The Other Woman's Man

By UnbrokenLolita All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance

Chapter 12: Days & Nights


I hadn’t yet mentioned the idea of my grandmother visiting to Allison, I preferred to avoid the problem and hoped that it would eventually just go away. However I knew that this time around I wouldn’t be so lucky, so the most I could do is prolonge the problem.

I would need to make up for this big time if I went through with my family’s idea. Flowers and chocolates wouldn’t cut it. More Cartier jewelry may do the trick but Allison never have been one for material things like Alexandra was. One of the things I would need to get used to was how to make up for situations that I completely fucked up - obviously trying to now screw up would be good, but I’m human and I’ll always be making mistakes.

Alexandra was easy to satisfy. Buy her things or pass her a Mastercard and she was pleased. All was forgiven. Allison wouldn’t surrender that easily, she was feisty and tough, she didn’t take shit from me.

After spending many days and nights with Sasha, the woman who was helping me with the custody case, she seemed to get to know me quite well. Just like I seemed to know her. Expressions and emotions, I suppose we began to read each other like the back of our own hands. So over lunch that we arranged, she called me out on my quiet mood.

“Matthew? Did you catch that?” Sasha asked me, breaking me from my thoughts.

I looked up from my plate, raising an eyebrow, “Hm?”

She laughed softly and motioned towards a paper she had on the table, “The previous record of Alexandra’s lawyer. He’s a good one... And he barely ever loses.”

“That’s very comforting, thank you for letting me know,” I responded sarcastically.

“I’m not trying to bring you down, I’m making you aware that it is okay to fight dirty if she’s doing the same with you.”

I didn’t even know what Alexandra was planning on bringing up in the court room and as badly as she was hurting me by doing this, I couldn’t bring myself to lie and say she was a bad mother. She wasn’t, ever.

I just shook my head, “No. We’re doing this fair. She can have her fancy, case-winning lawyer. I have you.”

Sasha nodded her head, seeming pleased with my response, “And you always will... I’ll do whatever I can for you.”

“Thank you, Sasha. I really appreciate everything you’re doing,” I leaned back against the chair and groaned, “I just want my son back.”

A moment later the waitress walked to our table with the coffees we had ordered. I was tired of being so stressed about this case, I was constantly worried and talking about it certainly wasn’t helping at all.

“How about we take a break from all of this for a little while and just have a normal lunch? I can’t eat on a stressed out stomach,” I suggested to her before picking up my bagel and taking a bite, it would be nice to have one meal without the discussion of Thomas’ custody arising. Truth be told I was worried about where I stood in the court’s eyes.

Sasha nodded her head in agreement before sitting up straighter, “Whatever you want. Though, I’m not sure what we could talk about. All we ever talk about is the case.”

I chuckled at her words, “Tell me about your life outside of this chaotic job... Are you married? Do you have kids? What about crazy in-laws? I had those. They’re a headache.”

“Not married, quite the opposite. Very much single,” She made clear as she nodded her head and took a sip of her water, “Kids? No... But I love kids. I just need to find the right person, I suppose. The in-law thing makes me worried to marry, to be honest.”

“Stay away from anyone with the last name Neilson, then.” I warned her teasingly, shooting a playful grin. “You know, Sash. Maybe if you weren’t so invested in helping other people, you’d find someone for yourself. I mean, look at the amount of time you spend with me just to help me hopefully get custody of my son. You need to put yourself out there.”

Sasha tucked a piece of her black hair behind her ear, giving me an ‘are you kidding me?’ look before shaking her head, “I may be forward in the court room, but my personal life is much different.”

“You need to give yourself more credit. Allison is the same way, she doesn’t believe in herself...” I sighed at the thought of Allison. I felt like our life together would never really be normal or on track.

Arching her eyebrow, Sasha looked at me curiously, “You seem down... Is everything okay with you and Allison?”

“Yeah, yeah... We’re fine. It’s just everything surrounding us, you know?” I didn’t feel weird talking to Sasha about this, she knew everything else about my personal life so talking about my relationship with Allison wouldn’t be any different, “There’s always something in our way or interfering. I’d just like some normalcy for once.”

“Give it time. This is all so new to everyone, after a year or two it’ll become so normal that no one will care about it anymore,” She smiled at me, resting her elbow on the table and her chin in her palm, “Trust me, It’ll all work out in the end.”

“If only I could be as optimistic as you.”

With a slight hair flick, Sasha grinned, “It’s a gift. And I like it better when you’re in a good mood. Brooding Matt isn’t nearly as fun.”

