The Hum of Dixie

By Perry All Rights Reserved ©

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I feel as if when it comes to literary historical fiction, there are tales to be told. However, when it comes to race relations and southern difficulty during immense times of change, I feel as if the poor whites are left out of the conversation. I think it’s important to look at this mass demographic and highlight the confusion and sorrow seen within this group. I’d say the style and voice of this short book is a cross between Steinbeck’s East of Eden and Patrick D. Smith’s, A Land Remembered.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The hand came ever down. I clenched for something, anything at all. Any blunt object was out of my grasp. The pressure from his elbow pushed against my cheekbone, holding my head against a cold, wooden floor. The wood was slippery from our sweat, which has formed into a layer of liquid surrounding our bodies. My head was wedged down with appalling force. Something awful was being whispered from both mouths but in the mists of heavy breathes, quiet gulps and ear battering forces, nothing was audible. The only clear sound was my heart beat that seemed to be incredibly loud in my own eardrum.

A quick jerk of my neck and a left hand shooting up is all it took. I felt the tip of my middle finger enter his eye ball followed by a horrific scream. I somehow wiggled free from the grasp and sprinted toward my father’s bedroom. Blurry eyed from tears and blood, evolution took me into flight. The feeling was, however, short lived. I felt my shirt tighten around my neck, I was being pulled back in the opposite direction. I heard a grunt, a rip and the sight of my feet in front of me and the feeling of air beneath me. From behind my feet I saw the only painting in my house, an oil painting of an 8-point buck staring off into the distance, silent and uncaring of my current situation. Showing an astounding amount of disregard in my struggle.

The ground hit my back harder than expected, knocking the wind out of me. Just like that I was back where I began, on my hind. Except this time gasping for precious oxygen. Before I could worm myself out of the situation, a massive hard hand clenched around my face. Tight fingers around my jawline with the thumb pushing my forehead down, back to the world.

I attempted to bite at a finger and spasm my body in any which way, before a cold feeling took over my body instead. In the moments of adrenaline, a complete and utter warmness took hold. My mind scrambled to find the cause of this feeling. The scramble took a fraction of a second, and a couple more fractions to be emotionally aware. I realized there was 6 inches of steel protruding from my chest. Both hands swiftly grabbed the knife to make sure it truly was what I was feeling.

I opened my mouth but nothing but faint noises came out. Mostly left over gasps trying to seize oxygen. My ears ceased to ring, my muscles lost strength and I slipped into a surreal light-headedness. I stared into the darkness of a sweaty palm, fingers squeezing the blade of the knife in my chest, my body shouted for my brain to surrender and the earth finally took hold. As the hand was slowly removed, all that was seen was the blurry vision of a mammoth, dark man over me. The penetrating light flooded my eyes, quickly enough for them to glaze over, leaving me wholly blinded to a profound yellow.

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