The Other Woman's Man

By UnbrokenLolita All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance

Chapter 27: Money Talks


“Allison, come on, baby...” I sighed heavily as I leaned against the wall beside the bathroom door, “I told you, Quinton showed up here on his own. I told him to leave and before he did you invited him to stay for breakfast.”

I had been talking to her from the opposite side of the wall for the past twenty minutes, attempting to try and make her understand exactly what happened when Quinton showed up the other day.

She had been sure to make me aware of how annoyed with me she was that I allowed her biological father into our home without her knowledge, so I wanted to explain myself.

I could hear the water from the bathroom sink running and as she opened the door, she held her toothbrush in her mouth keeping the same sour expression on her face as she brushed her teeth.

Stepping into the bathroom, I wrapped my arms around her waist from behind and pouted so she could see me from the mirror, “If I told you then and there, it would have been completely insensitive.”

She leaned down to spit out the toothpaste, rinsing her mouth with water. As she did, her ass pressed against my crotch.

“Mm...” I smirked to myself, slowly moving my hands around her hips, “Don’t be cranky with me, snowflake. You know I just want to make you happy...”

As I began to grind my hips against her ass, she lifted her head and I looked in the mirror to see that she was attempting to hold back a smile, “Matt... I’m not mad at you, I’m just really stressed about the whole situation.”

I moved my head to the nape of her neck, sucking on her skin gently and I gripped on the waistband on her pajama pants, “Let’s relieve that stress...”

“Horny bastard,” She muttered, but the grin on her face told me that she wanted this. Of course she did, we’re crazy about each other.

I chuckled low, pulling her pants and panties down together, “You love that about me.”

Sex everyday have been a highlight of this pregnancy thus far, her hormones were wild and I was always wanting to get it in her anyway.

“I love everything about you,” She responded as I pushed my pants down, causing them to fall to the floor.

Allison rested her hands on the bathroom counter and I tilted her head to looked at me, pressing out lips together roughly. I slid my tongue past her lips, feeling her reciprocate the action immediately.

As I moved my hands back down, I wrapped one arm around her waist and used my free hand to guide my length into her entrance. As I pushed into her hard, I felt the tightness of her walls wrapping around me, causing a moan to escape my lips.

“Fuck,” I groaned against her lips, continuously thrusting my hips.

Allison gripped tightly onto the bathroom counter, closing her eyes as she leaned against my my chest and moaned loud, “Yes... God, Matt...”

“You like that?” I smirked victoriously, the sound of her moans like music to my ears, my hands slid under the front of her shirt to grope her breast gently.

“Uh huh,” She nodded her head quickly, pushing her hips onto me as I thrusts, “Uh... Oh my god.”

I felt her nipples hardening under the palm of my hands and I began to increase my pace, lifting one of her legs to rest her knee on the counter for better access.

My eyes flickered to the mirror as I grabbed a hand full of Allison’s blond hair in my hand. Her eyes met mine, I could see her breathing heavily and every time she moaned I watched the look on her face change, seeing what I was doing to her.

Being inside of her was a feeling unlike any other, her muscles contracting against me with every move I made and feeling how ready she had already been for me - she always was.

“M-Matt...” She moaned.

I moved my lips to her ear and whispered low, “That’s it, baby... Say my name...”

Jesus, I was getting breathless but seeing the look on Allison’s face made me want to fuck her in front of the mirror nonstop just so I could see the effect I had on her. The pleasure I was giving her. There was no better feeling.

I pushed my length into her roughly and at a quickly pace, causing a grunt to escape me each time I entered the tight space. Allison clenched her jaw tightly and smacked her hand onto the mirror, “Matt! Oh my god... I’m almost... I’m almost there...”

I chuckled breathlessly and let go of her now sweaty hair, placing my hand over hers that was resting on the mirror, “Careful, babe... Don’t hurt yourself...”

“Shut up and fuck me!” She growled before looking over her shoulder and colliding her lips together.

I kissed her back deeply, mumbling against her lips, “Mm... You’re so mean to me.”

Truthfully, I loved the dirty talk. It’s sexy as fuck and I’ve never seen her so aggressive, knowing it was towards me the urging me to get it in made it all the more thrilling. I slowed my thrusts to tease her, the expression on her face pleading, like she would pass out from desperation if I didn’t ‘do the job’ properly. Pregnant Allison clearly didn’t like getting teased no matter how amusing it is for me.