I laughed softly and shrugged my shoulders, “I didn’t know I was any fun at all, actually.”

“You are, I enjoy being around you...” She admitted before taking a pause. I noticed her bite down on her bottom lip as she hesitated to speak, “You have many good qualities, Matt. You’re funny, kind, and amazing father to Thomas. Some of the many reasons I’m so determined to help you win this case.”

I stared at her, not saying anything. Surely my humor wasn’t a reason she was helping me but my kindness and good parenting could be reason enough. I was grateful for Sasha. She had been here through many days of stress and heartache, my temper tantrums. It was difficult to find someone like her who I could confide in, some different than Allison. I knew that I could tell Allison anything at all, but if and when I did she would take responsibility for everything and I didn’t want he to feel guilty for everything that was happening, so Sasha had become my confidant.

“I owe you for everything you’ve done for me. Not just as an attorney but a friend.” And I did. Sasha put much more effort into this than any other attorney would - she cared deeply about this and it was more than just another job to her. She was compassionate at best and I admired that beyond words.

I was more than grateful and no amount of words could express my gratitude but I needed her to know how much her help meant to me, I just hoped that it would pay off.


I tossed the magazine on the table as my father stood in front of me, a scolding look on his face. He acted like I was doing something wrong, the look on his face said it all and it was a look I had become very familiar with recently. This time around it was because of the information I was keeping from the family that made them look idiotic but I didn’t owe him anything.

On the cover page of the magazine was a photo of my shoot from Reid Enterprises with the headline ’Matthew Reid unfit father? His wife thinks so.The subtitle explained how Alexandra was taking me to court in shorter details and after my father had seen it he urged me to come and see him.

“I didn’t tell you because it isn’t your concern,” I explained to him, “Alexandra is up for a messy divorce, of course I would like clean but I’m fighting for Thomas and I’ll get him.”

My father shook his head disaporovingly, seeming unimpressed with my perspective on the situation, “You should have told me and I would have handled it. Thomas is a Reid, Matthew.”

“I’m aware, father.” I rolled my eyes, not believing that he called me here for this. “I’m handling it on my own. I have a fantastic attorney on my side.”

Will, who was sitting at the table, suddenly stood from his chair, “Why would you get an attorney when I’m a lawyer? Matt, I’m your brother. I can look out for you better than anyone.”

“I don’t need your help,” I insisted, “Sasha is one of the best family attorneys in the state. I trust her.”

“And you don’t trust me? I’m your brother,” Will scoffed and looked to our father, “Do you hear him? He’s being reckless.”

“I agree. But Matthew never have been good at making decisions,” Father agreed.

I rolled my eyes once again, “Will isn’t going to be able to do anything different than Sasha is. The trial isn’t far anyway, it’s too late to jump ship. I’m happy with the person I have on my side.”

“Idiot,” I heard Will mutter under his breath and I wanted to punch him for sticking his nose in my business. He acted like I had no idea what I was doing meanwhile I was put in a position I wasn’t exactly prepared for but I was trying my best.

“And what is her plan so far, Matthew? How does she intend on keeping Thomas is you?” My father asked.

Since Sasha didn’t exactly have a plan yet, I couldn’t exactly answer the question but it wasn’t a specific plan that would make us win. We needed to show the judge that I deserved at least joint custody of Thomas because there was no reason for me to not be I his life.

“We’re working on it. What I need right now more than anything is your support...” I admitted, feeling my pride take a huge hit by having to admit that to them.

Without even thinking about it, my father simply shook his head, “I cannot support you when your actions are impossible to justify. This is Thomas were talking about. Our boy!”

"My boy.” I argued, “Don’t get that mixed up, father. Thomas is my son and just because he’s a Reid doesn’t give you a right to manipulate his innocent mind into becoming like you. Everyone is doing that to him and I’m so fucking tired of it. He’s just a kid!”

Alexandra. My father. My god, I was absolutely sick of them putting ideas into Tommy’s head and making him believe things that weren’t true. Alexandra was feeding a two and a half year old information about Allison to make him hate her - and if the information is somewhat true, it doesn’t matter. He shouldn’t hear it because he’s a child.

Then there’s my father, the ever since powerful Henry Reid. Any time Thomas is around him he’s telling him how important money is and that being wealthy is a guarantee at happiness.


They were going to make him become an arrogant, self righteous teenager once he grew up and that’s the last thing I wanted for him.

“I know this situation isn’t ideal for you, father. But for one damn second could you just stop thinking about the reputation of this family and consider the fact that your son is happy?” I asked him with the irritation hanging in my voice, “Maybe if it weren’t for you and Mr. Neilson interfering to begin with, Alexandra and I would have ended up falling in love naturally just like Allison and I did.”

