The Other Woman's Man

By UnbrokenLolita All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance

Chapter 24: Our Little Family


“Daddy, where’s dis?” Thomas asked me, holding onto my hand as we walked up the paved driveway leading to Quinton Fleming’s large home.

I barely got any sleep last night due to lying awake and thinking about where this left Tristan and Allison. This information was thrown at me and I didn’t know what to do with it. I wouldn’t be able to keep this from them much longer considering it hasn’t even been a day and I’m already on the edge of breaking.

Talking to Quinton Fleming was the best option I had right now, to hear his side and let him know that he had another daughter.

I looked down at Thomas before responding, “We’re visiting Uncle Tristan dad.”

“Why?” He questioned as we reached the door.

I presses the doorbell and chuckled lightly, “Because daddy needs to have a discussion.”

“Why?” He asked again.

“Because... Adult things.” I responded.

Thankfully Thomas paused before he questioned again, “Why?”

Jesus Christ.

“Thomas,” I muttered and he was looking up at me with his big brown eyes eagerly awaiting my answer, “If you be really good and quiet while we’re here, we’ll go to the toy store afterwards.”

His eyes lit up just as the front door opened revealing Quinton’s tall frame, “Matt, what a surprise to see you. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

I nodded my head, I believe the last time I had seen Quinton was at my wedding to Alexandra, “It has. I hope you don’t mind me dropping by?”

“Of course not, come on in.” Quinton stepped aside and I walked in, still holding Thomas’ hand. Quinton looked down at Thomas and smiled, “Is this your little one?”

“Yeah, he doesn’t seem so little anymore.” I chuckled lightly, “My girlfriend is about three months pregnant now, so next thing you know I’ll have another little one to take care of.”

Talking about it made me excited to think of a child with both mine and Allison’s genes. I was already so proud of him or her just because of how incredible their mother is.

“Girlfriend?” Quinton questioned.

As we walked into the family room, I nodded my head slowly, “Uh, yeah. Alexandra and I are divorced.”


I cleared my throat and messed up Thomas’ hair slightly, “Hey, buddy. Can you watch the TV while daddy talks?”

Thomas nodded his head and walked across the room as Quinton changed the channel to Paw Patrol.

“I haven’t seen you in years, Matt. I can’t help but ask you what’s your reasoning for coming by,” He settled down in the arm chair and I knew it was time to jump right in to the details of this visit.

I sat on the couch across from him and rested my forearms on my knees as I leaned foreword, “First off, how are you doing? Tristan says that you haven’t met anyone or anything.”

Quinton shook his head slowly, “I don’t think I ever will, Matt. After Phyllis passed away, I had no intentions on finding someone else.”

Phyllis is Tristan’s mother and she passed away a long time ago, when Tristan and Deena were kids. They had both expected that someday Quinton would move on but he never did.

“Maybe it would be good for you,” I suggested.

He shook his head, “When you meet the love of your life and build an incredible life together, it isn’t as simple as moving on when they pass away. Any time I close my eyes I’m with her again and if I move on with somebody else I’m afraid that she’ll go away.”

I looked down at the floor, frowning at his words. This man has been through a lot, first he lost his wife and then some years later he lost his teenage daughter. Now he spent most of his days alone aside from any visits he received from Tristan and other family or friends.

“I’m sorry that you went through that, and then with Deena...”

“Her room is still just as she left it,” Quinton informed me with a small smile on his lips, “Her pink bed and school notes scattered on her desk. I don’t want to move or touch anything because they’re her things, you know? Deena would always get upset if I went in her room without permission.”

I chuckled at her words, Deena had always been such a spitfire. “She was a teenager, if she were here now she would feel differently.”

“I’d hope so,” Quinton smiled softly at me before turning his attention to Thomas who was watching the TV attentively, “Your boy looks just like you. How old is he?”

I looked at Thomas, smiling at the similarities between us, “He’ll be three in October.”

“They grow so fast, don’t they?”

“Absolutely...” My mind drifted back to Allison, thinking about how Joanne claimed that Quinton insisted on an abortion. He wasn’t that type of man, I knew him better than that and he was a family man. He spoiled his kids and gave them whatever they wanted.

Quinton’s fingers snapping pulled me from my thoughts, “You seem distracted.”

“I uh...” I cleared my throat before nodding slowly, “I suppose I am. I have something to discuss with you but I’m not sure how to say it.”

“I don’t think you and I have ever had a serious conversation, Matt.” He laughed softly, “Except when my daughter wanted to get involved with you.”

My eyes widened slightly at his words, “Your daughter?”

