The Other Woman's Man

By UnbrokenLolita All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance

Chapter 28: First Comes Love


By the time we had left the restaurant Matt had consumed around seven beers. He was on cloud nine while I wanted to yank my hair out.

After returning to the table there was no more conversation with Alexandra or Roger thankfully. Matt had attempted conversation with me but I was far from in the mood to communicate with him afterwards. What I assumed was going to be a romantic night had turned into a nightmare. A complete disaster and a scene from a dramatic soap opera.

As planned I drove the BMW home while Matt had his window rolled down, letting the air blow into the car which irritated me more while my hair was blowing all over the place. For most of the ride his hand firmly rested on my thigh as he whispered sweet nothings in his drunken voice, but it wasn’t appealing me in the slightest.

He was wasted. His tie was undone and resting around his shoulders with the first two buttons undone on his white dress shirt. He was leaned back in the passenger seat with his free arm resting against the car window.

I was thankful when we arrived home, just wanting to go to bed and forget this horrid night. I wanted to forget how stunning Alexandra looked, I wanted to forget Matt telling her she was beautiful, and I wanted to forget the conversation I had with Alexandra.

As we walked through the front door, Matt stumbled in and flashed a playful smile at me, “That was a fun night... We need to do it again.”

He covered his mouth with his hand as thought he were suppressing a burp. I locked the front door and shook my head, “Pass.”

I began to walk up stairs, hearing Matt following behind me. He mumbled as he tripped on his way coming up the steps, “Fuck... Slow down, baby. They’re shaking.”

“It isn’t the stairs, Matt.” I sighed softly, stopping and turning around to help him up the stairs.

I guided him up the rest of the way, leading him to our bedroom. I pushed the door open and Matt walked to the bed, sitting down on it and looking at me with an eyebrow raised. I proceeded to take my dress off and change into my pajamas.

“You looked nice tonight,” Matt commented, “Very pretty.”

When I looked at him he had a wide, goofy grin on his face and his eyes were red from intoxication. Idiot. He may have thought I looked pretty, but he thought Alexandra looked beautiful. There’s a large difference.

“You should get to sleep,” I responded, walking over to him and kneeling down to help him with his shoes.

Matt let out a frustrated groan, flailing his arms in the air, “You’re confusing me, babe. Like... just speak... say things that make sense.”

If only he knew that he was barely making sense.

I sighed softly, taking his shoes off and standing up in front of him to work on the buttons of his shirt, “Matt, we’ll talk in the morning. I really don’t want to have this discussion with you while you’re drunk.”

“I’m not drunk,” He argued.

“Bullshit. What’s our cat’s name?”

Matt shrugged his shoulders, “Fluffy.”

I snorted, “Nice try, but we don’t have a cat. Like I said, you’re drunk.”

My body turned as I began to walk away from him but his hand captured my wrist, “Did you have a good time tonight?”

I couldn’t keep myself from laughing. Not a happy laugh but a laugh fully of sarcasm and disbelief at the neve he had to ask me that, “No, Matt. I didn’t have a good time. I had a terrible time.”

He began to rub his temples, “You know, I thought the food was terribly priced, too.”

“It wasn’t the food, it was you!” I yelled, my emotions suddenly flooding to the surface, “The night was terrible because of you, Matt. The restaurant was gorgeous, the food was amazing, but you? You were an ass.”

Matt seemed more confused than anything, then his confusion turned to anger, “I was an ass? I took you out to a fancy dinner, how the hell am I an ass?”

“Go to sleep,” I sighed softly, “We’ll talk about this tomorrow.”

I turned to walk out of our bedroom and as I reached the door, Matt’s voice stopped me, “Aren’t you gonna sleep with me?”

“I’m just going to get a drink of water. I’ll be up later,” I lied.

Truthfully, I had no intentions on sleeping next to Matt tonight. I would sleep in the guest room or on the couch, but not here. He was driving me crazy and I was worried that eventually we would end up having the conversation about why I’m upset.

I have full intentions on telling him tomorrow, but not tonight. Not while he’s drunk. He’ll over react and say things that aren’t necessary, a fight will start that’ll get completely out of hand and all of that can be prevented if Matt just fell asleep now.

Matt didn’t argue with me as I left the room, all I heard him ask was, “Can you help me get my pants off?”

He would do fine on his own.

I walked downstairs, sighing softly to myself as I went to the hallway closet and grabbed a blanket for myself before heading to the living room. I curled into the corner of the couch, spreading the blanket across my body and pulling it over my shoulders.

With a cushion tucked under my head, I closed my eyes slowly and could only home to get some sleep tonight. Between the thoughts going through my head and the discomfort I felt from already leaning against the couch it was clear to me that sleeping wouldn’t be an easy task.


I heard the sound of Matt’s voice distantly and the smell of breakfast. Mm, breakfast. Matt seemed annoyed with whoever he was talking to on the phone, I couldn’t hear much only a few words like ‘idiots,’ ‘I already said no,’ and ‘figure something out.’