One are steadied around her stomach, holding her in place while I placed the other on her perfect ass, giving it a little squeeze.

As I gave her a few more thrusts, pushing myself deep into her and hitting her sweet spot, I could feel both of us nearing our climax.

Our heavy breathing filled the bathroom, but I pushed the thought of the mirror steaming up aside and pressed my lips to her neck instantly going to work. If I was finishing her off now, I was going to leave love bites to show that she’s mine.

Allison moaned my name loudly as she came, reaching her orgasm and I groaned, feeling every sweet moment of it. I came a moment after her, slowing my thrusts before pulling out.

I turned her around so she was face me and pressed a soft kiss on her lips, “I love you so much.”

She was still clearly catching her breath, as she placed a hand on my cheek she smiled at me and brushed her fingertips across my lips, “I love you too.”

“How about you and I take a shower, yeah?” I suggested, picking her up in my arms and carrying her to the shower, her slender arms wrapping around my arms as she laughed softly.

Love made all of this so amazing. The sex was so incredible when there was passion and affection. It wasn’t just a way of getting off, it was an expression of feelings and my feelings for her grew strong with each passing day.



“Let’s go on a date tonight,” Matt asked me out of nowhere. It wasn’t exactly a question, it seemed more like a statement than anything.

I looked at the clock to see that it was 6:00pm, “A date?”

We haven’t really done dates since... Ever. We’ve been together and a lot of our relationship was staying in and having dinner, outside dating wasn’t exactly involved.

Matt nodded his head, a charming smiling taking over his gorgeous face, “Yeah... There’s a new restaurant opening tonight, let’s make it a date night. The past few months I’ve been so busy with the divorce and everything, we haven’t had a chance to enjoy each other like a regular couple.”

I couldn’t help but laugh, “I think we’ve been enjoying each other quite nicely.”

“You know what I mean,” He chuckled as he stood from the couch and extended his hand towards me, “Ms. Prescott, will you please go out with me tonight?”

I took his hand in mine and pulled myself up, grinning as I collided against his chest, “I would love to.”

“Get ready, we’ll leave when you’re done,” He leaned in and kissed my cheek, “It’s a fancy restaurant, Snowflake. Maybe you can try that new dress I gave you for Valentine’s Day?”

Matt and I had only been official for about 2 months when Valentine’s Day had come, he showered me in gifts. Literally and figuratively. Earrings, chocolates, flowers, dinners, a private movie viewing, a gorgeous Louis Vuitton handbag, and then a stunning champagne colored silk dress from some fancy European company.

I hadn’t had a chance to wear the dress, or the earrings. We haven’t really gone anywhere together since Valentine’s Day and the dress is so elegant that it takes a really fancy place for me to be able to put it on to begin with.

As I slipped on the dress a few minutes later, it fit me perfectly, hugging my body in all of the right places and showing my curves. It really did give a woman confidence and surprisingly enough, Matt knew just what to buy when it came to clothing for me. He was the master of charming a woman - any woman at all for that matter.

“It’s gorgeous,” I stared into the mirror, amazed at how stunning it was on. Having it linger on the hanger really didn’t do the dress justice at all.

As Matt fixed the cuffs on his shirt, he walked over to me and fixed the zipper on the back of my dress, “You look beautiful, Allison.”

He planted a soft kiss on the back of my neck and I bit my lip gently. All of these actions were so sudden, the going on a date and at a fancy restaurant at that. My relationship with Matt usually consisted of relaxing together and having dinner a home, watching a movie on the couch, or having sex.

There was nothing wrong with this though, I was excited. Even though Matt said it was because he had been busy with the divorce, I couldn’t help but think of the other possibilities.

A strong part of me couldn’t help but wonder if maybe tonight would be the night that Matt proposes to me.

Marriage was bound to come eventually for us and everything else have moved relatively quickly, so why not? I would obviously say yes and deep down I was hoping that this is what tonight was about.

I wanted nothing more than to marry Matt and become his wife. Maybe it was a little soon considering he just got divorced, but only time would tell.

We arrived at the restaurant grand opening an hour and a half later, it was extremely crowded but also so beautiful. Matt did a fine job of flashing a hundred dollar bill in order to get a table on such short notice and it actually worked.

It was actually like the moment in the movies, I just had no idea that stunts like that actually worked in real life.

Money talks, however. I should’ve known.

