The Other Woman's Man

By UnbrokenLolita All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance

Chapter 30: The First Day

Four months later


As Matt held his hands over my eyes, he guided me where he wanted me to go and any time I almost stumbled I would break into a fit of laughter as he caught me in his arms.

He kept me close to him, holding me carefully as he led me through what seemed to be a maze but I knew it was really his dream. Everything he have been working so hard for.

THR Architecture was officially completed and I was about to see it for the first time. Matt had wanted to surprise me with the finishing product, he spent the past three months getting everything together so it would be done by the end of the summer.

I was seven months pregnant now, and having Matt so excited about this made me happy. I wasn’t sure I had ever seen him so excited about working, but building this company was something he was looking forward to and I was looking forward to seeing what he had done with the place.

“Okay, are you ready?” I heard him ask me as he removed his hand away from my eyes, “Open your eyes, babe.”

I slowly opened my eyes, amazed by what I seen in front of me. The last time I had seen this place it was all open concept and Matt had made it an incredible workplace. The floor with laminated, multiple offices, the walls were a dark gray and the secretary desk had a white crystal desktop.

It was stunning in the most elegant and classy way.

“Matt, this is incredible.” I told him, my eyes wide with amazement.

“Really? You like it?” Matt smiled at me, taking my hand and leading me down one of the hallways, “Look at this...”

I looked up at the cherry colored door, seeing a gold name plate with Matthew Reid, CEO engraved in it. As I lifted my hand to touch it, a smiled spread across my face, “Wow... Matt, I’m so happy for you. This is everything you’ve worked so hard for. You deserve this.”

“I’m happy you gave me the idea, Allison. I wouldn’t have been able to if not for you,” He admitted, wrapping his arms around be from behind and placing his hands on my small baby bump.

I leaned my back against his chest, a smirk playing on my lips, “I can’t believe I’m dating a CEO. That’s so sexy...”

“Mm... Does that fulfill some desired fantasy of yours?” He joked, kissing the side of my cheek.


I could feel his smile growing against my cheek, amongst the other things that I could feel growing.

As Matt pulled away, he opened his office door and led me inside, “What do you think? Be honest. If you think there’s anything that should be changed --”

“No, it’s perfect.” I nodded my head, looking around at the black leather couches on the left of the room while his large cherry colored desk was set up on the right.

He had a fantastic view, not as beautiful as the one he has when working for his father but this view was his which meant so much more.

“Alexandra did amazing,” I admitted.

Matt had hired Alexandra to be the interior designer for his building and as awkward as a lot of people would assume it would be, they were extremely professional about it. They were decent for Thomas’ sake and Matt wanted to help her out as much as he possibly could. Things has come a long way and although Alexandra still wasn’t fond of me, I didn’t expect that to ever change.

“She did, didn’t she?” He agreed. I noticed Matt looking at me after a moment before he decided to speak again, “You should quit working for Tristan. That way when the baby comes you can take a leave and whenever you feel like working again, if you do, you can work here. We can set up a playpen in an office for you and--”

“Matt,” I interrupted, “You’re telling me to quit working for my brother.”

“What I’m asking you to do is to take a leave. Maybe never work again, babe. If you insist on it, then come here with me where we can have a room for the baby so we don’t need some random nanny caring for our kid,” He explained, sounding very temping.

As terrible as it sounded I didn’t want to stop working for Tristan. I loved being around him and I felt like we had a real brother and sister bond growing, oddly enough. But then there’s Matt, working with him would be amazing. Although, mixing business and pleasure could never end up well. Spending too much time together could end in disaster. Literally.

“You don’t need to answer right now, we have a few more rooms to see before dinner,” Matt urged be out of his office and down the hallway.

We were having dinner with Matt’s family today, of course I wasn’t eager but it was for him. The past few months had been strange but decent. I could see that his family had been trying to accept me more than they have done recently, which was good but it was also taking time.

Amelia had been exceptionally well with me, it was awkward at times but her snobbiness had decreased drastically.

It was harder with Henry than anyone. I knew his hatred for me was strong beyond anyone else’s. For some reason Henry despised me more than anyone else did, but Evelyn was always next to him and encouraging him to be supportive of mine and Matt’s relationship.

I suppose becoming pregnant caused them to realize that I wasn’t going anywhere.

“I’m really proud of this room, Allison. It’s the board room.” Matt told me as we stopped in front of a door, “Can you close your eyes, please?”

I laughed softly and closed my eyes, obeying him, “I assumed you would have been more excited about showing me your office. Not the board room.”

“Yeah, well, this room is special.”

I waited, hearing Matt open the door but he didn’t tell me to open my eyes so I waited for his directions, “Can I look now?”

“Just a second,” He responded instantly, “No peeking.”

I could hear him shuffling around and my only thought was that maybe it wasn’t as prepared as he expected it to be so all I could do for him was be patient.

“Okay, open your eyes.”

Slowly and surely, I opened my eyes but my focused wasn’t on the room at all. Instead I looked at Matt who was in front of me, knelt down on one knee and holding the most gorgeous diamond ring in a box up for me. It seemed like my breath had gotten lost in my throat and my heart stopped beating for the time being, this couldn’t be what it looked like.

Matt didn’t want to get married, it had to be a promise ring or something else that was symbolic in another way.

When I regained movement, I noticed silver balloons and a banner that read “Will You Marry Me?” in big red, handwritten letters.

“Allison, can you look at me?” Matt asked, he chuckled lightly but I could tell that he was nervous.

