Me and my family

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Hi my name is Christina but everyone calls me Christie. When my mom dies i decide to go find my father. But what will happen when i find him.


William’s pov:
It’s been months since Louise left me while being pregnant. Where i should look for her i do not know, But i will find here no matter what. William got disturbed when someone knocks on the door. He opens the door and sees a wonen standing in the front door. Hi my name is Daphne and i just moved next door. I would like to borrow some matches to lite a candle, because i have no light. What’s the problem then? “William asks”. I can’t get the switch to turn on and the electrician only can come tomorrow morning. If you would like i could take a look. That would be greate.

Louise pov:
I did it. I finaly had the courage to leave that boring town to make my dreams come true. I know it won’t be easy now that i am pregnant and alone. But i don’t need William since he doesn’t support my dream, But rather would stay in that boring town.

Daphne pov:
I wish that William would notice me. After being alone for al these years i have to fall for william, a man who is still desperate looking for his girlfriend and unborn child. I know that he likes my daughter Melissa, But i know that will not fill the void.

13 years later:
Phil’s pov:
Hey my name is Phillip But they call me Phil and i’m 12 years old. I come from a big familly something i don’t always like. You have my father William. He Works al day to provide for us. My mother Daphne stays at home to take care of us and the household. Then you have my older half sister Melissa whith the age of 18. Luckily She doesn’t live whith us anymore. She really didn’t like the fact that whe come from a big familly. You have Genny who is 11 years old. She really likes that we come from a big familly. She loves taking care of our brothers and sisters. Lucky for me because i don’t have to do so much anymore. Then you have my brother Mikael But we call him Mike and he is 10. He is a little bit quiet and shy, and doesn’t always gets noticed in this big familly But he is super smart. When we have problems whith homework we al come to him. You have my brother Liam of 8. He is the joker of the familly. He loves pulling practical jokes whitch often gets him in to trouble. Then you have the twins Madelyn and Caroline of 7. There sweet and adorable and love playing dress up. You have our baby sister Cecilia But we call her Cece. She loves exploring things. If you don’t pay atencion for second She would be climing everywhere. She likes everyone and plays whith everyone. And now there is another baby on the way. Even If this baby wasn’t planned my parents are still verry happy whith this mirical.

Christie’s pov:
I still can’t believe that my mother kept me away from my father. Since my mom died i decided to go look for my father. It took me a while But i finaly found him. He lives in a small town called Rosewood where my mother grew up too. As i can see he lives in a big house. Does he have familly. Well are about to find out. Ze knocks on the door and a women opens the door.

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