The waiter led us to a table that was vacant near the back of the restaurant, he nodded towards Matt, “Mr. Reid, I apologize that I couldn’t get a booth. With our reservations and the grand opening, we’re very limited with options.”

“It’s not a problem,” Matt assured him, “Thank you.”

“I’ll give you two a moment to order and then I’ll be back,” The waiter smiled before walking away.

I looked around, admiring the restaurant again. The red carpet went so well with the cherry colored wooden tables and there was a chandelier in the center of the room, “This place is incredible... It’s very elegant, Matt.”

“Just like you, baby,” He shot me a wink before pulling my chair out so that I could sit down.

I was quick to shake my head in objection, “I am not elegant. Maybe you’re thinking of someone else.”

We laughed together and I took Matt’s hand as he extended it across the table. His hand squeezed mine, “Here we are, sitting in one of the most expensive and fancy restaurants in town, yet the only thing that catches my eye is you.”

As the heat rushed to my cheeks I felt like a little girl in elementary school reacting to her crush. This wasn’t my crush, however. This was my boyfriend. The father of my baby, the man I am absolutely in love with and the man who loves me back. Yet he still manages to make me get the giddy feelings like a little girl being noticed by the cute boy in school.

“You really know how to use your words, Mr. Reid. I have to say, it’s one of your best qualities,” I complimented with a smile, “One of the many reasons I love you.”

A smile stretched across his face, showing his dimples as his eyes danced with amusement, “How about you tell me all of the other reasons you love me?”

“We would be here all night.”

“I like spending my nights with you,” He said simply.

The waiter came back to our table with a pen and notepad, “Are you ready to order?”

We hadn’t looked at the menu, but it was already so busy that I didn’t want to pass up a chance to order now rather than later. I was starving.

“You ready, love?” Matt asked me.

I nodded my head, “Mhm. Can I have...” I looked at the menu and scanned quickly for something I would like, “Ou, Lobster Tortellini sounds delicious. I’ll take that, please.”

“Okay, Ms. That also comes with either a side salad or mashed potatoes. Which would you prefer?”

“Potato,” I answered.

He nodded and turned to Matt after writing my order down, “And for you, sir?”

“I’ll take the steak, medium rare with a side of potatoes as well.” Matt said as he passed the waiter out menu’s,

“And to drink?”

“I’ll have a beer,” Matt responded before looking at me, “You can drive home, right babe?”

I nodded my head, “Sure... I’ll have a water, please.”

As the waiter walked away, I turned my face to Matt who was already looking at me, “Looks like you get to drive the BMW tonight.”

He smirked devilishly but I couldn’t help but feel nervous. His car was his baby and he adored it more than anything else that he owned, yet he was allowing me to drive me? I wasn’t fond of the responsibility. The car was not only expensive but I also wasn’t nearly as experienced as him when it came to driving.

“You’re actually trusting me with your car?” I asked him, unable to keep my cynical comments to myself.

He chuckled lightly before responding, “Why not? I’ve trusted you with more valuable things... My heart, my son...”

I swear I could feel my heart leap into my throat at the swoonworthy comment, he had so much faith in me - he always did. More so than I ever had in myself.

The waiter came back with your drinks and set them on the table before heading back towards the kitchen.

“So, tell me how the building is coming along,” I asked him, hoping he would stop being so secretive about it. He had been adamant on keeping it a surprise for me until the end.

Matt took a sip of his beer and after placing it back on the table, he rested his elbow on the back of the chair, “It’s going really well. I went by there yesterday and they’re making a lot of progress.”

“I can’t wait to see it. You know, you don’t have to make it a big surprise for me, I could help out,” I suggested.

“You’re pregnant. I don’t want you doing anything,” Matt smiled at me, “I want you to see the finishing product, snowflake. I’ve actually asked Alexandra to be the interior designer.”

I couldn’t hide the expression that took over my face. I’m sure it expressed exactly what I was feeling; surprised. I wanted to straight up ask Matt why he asked Alexandra to be the interior designer but it seemed rude, it also seemed extremely weird though.

“Don’t you think that’s a little odd?” I asked him finally, “I mean, you just got divorced and you asked her to work for you? It seems a little insensitive.”

His brows furrowed in confusion, seeming unsure of where I was going with this, “You think I’m insensitive?”

“No, I just... I just don’t understand, that’s all.” I attempted to recover but there wasn’t much else I could say, it was true. I did think that asking Alexandra to work for him was insensitive, she was still clearly hurting and he completely looked past that.