“Oh come on, Matt. Deena was crazy about you,” He chuckled and I began to relax. Of course he was talking about Deena. “Anytime you were here, she was sneaking around corners to have a reason to bump into you.”

I smiled at Quinton’s words, remembers vividly how frequently Deena was around but never having a romantic interest in her. She was gorgeous, but she was also my best friends sister - unlike Tristan I didn’t find that concept appealing. But she was younger and getting involved with her at her age wouldn’t have even been legal.

Did I know that she had a thing for me? Of course. She made it extremely obvious and we had even kissed a few times, but it was never anything serious, more playful than anything.

She was a friend, though. A close friend and I loved her as one. After she passed it was hard, it was extremely difficult to get used to not having her around. Everyone had distanced themselves for a long time and even Tristan has changed for a long time.

Instead of joking and being a usual perv towards any female that walked by, his joy turned to anger and he had even went to therapy to deal with his emotions after losing his sister.

“Quinton, there’s a woman I need to ask you about,” I finally said while I had the courage.

He nodded his head, “All right. Who is it?”

“Joanne Prescott.”

His face noticably paled at the mention of her name and he rubbed his chin gently, “I’m not sure how this is your business.”

“Because from what I’m hearing, you got her pregnant,” I told him.

He was quick to object, “That’s absured! I haven’t seen her in years.”

“How many years, Quinton?” I asked him.

He sighed heavily and looked up as he counted in his head, trying to come up with an accurate number, “I don’t know. Twenty years, maybe?”

I rubbed my temples gently. Allison is twenty-one, this was definitely possible. “Is it true that you told her to get an abortion?”

Quinton looked offended or even invaded by my consistent questions and I couldn’t blame him, I didn’t prepare myself well enough for this encounter and I was definitely bombing it.

“You need to leave,” He said suddenly.


He stood up from the chair and raised his voice, “Matt, you’ve crossed a line. Leave. Now.”

“Tommy, come on...” I got Thomas’ attention as he left his spot from in front of the television and walked over to me. I looked back at Quinton, “If you would just listen to me for a minute...”

“No. I am not discussing my personal life with you,” He insisted, walking Thomas and I to the door and opening it, “Goodbye.”

Just get it all out, Matt.

I sighed softly, “My girlfriend is Joanne’s daughter. She’s twenty-one and she’s amazing... The kindest, most beautiful woman I have every met. Her name is Allison.”

“Matt, why are you telling me this?”

I looked at him from my spot on the front step, “Because her mother is saying that you’re her father and whether you know about her or not, I’m letting you know that you’re missing out on being a part of a wonderful girl’s life.”

Quinton shook his head, pausing for a moment and looking stunned. Perhaps I came on too strong but her had to know and he wouldn’t listen to be any other way so I did what I had to do.

He didn’t say another word, instead he seemed lost in his own thoughts and I decided to leave him to take this all in. He was just give a lot of information to process, the least I could to was give him his space.

“Just think about what I said.”

I turned away, taking Thomas by the hand and leading him down the driveway, towards the car.


The following day Allison and I were outside with Thomas, he seemed to be liking the beach and living on the beach was a perk to being around me. It was a lot to take in at his age so anything that he liked was a win in my opinion.

He was going back with Alexandra tomorrow but it felt good knowing that I would be seeing him again next week. I wouldn’t have to worry about when would be the next time I would see him.

“I’m a few months you’ll have a brother or sister,” I said to him, trying my best to ease him into the idea of having a sibling. I knew he already wasn’t fond of it but he needed to get used to it.

Thomas responded with a simple, “I don’t tink so.”

He made a face before turning back to the sand and moving his finger through it. I looked at Allison who just gave me a small smile, deciding not to cross any boundaries by pushing herself into this conversation but she always knew the right thing to say, I wanted her help.

“You know, buddy. Allison has a baby in her belly already just like Aunt Amelia did.” I told him, trying to help him understand better.

Thomas looked at Allison curiously, pointing at her stomach, “I’m dere?”

Allison nodded her head and smiled at Thomas, “Yeah...”

As Allison gently rubbed her stomach, Thomas leaned forward and looked at her stomach curiously, “How’d it get it there?”

Thomas’ eyebrows were furrowed together as he poked at Allison’s belly button. I opened my mouth, wondering how the fuck I managed to get myself in this situation now.

“I uh...” I began to stutter, trying to come up with something quickly, “Magic?”

Thomas smiled big, “Wow! I likes magic!”

Thank god.

“But no thanks,” He said again before standing up on the sand and picking up his bucket.

I sighed heavily and pulled Thomas towards me, as he looked at me I began to question him, “Why don’t you want a brother or a sister?”