I looked down at him, my jaw dropping slightly and I covered my mouth with my hand to pull myself together.

He took a deep breath and gave me one of his charming, Matthew Reid smiles that showed the dimples that made my heart melt, “A blue dress and a brown belt.”

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion and laughed softly, “Matt, what are you talking about?”

“That’s what you were wearing, Allison. The day I met you, you walked into the backyard and you were wearing a blue dress with a brown belt around it.” He explained.

“You... remember?” I was surprised to say the least.

Matt smiled at me and nodded his head, “Of course. It was the first time I ever saw you. It’s imprinted in my memory. Baby, we’ve come a long way. You’ve changed me and made me a better man. Every day I wake up with having one goal in mind and that is to make you smile and to hear that amazing laugh of yours... I want to promise to do that forever, not just as your best friend but as your husband, too.” He paused for a moment and took my hand in his free one, “I’ve made a lot of mistakes but I will be better for you. Give me a chance to prove to you that I can be a good husband to you, Allison. Marry me. Will you please do the honor of becoming Allison Reid?”

Allison Reid. I would be Matt’s wife and this would be a new start for us, a beautiful new beginning with our baby and Thomas.

He already knew my answer, he didn’t have to doubt it for a second. Through all of the emotions that were flowing through me along with the tears that welled up in my eyes, I nodded vigorously, “Yes! I’ll marry you. I want to marry you.”

“Yeah?” He smiled bigger before quickly taking the ring out of the box and tossing the box on the floor and sliding the ring onto my finger. As he stood from the floor, he pulled me into his arms and embraced me tightly, “I love you so much.”

My hands were shaking, I felt so much joy and I couldn’t believe what was happening, “You said... Matt, I thought you didn’t want to get married?”

As he pulled away, he moved his fingers through my hair slowly, “That was then... A lot has happened since and I’ve thought about it more. I plan on spending my life with you either way and I want to do it with a ring on your finger. As your husband.”

“I want to be your wife so bad,” I admitted.

After our conversation four months ago I had learned to live with the fact that Matt never wanted to get married, now that he wanted to I realized that he needed time to get over one marriage before jumping into another.

It was still unbelievable to me that after all this time, after everything, Matt and I would be married someday. That he would be my husband and we would have a family.


“Wow, the diamond is stunning,” Amelia said as she stared at the ring on my finger, “You did amazing at picking it out, Matt.”

“Didn’t he?” I agreed.

Matt had a great taste in diamonds, I had never seen a ring so exquisite before in my life, anytime I moved my hand it glistened in the lighting. I was in complete awe.

“Congratulations,” She said, speaking genuinely. Things have been so much better, awkward, but better.

Matt rested his arm around my waist and smiled at his sister, “Thank you, Amelia. It means a lot.”

His mother joined in, pulling my hand away from Amelia’s and looking at the ring, “Oh my. It’s beautiful. When do you plan on tying the knot?”

Matt chuckled and I smiled up at him, we had both discussed this on the way over, we were going to wait a while and have a long engagement. There wasn’t a rush to get married because we were perfectly happy already. We had plenty of time to plan everything and we wanted the baby to be a few years old so they could be a part of the wedding, too.

“Actually, we’re not getting married anytime soon.” I shook my head, deciding to go ahead and explain it to everyone, “There’s already so much going on with Matt just starting his business and needing to get it up and running, also, we want the baby to be a few years old during the wedding.”

“Speaking of the baby,” Amelia interrupted, “Is Tucker’s cousin a boy or a girl?”

Everyone started to laugh, knowing very well that Matt and I haven’t said anything about the gender yet, “You guys are very secretive,” Will added.

Matt shook his head, “We don’t know either. We decided together that we were going to keep the gender a surprise until birth.”

“Good for you, I was way too inpatient,” Amelia laughed, walking to the couch and sitting down.

A part of me wanted to know the gender while the other part of me loved the element of surprise. The thought of holding Matt’s hand during labor and finding out when our baby was born what their gender seemed so beautiful.

There would be so much happiness all at once.

“I can’t wait to have another grand baby around here,” Evelyn added, “And so close to little Tucker’s age, too. They’ll be best friends.”

Tucker was only four months old, but he and our baby would be born in the same year. They would have an instant friend.

“One good thing about you waiting to get married, you have time to plan a huge wedding,” Amelia added.

I shook my head slightly before sitting on the couch with Matt, “I’m not sure our wedding will be big. We just got engaged, but who knows, we might go small.”

Amelia laughed softly, giving Matt a look, “Oh, honey. Reid weddings are never small. Ian and I have been planning relentlessly and the wedding next month still seems like not enough time.”

I’ve seen photos of past Reid weddings, they were definitely nothing short of extravagant. Matt and I had plenty of time to discuss our options.

If a big wedding was a part of their tradition as a family I would easily take part. Being married to Matt and becoming a family meant more to me than he would ever know.

Our relationship thus far has been extremely dysfunctional and crazy, it’s been a wild ride to say the least - but I was positive that this was meant to be, that we were meant to be. I’ve learned that we’ve handled our past problems in the wrong way. Lately we have been communicating properly and I know that we can get through anything.

I could see what the future had in store for us, a beautiful marriage that I’m sure wouldn’t be perfect but what marriage is? We would have children, and would create our own family traditions.

There were also so many unknown things that I wondered about. Becoming a mom for the first time and a wife - which must be far more different than being a girlfriend, but if I was taking a huge step and experiencing new things with someone, there’s no one in the world that I would rather experience things with than Matt.

He was my first love, my best friend, and my forever.

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