“She’s a great designer, Allison.” The sound in Matt’s voice had changed, he seemed slightly more irritated now.

Perhaps he was expecting me to think this was an incredible idea, but I could help but see nothing but a disaster waiting to happen.

Taking a deep breath, I decided to go along with it for a second to see what his vision was on this entire process, “Okay, and what did Alexandra say?”

“That she would think about it,” He answered, taking another swig of his beer.

Matt’s eyes focused on something across the room and he seemed intrigued almost. As I turned to look I noticed Alexandra walking into the restaurant with a red dress on and a man I’ve never seen before at her side.

Something I never expected tonight at all was to run in to her especially while Matt and I were having a conversation about her.

To make things more awkward the waiter walked her and her date towards us and gave them the free table right next to us.

God, no.

Matt’s eyes never left Alexandra for a moment, by the time I had looked back at him he was still looking at her and I felt embarrassed to even be at the table with him.

I cleared my throat to get his attention and as he looked at me I managed to unintentionally gain the attention of Alexandra and her date as well.

Just my luck.

“Matthew?” Alexandra asked in a surprised tone.

At the same time her date spoke, seeming completely bewildered to see Matt here, “Mr. Reid... Good to see you, sir.”

“Sir?” Alexandra asked her date, seeming just as confused as I was at this point.

Before her date could respond, Matt did just that, “Roger here works for me, Alex.”

“Oh my... I had no idea,” Alexandra seemed so uncomfortable that I was sure I wasn’t the only one who wanted to disappear right now, “Roger, this is... my ex-husband Matthew, and his girlfriend... Allison.”

Roger’s eyes nearly popped out of his head in shocked, “Wait... Matt is your... He’s the one who...”

“The one who what?” Matt asked quickly, looking at Alexandra.

Alexandra took a seat at the table across from us unwillingly, “Matthew, I’d rather not discuss this now.”

Matt looked annoyed, hell, I was annoyed. Not because Alexandra was here but because Matt was being rude to not only me but them as well.

“You look lovely, Alexandra.” I told her in attempt to ease to mood, giving a polite smile.

She nodded her head once, “Thank you.”

“Beautiful,” Matt added.

“We’ll let you two enjoy your date,” I said, praying that the waiter would come soon so we could get the hell out of here.

I heard Matt clear his throat before he spoke up again, “I was just telling Allison how I asked you to design my building.”

“Matthew,” Alexandra started.

Matt snapped his fingers as a waitress walked by, “Can I get another beer?”

The waitress nodded before heading off. I looked at his empty beer bottle, wondering when then hell he finished his beer to begin with. I hadn’t even noticed.

“I think you’re a perfect fit for the job, Alex.” Matt added before looking at Roger, “What do you think?”

Roger raised his eyebrows, “Me? I uh... I think she would do amazing at anything she does.”

“Matt, give them their space.” I glared at him, biting on the inside of my cheek and feeling instantly furious with him.

Maybe he was just being nice by starting conversation or even calling Alexandra beautiful but it felt extremely rude in my opinion. A night that started beautiful was slowly beginning to get flushed down the toilet.

Matt flashed one of his infamous smiles, “Jesus. I’m sorry for inerrupting you guys... Just pretend that we’re not here. Enjoy yourselves.”

As he looked back to me, I refused to look at him and stood from my chair, “I need to use the washroom.”

Before I could hear him respond I headed towards the ladies room, pushing the door open and standing in front of the mirror.

Something had come over Matt that I didn’t like. Something that I wasn’t comfortable with, like seeing Alexandra with Roger had made him jealous and he acted childishly on that emotion.

Am I surprised? Absolutely. I understand to an extent that it’s different for him to see his ex-wife with another man for the first time, but I also don’t understand why he seems so upset. He was the one who ended the relationship, not her. She has a right to be happy, too.

Knowing that Matt felt jealous over Alexandra put a huge weight on my heart. It hurt so bad knowing that maybe I wasn’t enough. Maybe I wouldn’t ever be.

I stared at myself in my mirror, the pathetic girl who fell in love with a married man who was now pregnant. Not only did I create a messy life for myself, I also involved a child in it now.

I heard the bathroom door opening and as I looked in the mirror I could see Alexandra standing behind me. Quickly turning around, I came face to face with her and took a deep breath, “I’m... I’m very sorry for Matt’s behavior. If we’re ruining your night, we can leave.”

