded me and graced me with kind words.

“This is stunning on you, honey!” Evelyn commented.

Amber covered her mouth and faked a sob, “My best friend is so gorgeous.”

“Allison, sweetheart,” I heard my mom say and I looked over to see her becoming emotional as all mother’s so on these types of occasions, “You are so beautiful and I am so, so proud of you.”

“Mom...” I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tightly.

As we pulled away from our embrace, my mom touched my hair gently, “My beautiful girl... I believe Matt dealt with the something new, correct? Well, I have something borrowed.”

I bit my lip gently as my mom walked over to her purse and took out a small box, similar to the size Matt had the earrings in. As my mom passed my the small golden box, I eagerly opened it to see a silver bracelet. It was gorgeous and had a very antique look, but could easily pass as elegant in a modern time.

“This is gorgeous,” I said as I took it from the box.

My mom nodded her head, “This belonged to your great, great grandmother. The past four generations have worn it to their weddings and now you will be the fifth.”

I hadn’t even known about this bracelet until today and it meant so much to be able to wear it knowing that it have been in so many of my family weddings, “Mom, thank you for letting me wear this today.”

“Oh, honey. It’s my pleasure...”

Lucia walked over towards me with a big smile on her face, “Sweetie, I’m sure you know how old I am, so I have just the thing for your something old.”

Her joke made me laugh and I fiddled with the bracelet as I slid it on my wrist.

Lucia passed me a hairclip that would go perfectly with my hair as she began to explain the significance, “My mother gave this to me for my 18th birthday, I wore it in my hair when I got married to Reginald.”

“Oh, Lucia. It’s beautiful. Thank you so much,” I hugged her tightly, feeling her embrace me back.

Lucia had become like a grandmother to me, she was the one person on Matt’s side of the family who accepted us before anyone else and she had become so special to me. I truly love her like she was my own blood family.

“I want nothing more than for you to wear it,” She said to me.

“Of course, it would be an honor.”

Amelia stood up from her chair and began to make sure everything was ready, “So you have something old, something new, something borrowed... Where’s your something blue?”

I opened my mouth to speak, but I wasn’t sure who was organizing these things. Amber is my Maid of Honor and as far as I knew she was the one who had done everything up to this point.

“That would be Tristan,” Amber announced, “Don’t worry. He’s on his way.”

“Tristan?” Amelia asked, “I thought the women did this for the bride.”

Amber shrugged her shoulders slightly, “Tristan wanted to be a part of it and I couldn’t say no.”

I smiled to myself, happy that Tristan insisted on being a part of this. He and I were extremely close now, Matt had Tristan as one of his groomsmen for the wedding so he was a part of my special day either way.

The door opened and Tristan popped his head in with his hand covered over his eyes, “Are you ladies decent?”

I laughed softly, “Come on in, Tristan.”

He removed his hand from his eyes and looked at me. He tilted his head and walked over to me, smiling as he motioned towards me with his hands, “Allison, you look amazing. Wow.”

“Look at you, you stud,” I teased him, adjusting his crooked tie, “How’s everything going out there?”

“Good, it’s good. Everyone is waiting to see the main attraction,” He chuckled lightly, “But first, I believe you need... something blue?”

I bit my lip gently and raised an eyebrow as him as he reached into his pocket, digging for something. Finally, he pulled out a ring that had a blue stone. As he passed it to me I admired it and was in complete awe, “Tristan... Oh my goodness.”

“This was Deena’s, I know that she would want you to wear it,” Tristan said suddenly.

I felt my heart skip a beat as I stared at the ring that was previously owned my Deena, Tristan’s sister who had passed away, the sister I never had the chance to meet.

“She would have been ecstatic to have a little sister, Allison, and she would have loved you. I know that she loves you now and that she’s here,” He nodded his head, “This is a way of having Deena here with us.”

I gave Tristan a sad smile, feeling emotional at his words as I nodded, “It would mean so much to be able to wear this. Thank you, Tristan.”

It was something that pained me knowing that I never had the chance to know my sister. Tristan has told me so much about her and even showed me photos, however this gesture meant so much more than I could possible express to him or anyone.

“I want you to have it... forever.”

“What? Tristan, I can’t. You were so close to her.”

Tristan held my face in his hands and smiled at me, “I’m lucky enough to have known her, and I have plenty of memories along with her past objects. Plus, I’m not going to wear women’s jewelry anyways,” As he chuckled he took the ring and slid it onto my middle finger on my right hand, “This is from your big sister.”

Without another word, I hugged Tristan tightly and whispered, “I love you. You’re a wonderful brother.”

I felt Tristan hugging back back and it was a beautiful moment for us until Amelia interrupted, “I hate to break up the moment, but it’s time to get married!”

As I pulled away, the nerves began to kick in. Everyone was already prepared, the bridesmaids were wearing their purple dresses, the groomsmen, except for Tristan, we’re with Matt.

“Where’s Thomas?” I asked Evelyn.

Thomas and Mason were both ring bearers, we would never choose one over the other. Since there were not girls in the family yet, Amber’s cousin’s daughter, whom I knew quite well was the flower girl.

“He’s with Matt. I’ll get him to come here,” Tristan said, “Good luck with everything. I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

He quickly kissed my cheek before heading out the door with my mom, Lucia, Evelyn and Tucker. Everyone else was a part of walking down the aisle.

