The Fallen City

By someone_named_abbie All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Thriller


Join Alyssa on her life story, she will fight for glory, although she may be put down, all here friends are beyond unique... so jump kind of horrific book of a young girls story, who was believed to have an amazing abilities in literature.


I walk into my small bedroom, that makes me feel claustrophobic sometimes. It to be honest is a off white colour, with an astonishing artwork hanging above the wall above my bedhead. I hear my parents once again fighting, my bedroom is facing the living room, where it is all taking place so I can see what is going on. Tears are flowing down my mother's chubby cheeks, full of desperation, sweat dripping from my father's forehead, complete with frustration. My parents sometimes sit down with me and explain that they were once happy long ago... It makes me wonder, " Am I the one? Am I the one that put a barrier to their happiness?". Every time I thought about it the a painful wave to place in me, drowning myself in my parents sorrow. My once long lived friend Caitlyn used to be their for me. but now she is just the dust upon my bookshelf, left, and long forgotten. My other friend, Abigail, seems to be covered with despair. But alas I may go free, as they will be too. With the reputation I must uphold as I walk out of this traitorous place, as another holds a new beginning. This is the beginning to what my life story may hold, from juvi, to ministry who knows what may be told? so jump into this story and become trapped, for when this story ends be prepared to be capped!

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