If felt strange apologizing for Matt’s behavior to the woman who had been married to him for so many years, but I felt obligated to for some reason.

Alexandra shrugged her shoulders, “I will admit that running into my ex-husband and his girlfriend while I’m on a date isn’t an ideal situation, but I’m attempting to take the step in the right direction. I don’t want to freak out anytime I see Matthew in public.”

I nodded slowly, unable to help but notice how gorgeous Alexandra looked in her skin tight red dress. The neck line had a beautiful design, different from a basic V shape. Her brown hair was curled all to one side and her diamond earrings glowed when she moved. She was the perfect definition of elegant and I on the other hand was a walking disaster, so it seemed.

“You really do look nice, Alexandra. I love the dress... It’s pretty.” I’m sure that I sounded like a lame girl attempting to mingle with the ‘cool kids,’ but I didn’t have much else to offer.

I wanted desperately to be open with Alexandra though the last time I attempted to apologize she stopped me and wouldn’t allow me to.

“I know that you don’t want to hear it, but...”

“Allison, don’t you dare say it,” She quickly snapped at me, “I’m warning you. I will never tell you that it’s okay because it’s not.”

“I know,” I said softly, looking down at the floor as I gripped onto my clutch tightly, “You were so kind to me and... I was terrible. I didn’t a terrible thing and I am truly sorry. I won’t try to defend my actions because nothing about it was right, it was all so wrong and even now the guilt still won’t go away.”

Alexandra managed to stay silent while I spoke, when I stopped talking she took a deep breath, “I can’t give you want you need, Allison.”

I looked at her with confusion laced through my expression. How did she know what I needed?

“What I need?” I asked.

“You need closure and if my forgiveness is what gives you that... I’m sorry, but I can’t give that to you.” Alexandra admitted, “Your affair with Matt destroyed my family. My entire life fell apart the day that I accepted you into it.”

She was absolutely right and I wouldn’t try to deny it for a second, “I know.”

“However, I’m done hanging onto this grudge... I still hate your guts, don’t get me wrong but you can’t have an affair with a man who isn’t willing to cheat,” Alexandra told me, her eyes never leaving mine for a second. If she was trying to intimidate me, it was working.

I tucked a lose strand of hair behind my ear, feeling a little uneasy but relieved at the same time to have this conversation with Alexandra finally, “It’s too late to take anything back, but I want you to know--”

“Would you though, Allison?” She asked me suddenly, “If you could take everything back, would you?”

I paused, my mouth gaping as I looked at her while my stomach twisted in knots. I walked right into this question but I hadn’t been expecting it. I was stunned to say the least, before I could think my response over I began to speak, “I... Well, no... I wouldn’t.”

“That’s what I thought.”

“Please try to understand, if I tell you that I would take it back I would be saying that I regret the baby that I have growing inside of me...” I placed my hand on my stomach, thinking about how a baby that was created by both Matt and I was inside of me, “I don’t know whether it’s a boy or girl, but it doesn’t matter. All I know is that my baby is in there and I love them... Without falling in love with Matt, this baby wouldn’t exist, so no, I can’t tell you that I would take it all back.”

Alexandra turned away, but she didn’t leave the bathroom. A part of me wanted some random person to walk on and interrupt this extremely awkward conversations, but apparently no one had to use the washroom at this time.

With her back towards me, Alexandra responded, “You’re right. Theres no way I would expect you to regret anything when it comes to a baby...” She turned around again, standing a few feet away from me, “I’m going to be honest with you, I told Matt that I was happy for him about this baby, but just really hard to imagine him having a family with someone else.”

I quickly shook my head, not wanting Alexandra to be pained by the conversation we were having, “You don’t have to spare his feelings and you definitely don’t have to be happy about this or pretend to be.”

“I know how lucky you are, Allison. Matt is a wonderful man, he’s the most incredible father and your child is going to be very lucky...” The look in her eyes changed, “You just need to be careful, because you never know when someone will come along and take him right from under your nose.”

I stood there silently and speechless as Alexandra walked out of the bathroom, leaving me frozen in place. Her words stung me, but not because of who they were coming from. It wasn’t because it felt like some odd kind of threat but Alexandra’s words terrified me because a part of me, a huge part of me knew that it was true.

I wasn’t sure if I ever would have full trust in Matt and considering how our relationship had started, I was terrified of the possibility that one day I would be in Alexandra’s position.

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