Lauren picked up my veil as she approached me, “Deep breaths, Allison. This is Matt, not a stranger.”

“It’s just a big day,” I admitted.

Amelia nodded in agreement, “I understand. When Ian and I got married, last minute I asked him to elope but he talked me out of it. It’s the stress of the event.”

Lauren helped me adjust the veil onto my head while Amber fixed it in the back.

The door opened and as Thomas walked in, now seven and a half, Mason ran up to him, “Tommy! We’re matching!”

Thomas ignored Mason and walked to Amelia, “Aunt Amelia, I don’t want to bring the ring down the aisle. Can’t Mason do it himself?”

Amelia sighed and messed up Thomas’ hair, “Don’t be so grumpy, your dad wants you to be a part of this. All you have to do is hold one ring on a pillow while your brother does the same, it’s not a hard job.”

We could hear the music start up and I leaned down to Thomas, “Hey, buddy. Can you please make sure Mason doesn’t lose the ring? Just be there with him for support, okay?”

I smiled at him and he scoffed, “He isn’t my responsibility, Allison.”

Whoa. Such big words for such a little boy. He walked over to Mason as Lauren was getting them ready with their ring bearer items.

“Okay, you two. They’re out there waiting for you, you walked first and go stand beside your dad, okay? Walk slowly and take your time,” She instructed.

I stood up and watched the boys walked out of the room, the girls stood up in their order - Amelia, Lauren, and Amber whom I would follow lastly.

As everyone slowly began to walk out, I took a deep breath, feeling more nervous than ever. This was it, the big moment I’ve waited for my entire life yet my legs were shaking like I would collapse at any moment.

Amber turned to face me and held my shoulders, her smile comforted me instantly, “Hey, you got this... Your soon to be husband is waiting for you and he loves you. You have a beautiful little boy and step son, not to mention so many more things to look forward to.”

“You’re amazing... Thank you for being the best friend any girl could ask for,” I thanked her before Lauren began to rush her out.

I laughed softly and started walking out where I met Quinton near the end of the aisle behind the doors, he was dress up in a tux as well.

“Sweetheart, you look like an absolute princess.” He said as soon as he saw me.

I smiled at his words and greeted him with a hug, “Thanks, dad.”

My dad. The man I didn’t have the opportunity to know growing up but was fortunate to stumble upon five years ago. He has been there for me ever since - for my entire pregnancy, the birth of my son, any time I needed him, and now he would walk me down the aisle on my wedding day.

Quinton Fleming is my dad, the dad I missed out on most of my life and that I always needed, but I have him now and I will never let him go.

I heard the music change to the traditional wedding march and I linked my arm with my dad’s, “Are you ready to give me away?”

“Oh, baby girl, I will never be giving you away one hundred percent, I’m just allowing Matt to be the husband you deserve,” He smiled at me and we began to take our walk down the aisle.

As we turned the corner the moment happened that I’ve imagined my entire life. My eyes locked with Matt’s from across the room while he waited at the opposite end of the aisle, standing in front of Will with his hands held together and staring at me. His mouth was gaped slightly and I could see Will patting his back as though he were giving his brother and early ‘congratulations’ but everything for me began to move in slow motion.

I took a step forward and I didn’t seem any closer to him but that didn’t keep me from smiling because I knew exactly what I was walking towards. Matt - my Matt. He looked so handsome with his dark brown hair and heavenly brown eyes, he kept his stubble for the wedding which I was so happy about because it made him look even sexier.

There was no one else here except Matt and I, just us staring at each other and smiling while I made my way up the aisle and towards him.

Finally, after a journey that seemed like forever, I reached him and my dad retreated to sit in the front of the church.

Without having to be told, Matt took his hands in mine and I could feel how warm his hands were, “You look absolutely beautiful, snowflake.”

“And you look so, so handsome,” I told him.

I could kiss him right now, I wanted to kiss him right now.

The priest began the ceremony, getting Matt and I to repeat verses after him. With every word we said, we stared straight into each others eyes, unable to look at anything else.

It was crazy to think that this is how my life would end up, if anyone would have told me this when I met him I wouldn’t have believed them but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

With a smile that lights up a room and kisses that light a fire within my soul, this man is everything that I could imagine a soulmate to be.

“And now you will exchange rings,” The priest said after we repeated his verse.

I motioned for Mason to come to me, “Come here, honey.”

Mason was from behind Matt as held the pillow towards me to show me the ring he had while Thomas did the same for Matt.

“Does this mean I get ice cream for helping?” Mason asked.

The guest and ourselves started to laugh and I nodded my head, “You can have cake later.”

He gasped with excitement before making his way back with Thomas.

The priest smiled at us, “Please exchange rings and say with this ring, I thee wed.”

I carefully slid the ring onto Matt’s finger while repeating the words, “With this ring, I thee wed.”

As Matt took my hand in his, he slowly slid the wedding ring onto my finger also, “With this ring, I thee wed.”

I bit my lip gently and couldn’t help but find myself giggling at how happy I felt in this moment. There was nothing in the world that could bring me down from this incredible feeling.

Then the priest said the words I felt like I had been waiting to hear my entire life, “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

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