I could see my the look on my father’s face that he wanted to say something more but he held back which was much more than I could say for myself. I was so frustrated with everything that was going on in my life that holding back what was on my mind just didn’t seem to be an option anymore.

“If you were just smart abou--” My father began.

I groaned in irritation, “I’m leaving. Tell mother I said hello.”

As I walked towards the door I heard Will speak from behind me, “My offer still stands, Matt. I’m here to help with the case whenever you need me.”

I took a deep breath, shaking my head without looking back at him, “I won’t be needing your help.”

As I walked out of my parent’s home, I began to curse under my breath. Lately my family had brought out a rage inside of me that I didn’t know I even had. I didn’t even know my family could be so god damn annoying until recently.

There was no way I was taking Will’s help whether I already had Sasha’s help or not. I knew how he worked - he would always expect something in return, then more and more. Will wouldn’t help unless there was something in it for him.

I was done needing my family to get through life, they only ended up pushing me aside when I did something unacceptable anyway.

This is my life, to hell with them.



Sweet, long lasting moans that would make anyone fall to their knees and worship the woman beneath me. But she’s mine and it’s my name rolling off of her tongue.

The sweat glistened on her perfect skin and I held myself above her, slowing my thrusts before pulling out of her. Allison’s eyes stayed on my while her chest heaved, her blonde hair wet from how much I had her sweating. To say we had been at this for a while would be an understatement - I was in the mood, so we went at it for hours. Round after round. I gave her a break in between though, but it felt just as amazing as the first time.

The amazing things about our relationship was that, unlike the relationship I had with Alexandra, one an argument occurred with Allison and I we worked it out not long after. We talked about it, apologized and then the makeup sex was fantastic. Even better than regular, everyday sex.

I tucked a strand of knotted hair behind her ear, chuckling at the exhausted look on her face, “You look sexy with all that messy sex hair.”

As I leaned down to kiss her on the lips, she returned the kiss and I could feel her smile, “I probably look half dead.”

“Mm... You weren’t half dead a minute ago when you were screaming my name,” I smirked, moving my lips down to her neck and nibbling on her skin.

I felt Allison’s fingertips dig into my back and when I lifted my head to look at her she was biting down on her lip.

Jesus. What I wouldn’t give to fuck her again right now.

I pushed myself off of her and laid next to her so I was on my side, facing her. At the end of every stressful day all I needed to do was come home to her and I would know that all of this was worth it, she was worth it. Our love was real and no matter what anyone else thought I knew that in the end everything would work itself out.

After having left my parents home I had been so frustrated that by the time I arrived home I was angry. With them, of course. I’ve always hated how they treated Allison so I pulled her into my arms the first moment I got and brought her straight up stairs to our bedroom.

“I love you, Matt... It’s all really overwhelming for me,” Allison suddenly said, her tone was soft but as I place my hand gently on her cheek she smile at me.

“Hey... I love you too, baby. You know that,” I nodded my head reassuringly, “I’m sorry this is all overwhe--”

“Not the situation... Loving you.” Her words caused my heart to stop for a second. Was that a good thing or a bad thing? I stared at her and it seemed like minutes before she spoke again but I knew in reality that it was only a few seconds, “I’ve never been so attached to anyone before in my life and I feel like I’ll wake up one day and realize that this entire relationship that we’ve built has been fake.”

I couldn’t stop myself from grinning, she was feeling the ’first relationship bliss,′ and I had felt the same thing when I was fifteen or so and in my first real relationship. It wasn’t that I wasn’t feeling blissful with Allison, but I was used to relationships and I understood how they worked - she was new to this. It was interested to say the least.

“I assure you, this is as real as it gets.”


Two days later I was at Sasha’s apartment, we were once against going over essential case things. It was late so we headed to her place to finish going through documents which have happened frequently just so we could keep up with everything.

I, on the other hand happened to be extremely distracted today more than most, with everything going on between the case and my family, then on top of that my grandmother was coming into town and my family wanted me to lie to her about my current relationship status.

My life was an endless soap opera, never ending.

“That look on your face... There’s something on your mind,” Sasha commented, biting on the back of her pen as she looked at me with an arched eyebrow.

I shook my head deciding not to burden her with the dramatics of my family life, “It’s nothing... Just family stuff.”

“It seems like there’s always somethings stressing you out,” She wasn’t wrong about that but she only knew the half of it.

I casually shrugged my shoulders as she stood from the couch and headed towards her kitchen, “You learn to live with it. It’s become a normal thing for me.”

