Our Life

By J.E.Hinken All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance


Ever heard of the game life? Well this isn't your typical game of life or real life. It's both with plot twist with a life most of us wouldn't have but in another world of fantasy but with real life in it. Hardworking Anna Dawson, she worked through a tough childhood up to her Senior year. After that she takes off with her lovely cat Midnight and starts a new life all the way from Seattle, Washington to Sydney, Australia. Life is going great far from home, but if she runs into to someone who claims to be in love with her? Will real life take over or will the fantasy be there to the end?


Main Protagonist’s P.O.V

“Is that so, Anna?“, My mother pleaded from outside the car. While my father remains at the door of the house disapproving what I’m about to do.

“Yes, I’m leaving to go do what I’ve been dreaming since I was a little girl!“, I replied to her while putting my seat belt on. I took one last glimpse at her, seemly in tears that her baby girl has grown up. Why father looks that way is because he always preferred me to stick around near home, get married to someone successful their career, bear kids and be a housewife. Those factors are something I wanted to do after I find myself in this world.

“If that’s what you want then you shall go, You know we both love you right?“, In complete tears to looks at me.

“I love you to mum, I promise I’ll come back home soon as I can!“. I exclaimed as I turned the car on. As I pull out of the driveway, I watch my mother back near father while she waves at the car driving away, I thought to myself it’s time to observe the new world I acquire ahead of me, Australia.

Somewhere in Sydney Australia....

Unknown’s P.O.V

Every day since my padre gave the company to me, Antonito Castellano. For, a very reason I couldn’t get my mind off the lovely rosa roja I viewed five years ago in Tumbalong Park. Of course hoping one day the lovely lady would come back and he would meet her, but sadly he knew she wouldn’t come back for him. He thought to himself, I shouldn’t be so selfish about this, as bad as I want her here by my side it wouldn’t happen ever.

“Mr. Castellano, Your mother wishes to visit you!“, Spoke the familiar voice of my assistant Mr. Garcia.

“Allow her come in please Mr. Garcia!“, A simple wave of the hand, he fetches my madre.

“Hijo, when are you going to get me some nietos!“, She spoke broken English.

“Madre, soon you see of your own nietos, I just need a esposa of my choice!“, I speak to her without looking towards her.

“Well my dear Nito, please hurry up so I obtained nietos to spoil and I pray that it’s a lovely esposa not some jai(Bimbo)!“, She speaks angrily.

“Alright Madre you may leave, te amo!“, I point to the entrance.

“Te amo, Nito!“. She leaves, I pray as well that I find the woman I fell in love with all those years ago.

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