Thomas pressed his lips together and shrugged his shoulders slightly, “I’m your buddy.”

I frowned at his words, hating that Thomas felt like he would be pushed aside once Allison and I had a baby. I never wanted him to feel that way, he would never have to fight for my attention. Ever.

“Hey, don’t think that.” I could feel my eyes stinging, mostly because of the heartache my little boy was feeling and I wanted to convince him that he didn’t have to feel that way, “You’re always going to be my buddy. Nothing is going to change that.”

Thomas pouted, puckering his lower lip out, “I don’t want to share.”

He began to put his action figures into his bucket, which gave me an idea. I picked up one of his actions figures curiously, “Who’s this one, Tommy?”

“Da Flash,” He answered.

“Ah, he’s pretty cool, isn’t he?”

Thomas nodded his head slowly, agreeing with me.

“You know how The Flash protects Central City from all of the bad guys? That makes him a superhero, right?” I asked him, raising my eyebrow slightly.

He nodded again, “Yeah, daddy. He’s fast!”

“Wow, that’s really cool...” I smiled at him, “Well, you can be like the Flash when you have a brother or sister.”

Thomas seemed confused at my words and he instantly called me out on it, “How?”

“You’re their big brother, Thomas. You get to protect them just like all of the superheros protect their cities,” I explained to him, hoping he would like the idea of protecting his sibling.

He pointed at his chest, “I’s a swuperhero?”

I nodded my head, smiling at him, “Of course. You’re going to be your little brother or sister’s superhero. Do you think you can handle that?”

“I can!” He answered eagerly, a large smile appearing on his face.

“You can? That’s great, buddy.” I praised him, happy that he was so excited about this idea, “We can give you a superhero name, too. Like... Hm... Superbro?”

Thomas started laughing, his cheeks turning red as he nodded his head again, “Yes!”

“Okay, Superbro. It’s official then. You’re going to be the best big brother in the world, right?” I held my hand out, holding my palm upwards so he could give me a high five.

“Yeah, daddy!” Thomas high fived me quickly and turned to Allison, “I’m weady!”

Allison laughed softly at his sudden excitement, “I’m sorry, Tommy. But you have to wait a few months until the baby comes.”

“Aw man.”


As I pulled the blanket over Thomas’ shoulders after Allison finished telling him his bedtime story, I messed up his hair slightly, “I’ll see you in the morning, all right?”

“Goin’ to mommy’s?” He asked.

I nodded my head, “Yeah, you’re going back to mommy’s house tomorrow and I’ll see you next week.”

“Okay, daddy.”

Allison turned on Thomas’ nightlight and we both headed towards the door, telling him goodnight before turning off the light.


I raised my eyebrow, expecting him to ask for another bedtime story to prolong having to go to sleep, “Yeah, Tommy?”

He grinned tiredly at us, “Can I have a puppy?”

I chuckled at how consistent he was in asking that question, “Not now, bud. Ask your mom to get one for you.”

Thomas sighed before nodding his head, “Okay.”

As Allison and I stepped out of his bedroom, we made our way to our bedroom down the hall and I could see my the look on Allison’s face that something was on her mind.

“A penny for your thoughts?” I asked her with a little smirk playing on my lips.

She looked over at me, biting on her lower lip gently. Allison shook her head, “It’s nothing, really.”

“Allison, whatever you want to say, go ahead.” I insisted.

“I don’t want to overstep, Matt. Not with how you handle things with Thomas,” She shook her head and sat at the edge of the bed, looking up at me with those gorgeous green eyes.

She knew that giving her opinion wouldn’t be overstepping. She’s basically Thomas’ stepmother and I want her to feel like she can offer a suggestion or perspective without there being boundaries.

“Babe... Do we need to have this discussion or can you just tell me what’s on your mind?” I crouched down in front of her, taking her hands in mine.

I felt Allison squeeze my hand and she smiled, “I was thinking that maybe we should get Thomas a dog.”

“What?” I responded a little too quickly but I was extremely surprised by her words. I wasn’t expecting that.

“The dog, Matt. He wants a dog and I think we should get one,” She nodded her head, bouncing on the bed slightly.

I began to wonder if she was wanting a dog for Thomas or for herself.

“Babe, no... Come on,” I frowned slightly, not wanting her to take Thomas’ side on this of all things, “Dog’s are a lot of responsibility and with you being pregnant I don’t want you dealing with that. They’re messy and it’s just not a good idea.”

“Matt,” She whined, holding my face in her hands and giving me a look a pure innocence. Maybe she was trying to convince me to get a damn dog but the look she gave me was just making me hard.