Cranky Matt wasn’t too enjoyable to be around, he looked sexy as hell when he was fuming but angry and irritable are very different. Matt can be extremely irritable, that’s something I’ve learned recently.

I opened my eyes and slowly sat up from my laying position on the couch, rubbing my eyes and yawning. As I stretched my arms I looked towards the doorway to see Matt walking into the living room with a breakfast tray.

Breakfast in bed? Or, in couch, if you will. What’s with him? It didn’t really matter by the way he was looking. He wore a pair of grey sweat pants that showed his V-line and he was shirtless in all of his droolworthy glory.

“Hey, good morning,” He smiled softly at me and leaned down to kiss my cheek before playing the tray on my lap, “I made you breakfast.”

“Good morning,” I wasn’t hungry. At all, but I couldn’t tell him that. He had clearly worked hard on this. Eggs and bacon with sliced orange on the side, “This looks delicious, thank you.”

As I picked up a slice of orange, I bit into and Matt sat at the end of the couch. He had the look he always wore when he had something on his mind. He was stressed or worried.

“Who was on the phone?” I asked him.

He looked at me and shrugged nonchalantly, “Oh, it was just about the building. Nothing important, they’re having issues with structure shit again.”

Matt had learned to not talk in architecture words with me because I had no idea what he was talking about, so when he said ‘structure shit’ it made more sense.

I nodded, “Oh.”

“Hey, look Allison. I’m sorry about last night...” He spoke up, resting his arm on the back of the couch, “I clearly upset you by compliment Alexandra, I didn’t mean anything by it. I was just being polite, but I am sorry.”

Was I overreacting all because he called his ex-wife beautiful? Maybe. Or maybe he was trying to make me feel like I had been ridiculous.

“Matt, it was just that... It was the way you were looking at her when you noticed her with someone else,” I explained further, raking my fingers through my messy blond hair and setting the tray on the coffee table as I sat up straight, “You seemed... jealous.”

“I wasn’t jealous,” He answered instantly, “I was surprised but I certainly wasn’t staring.”

“More like gawking.”

I could tell by the deep inhale of breath that he took that Matt wanted to get frustrated, but he didn’t. He responded calmly, “I wasn’t gawking. You’re insecure when you shouldn’t be, you know that I love you and you get upset from the slightest glance I give Alexandra.”

I am insecure. He’s right. I should be one hundred percent comfortable and confident in this relationship but instead I’m constantly on edge and nervous. Matt looked at Alexandra, gave her a conpliment and it sent me over the edge. I thought more of it than it was.

I looked down at my hands that were now rested in my lap, “You’re right... I’m sorry, I jumped to conclusions.”

“It’s okay, but I really wish you’d stop doubting my love for you,” He said simply as he placed his hand over mine, “Trust me, Allison. You’re the only girl that has my eye.”

I looked at him, squeezing his hand gently as I pursed my lips together, “I overreacted... It just wasn’t the night I was expecting, I just thought...” I stopped myself from continuing, spring telling Matt that I had been expecting a proposal wasn’t the best idea.

“You thought what?” Matt asked me quickly, seeing genuinely curious about what I was going to say.

I shook my head, “Nothing, it’s... nothing.”

“Allison, just tell me what’s going on. What did you think was going to happen?” He repeated himself, becoming more inpatient with me.

“I thought...” I bit my bottom lip gently, suddenly feeling ridiculous for bringing this up and for what I was about to say, “I don’t know, Matt. I thought that maybe you were going to... propose.”

“Propose?” Matt seemed completed taken by surprise at my assumption, “You mean, marriage?”

I sighed heavily, “I realized now that after recently getting divorced that assuming you were going to propose was stupid. I’m sorry, it was a ridiculous assumption.”

Matt stayed quiet as he raked his fingers through his brown hair, taking a deep breath and staring at the wall. I felt like I overstepped and even admitting it didn’t seem to help at all. He finally managed to speak again, his voice soft and slow, “Allison, we need to talk.”

“Talk? Matt, it’s okay. Just forget about it, I’m not in a hurry to get married anyway.” I smiled at him and shrugged my shoulders slightly, “We have the rest of our lives, it isn’t a big deal.”

“Babe... You don’t understand.”

I tilted my head slightly, wondering what he could possibly mean by that. Something in his voice was beginning to worry me but on the outside I managed to stay calm, “What don’t I understand?”

Matt slowly stood up from the couch, walking away and beginning to pace, “Allison...” He messed up his hair and as he turned to face me, I noticed that he was pinching the bridge of his nose, “I don’t want to get married.”

Of course he didn’t, he literally just got divorced.

“It’s okay, I wouldn’t expect you to want to get married right now anyway.” I assured him, standing from the couch as well and taking a step towards him, “Like I said, we have the rest of ou--”

“I don’t want to get married ever, Allison!” He raised his voice before exhaling and rubbing his face. He spoke again, but this time with a softer voice, “Baby, I’m sorry. I just... You weren’t listening.”