I could hear Sasha moving glasses around in the kitchen and a moment later she returned back to the living room with two glasses and a bottle of wine, “Here... Relax a little.”

“Oh, no. I can’t. I have to drive home and we really need to focus on the case...” I insisted as she set the glasses on the coffee table, filling both of them with wine.

“Firstly, it’s one glass... You’ll be fine. And second, we will still be working hard on the case,” She nodded her head and passed me a glass.

As I accepted the glass, I thanked her before moving it to my lips and taking a sip. “Mm... Red wine.”

“You like red wine?”

I nodded, “It’s Allison’s favorite.”

I noticed that Sasha had turned noticably quiet, she mustard up the courage to ask what was clearly on her mind, “Is Allison the reason you seem so stressed?”

Chuckling softly, I shook my head, “No... It isn’t her. It’s everyone else and their views about her.”

My family. My grandmother coming in town. Alexandra taking Thomas from me. Everyone, other than Allison, was stressing me out. She was the only easy going thing in my life.

I rubbed my hand over my chin and sighed softly, “It’s too much at once.” Sasha surprised me by standing up and setting her wine glass down. She then walked around to the back of the couch that I was sitting on and I raised my eyebrow in confusion, “What are you doing?”

A soft, soothing giggle came from her lips as she rested her hands on my shoulders, “Just relax... Close your eyes and let me work out all of your tense muscles.”

“Sasha, that isn’t necessary.” I assured her, shaking my head as I chuckled lightly. We were supposed to be here to work, relaxing was one thing but getting hands on with one another was completely different and unprofessional.

“Matt... It’s only a massage. And you always have so much on your mind, so take a few minutes to sit at ease,” Before I could respond, Sasha’s thumbs pressed into my shoulders gently.

I could hardly object. Saying that a massage wouldn’t relax me would be a lie and it felt nice to just sit on the couch while receiving a good massage. Sasha was good at massaging, she must have had plenty of practice because my body had instantly relaxed.

“Mm...” A groan rumbled in my throat as she massaged a knot in my shoulder, causing a jolt of relief to flood through my body.

I felt Sasha lean down so her lips we closer to my ear, whispering softly, “See? I told you that relaxing wasn’t that bad... You don’t have to be so broody all the time.”

I laughed at her words, the fact that she thought I was broody was amusing. I’m not a broody guy, maybe lately but that’s within reason.

I didn’t get a chance to respond before the sound of my cellphone ringing sounded through the living room. I leaned forward to reach for my phone on the coffee table and recognized the number instantly.


“Oh wow...” I said to myself before answering the call and holding the phone to my ear, “Grandmother, it’s good to hear from you.”

“Matthew!” Her cheerful voice rang through my ear and I smiled, “My sweet boy. How are you, honey?”

“I’m good, grandmother. How about you? Father said you were coming to town... That’s great news,” I looked over at Sasha who was walking back around the couch.

I could hear the excitement in my grandmother’s voice as I mentioned her visit, “Oh, yes! I cannot wait to see that sweet little boy of yours, Matthew.”

She wouldn’t get to see Thomas if Alexandra wasn’t a part of this picture and I knew for a fact that Alexandra wouldn’t object to playing this little game with my family, she would jump at the opportunity. I knew her.

“He’s excited to see you, grandmother. As am I...” I took a deep breath, not knowing what to do about this entire situation.

There’s Allison and then there’s my grandmother’s health. If anything, God forbid, ever happened to my grandmother, I would be the blame. I couldn’t handle that kind of guilt in my life.

“Sweetheart, I have this beautiful dolphin ornament for Alexandra. She still collects those, doesn’t she?”

Alexandra have always loves dolphins. Since I met her she had this weird fascination but for a long time I had found it cute. Even on our first anniversary I had taken her to Mexico so she could swim with dolphins for the first time.

My grandmother was referring to a collection of antique dolphin ornaments that Alexandra collected throughout the years. She had around 5 or 6 when we started dating, now I assumed she had nearly 30.

“Yes, she does...” I nodded my head as I spoke, wanting desperately to admit to my grandmother than Alexandra and I were no longer together but nit having it in my to say it.

“I have to go now, darling. But I’m so excited to see you and your little family...” I could hear the happiness in her voice, the joy and unbreakable spirit.

I couldn’t be the person who ruined her happiness because I was the one in our family who was one giant mistake.

She made me rethink everything. She made me consider the good that would come out of participating in my family’s idea to pretend to be happy with Alexandra.

Maybe it was for the best.


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