“Allison...” I countered.

“Every kid should have a pet. They’re such great companions,” She attempted to make a valid argument.

“Let’s get him a goldfish,” I smirked victoriously.

“A goldfish? He can’t play with a goldfish,” She argued teasingly.

“And he’d get bored of a puppy after it grows into a dog,” I challenged, placing my hands on her hips, “No pets, babe. Alexandra can deal with that shit.”

She took a deep breath, leaning down towards me and placing a kiss on my lips, “Fine. But if you ever change your mind, I’m totally game."

“Of course you are,” I joked, standing up so Allison’s face was directly in front of my crotch. I couldn’t help but smirk at the convenience of this situation, “Well, since we’re already in position, how about a blow job?”

Allison giggled, covering her face to taunt me, “Pervert.”

“Aww, come on, baby,” I chuckled, moving her hands away from her face and laying her down on the bed as I began to kiss all over her face.

This woman brought out this feeling in me that I couldn’t explain, every day my one goal was to put a smile on her face and hear her beautiful laughter. It was music to my ears, the most amazing sound in the world and my one goal was to give her happiness.

We sat up and as Allison crossed her legs, I moved behind her and kissed the back of her neck gently. As I placed my hands on her shoulders, my began to massage them slowly and gently.

A soft groan escaped her lips and she whispered, “That feels good...”

I smiled at her words, wanting to ease any tension she had at all. I remembered achy Alexandra was while she was pregnant with Thomas and even though Allison isn’t as far long, massages could help.

“Mm...” She moaned softly as my thumbs pressed into her shoulder blades.

I rested my chin on her shoulder and whispered low in her ear, “Stop making those sounds or I’ll have you on your back before you can say my name.”

“Maybe that’s what I want...” She suggested.

I leaned forward to look at her and her eyes locked on mine knowingly. Was she serious or was this a test to see if I was really just a horny bastard who thought about sex all the time?

I did, though. I wanted to have sex with her but I always did. I was a man who was highly attracted to his girlfriend and also had a pretty high sex drive.

“Are you... serious?” I asked her slowly, “Because if you are I’ll take you right now, but if not... That’s fine.”

Her lips brushed slowly against mine, I felt her tongue slide across my bottom lip, “I’m serious...”

Damn. I like pregnant Allison.

Within seconds I had her pinned to the bed with her hands above her head while out hips grind together. Our tongues fought for dominance amongst the sounds of heavy breathing and our lips smacking together.

I pulled away from her, kneeling up and pulling my shirt over my head quickly. Allison’s hand wandered up my chest slowly, biting my on her. That did all kinds of things to me.

“You gotta stop doing that, babe.” I warned her before leaning down and burying my face into the nape of her neck, trailing sloppy kisses to her chest.

The sound of our swift movements were clear as the mattress squeaked and we hadn’t even done anything yet, it was all foreplay and molding our bodies together.

I pulled Allison up slightly and reached at the hem of her shirt as I heard a scuffing sound that caused me to stop followed by the bedroom door opening.

At the same time Allison and I parted, turning to look at the doorway where Thomas was standing with his stuffed monkey in his arms.

“I’m scared...” He said softly, looking down at the floor.

I reached under the blankets and adjusted myself, having already been very much anticipating what was to come with Allison but being a parent always came first for me. Always.

“Do you wanna stay here, buddy?” I asked him and he seemed instantly relieved as he nodded his head and walked over to the edge of the bed.

I picked him up and put him in the center between Allison and I, he quickly slid underneath the blankets and laid on his back, “Night night.”

“Goodnight Thomas, sweet dreams,” Allison smiled and kissed the top of his head.

“Goodnight, Tommy.”

I laid flat on my back also and looked over at Allison who looked completely content. Though I just went from moments away from sex to having a toddler literally be the barrier between us, I couldn’t ask for anything better. Everything in the world that meant the most to me was right here. My son, my girlfriend, and our soon-to-be baby.

I would take this moment any day over anything else, and the way Allison looked at Thomas with a huge smile on her face while he slept only confirmed my thoughts about how incredible she would be with our child.

I moved in closer to Thomas and extended my arm over him so I could place my hand on Allison’s waist. As she smiled at me, I instantly smiled back. I wanted to keep this moment in my mind forever because in a blink of an eye it would be over. Thomas would be grown up and not sneaking in here during the nights. He would be a teenager who wouldn’t want anything to do with me.

This would be a moment I would hang onto in my memories forever, no matter how fast he grew up or how many kids Allison and I had, this was the beginning of our little family.

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