I stared at him, my eyebrow arching in curiosity, “What do you mean by that? You never want to get married?”

“I’ve been married before, once is enough for me.”

"I haven’t, though. I know you’ve already experienced it but usually that’s what people do to seal their relationship,” I explained.

I had dreamed about getting married since I was a little girl. A gorgeous wedding with a beautiful white ball gown type wedding dress - it was supposed to be magical. Now hearing that Matt didn’t want to ever get married threw our entire relationship through a loop.

Marriage isn’t everything, but I expect it to be at least up for discussion. Matt shouldn’t be able to just make this decision for us without even considering my feelings or opinion.

“Plenty of people stay together forever and don’t get married,” He told me as he took a step closer, now standing directly in front of me, “It isn’t necessary and to be honest, one time is enough to let me know that marriage ruins a relationship. It doesn’t make it stronger.”

I decided to try and reason with him instead of continuing this back and forth disagreement, “Well, maybe we can talk about it at least.”

“We can talk about it all you want but I’m not getting married again,” Matt declared and I instantly knew that it was the end of the discussion. The was no compromise when it came to whether we would married or not. It was an absolute no because Matt said so and it was ultimately his choice.

After a long pause that lasted slightly longer than I would have liked, I just nodded and did the only thing I could do. I agreed, “Okay.”


I showed up to Tristan’s office a few hours after my one-sided discussion with Matt, I decided that going about my day like it was ordinary was the best thing to do. Work was a part of that even though I now worked for my brother that I just discovered was my brother.

As I opened the door to his office I kept my eyes on my phone, walking in without looking up, “Good morning.”

My eyes moved from my screen, to see Tristan on top of someone on the couch. Luckily, clothed. But the make out they were having seemed to be getting pretty intense before I came in.

“Allison,” Tristan groaned in annoyance as he pulled away from the girl whose face I couldn’t see, “What did I say about knocking?”

“That’s what locks are for,” I pointed out, “I’ll leave and give you privacy.”

I noticed the girl had been hiding her face against Tristan’s neck to avoid having to look at me and I bit my lip gently.


My eyes glanced to her hand that was rested on the back of the couch, gripping onto the cushion and I instantly noticed the charm bracelet on her wrist. Three charms were visible, the letter A, a dove, and a music note.

“Amber?” I practically squealed, clasping my hand over my mouth in surprise.

My best friend was making out with Tristan? How long have this been going on?

Finally, she pulled her head away from Tristan’s neck and gave me an awkward smile, “Hey Allison... You look great, by the way.”

“Tristan? You and Tristan? When did this happen?” I asked her.

Tristan leaned his head back and groaned, “Come on, Allison. Please don’t be a cockblocker.”

I watched Amber slide out from Tristan’s arms, standing from the couch and adjusting her shirt, “A while...”

“And by a while, you mean?”

She bit her lip and looked at Tristan who was leaned back against the couch cooly, looking up at her with a smirk on her face, “Well, since the day I brought the Italian food here and seen how hot he is.”

That was literally the first time they met! How could I not know?

Tristan grinned proudly, “I slipped her my card and she called me the same night when she wanted a good fu--”

“Tristan!” Amber covered his mouth and started to giggle at how forward he was.

I stared at both of them, wide-eyed. This had been happening for quite some time and I had no idea, I was shocked to say the least. “My best friend and my brother,” I spoke, “This seriously feels like a Lifetime movie.”

It was Amber who seemed shocked now, “Brother?!”

Oh, yeah. I hadn’t told her.

“It’s a long story... You might want to sit,” I told her before taking a seat on the opposite couch.

Although it was extremely odd knowing that my best friend and biological brother have been sneaking around, I wasn’t extremely surprised. Amber was a carefree, happy-go-lucky girl and Tristan, well, he was an entire different category.

They seemed strangely perfectly for each other even though I wasn’t fully aware of how serious this was.

Tristan and I explained the whole situation to Amber, of course I did most of the talking, but no matter how much we attempted to explain it, Amber didn’t seem any less surprised.

It was weird. Tristan and I are siblings, I’m dating Tristan’s best friend and he’s sleeping with my best friend.

“And here we are, Allison interrupts me from getting it in an hour before she’s supposed to even supposed to start work,” Tristan comments.

Amber slapped his shoulder and laughed, “Don’t be mean to her.”

Oh my god, she was in awe of him.

Tristan playfully rolled his eyes before looking at me, “So cut to the chase, little one. Why are you here so early?”

That was a good question, an exceptional one at that. I had gotten so distracted with seeing Amber and Tristan together that I had forgotten the real reason why I came here.

I clasped my hands together, looking directly at Tristan, “I want to meet our dad, with it actually being to my knowledge. And I’d like it if you came with me.”

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